Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Oh Fug Me

There have been two occasions in my life that I've emailed a somewhat famous (okay, famous to me anyway) person(s) and they've responded. The first was a few years ago when I was struggling with my decision to continue a VERY small interior painting/design business (it tanked). I was kinda disenchanted and was flipping through the channels and landed on an episode of Debbie Travis' "The Painted House", which I had seen a bajillion times and was the reason I started painting in the first place, and was struck by this adorable bedroom she did that was all orange and pink and yellow and it made me excited again. I wanted to thank her for inspiring me and MAYBE I had been drinking some wine and so I emailed her this gushy letter thanking her for helping me push forward. I had forgotten about it and a few days later she sent me a lovely email telling me to hold on to my dreams because she started very small and look how she turned out! It was so nice and was probably written by her assistant or something but I was still so touched.

Well, today, while perusing, which I read daily and love, one of the "fug girls" mentioned something about the soap opera Passions and how she was sad it was over and I was like "Wait fug girl! Direct TV bought Passions from NBC and plays new episodes!" For some reason I felt compelled to email her/them and let them know. I sent a very short email and about 5 minutes later, I GOT A RESPONSE! The one that emailed me, Jessica, thanked me for looking out for her and it was nice. Then I sent one back telling her that they recently filmed Passions as a really cheesetacularMexican telenova and just when I didn't think the show could get any more ridiculous, IT DID! They all looked like Casa Gallardo employees circa 1993 and it was just awful. Well, I got another email back informing me that she not only HAS DirectTV but that she also gets soap magazines so she is aware, and that Direct TV is ALSO cancelling Passions now for a second time. I did not know this. It wasn't really a mad email or anything but I just got the feeling that she didn't want to deal with me anymore so I just left it and now I feel like a ginormous dork and I shouldn't have emailed her back because she is I'm sure, very busy. It isn't like I will ever meet her or anything but I still feel stupid. I'm not emailing famous people (or slightly famous to a certain group of people) or "famous bloggers" anymore. Let this be a lesson!

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