Friday, October 31, 2008

I'm feeing a bit ghoulish today.

Happy Halloween! This is probably the first time in too many years that I haven't had a party to go to. To be honest, it's refreshing to not have the whole costume pressure. In the last few years, our costumes got lamer and lamer as I got busier. Last year we went as ghosts. Literally we wore white sheets with eye holes cut out. FAIL. The year before I went as Andy Warhol and Jeff was a soup can. That costume was put together about an hour before we were supposed to leave for the party. I was thinking back, WAY back, to some of my better costumes over the years and some of them were quite good. I think my best effort was the year I went as Reagan from The Exorcist. I wore a child's nightgown, long dark wig and I used this green makeup stuff that you mixed with pieces of toilet paper to give the effect that your skin was coming off. It was disturbing, to the point that several people at the party I was at refused to stay in the room with me and wouldn't really engage me in conversation. Well played, me. Jeff and I have gone as a duo for the last 8 years and during that time, in addition to the craptastic costumes I already listed, we have been Frankenstein and the bride of (Jeff was the bride), lightning bugs (glow sticks on the ass), Kelly and Jack Osbourne and Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia (again, Jeff was the lady). I also went as Jesus one year, which I'm sure was totally inappropriate but it was one of my better costumes. That same year, totally unbeknownst to me, my friend Brian showed up as a "plus-size She Devil," so we had many holy wars that night. Ahh, good times.

On another note, last night Jeff and I went to gun class. YEEE-HAW!! Jeff wants to be prepared in case of a disaster so he wanted us both to take a class before we made any further decisions. I wasn't exactly on board because I'm not really in to guns, but if it was going to be in our house, I wanted to know how to use it. It was fairly interesting and our instructor was exactly as I thought he would be but he was very nice to me and considerate of the fact that I had no experience with a gun. We actually got to go to the range and shoot 5 different guns and I did pretty well. My first few shots were kinda wayward but by the end I was shooting pretty much in the target area. I had no idea how heavy they were and how hard it is to actually use the thing. My arm was killing me by the end. I would not make a good criminal because I would be too lazy to have to hold it up. Suck it criminals!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

AAARRGGGHH - The Epilogue

I just returned from the immigration office with a bright, shiny new I600 form!!!!!! When I got to the window the lady informed me that the woman that does the adoptions was off today and I don't know if it was the tears or what, but she called down to another office and an hour later I was walking out with the problem solved. This is not typical of the INS office and the woman was so kind to help me. It looks like they mixed our file up with someone else so we had half the stuff right and half wrong. Thankfully my blood pressure has now returned to normal levels.

Carry on about your day.


I am so fucking pissed right now. You now I'm mad if I'm dropping the F-bomb here because I usually try to spare your fragile eardrums but today you get to share in my ire. You see, we got a MAJOR adoption approval last week. It was actually our final approval from our immigration office and the form which allows Kimchi's visa to be issued. Well, we were so excited when we got it in the mail and rushed it off to our agency who informed us this morning that the immigration office spelled his name wrong on the form. WHA?! All our paperwork is correct so it looks like it was user error on their part but it took us 4 weeks to get this approval and we're concerned that it will take 4 more, which will pretty much sink any hopes of having him here for Christmas. THIS SUCKS. The best part is that you can't actually just call up the office and be like "hey, can I get some help on this urgent matter?" Nooooooo. That doesn't work. You have to call the national office, like I did this morning, have some asshole not care and tell you to make an appointment to go talk to someone because he CANNOT possibly help you himself because he is far too busy being a dick. So, I tried to make an appt., but the earliest I can go is Friday, which means that nothing will probably get done until Monday or later. This is all a big pot of crap stew. I'll update as I get more info.

UPDATE-Those goddamn ass wipes. Jeff just called from home, where he went to get the form for me to march up to the INS office in two hours with and the name is not misspelled. IT'S TOTALLY THE WRONG EFFING NAME. What the bloody hell? They had to have transposed the name from someone else's paperwork. This is SUPER. I have a 2:30 appt so I'll update what they can do. I hope they can just say "oh no problem nice lady, let me fix that for you" and then I'll be on my way but clearly we are dealing with geniuses here so who knows.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Test pattern

So here's the deal. Remember the fancy schmancy video camera I was going on about before? Well, I decided to take some video to see how hard it's going to be to put here. I am not the most technical person on the planet so this may or may not work. My test video is a riveting tale of two shih-tzus, an epic tale of loss and redemption. Let's see how this goes:

Our plan is to upload video from Korea so we can share our freaking out with all you fine folks.

Editor's Note: I know it looks like Zoey is licking her lady parts, which wouldn't be totally unusual, but I assure you that here, she is chewing on her leg. She tends to chew and bark at her own leg and/or tail. She is not right.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Give that kid some corn on the cob!

We just got a Kimchi update and the little bugger is 2.2 feet long and 17 lbs. He's gained 3 lbs since his last checkup and he's being assessed at his normal age now. He also has two little teefs on the bottom. Awww....good thing I registered for those things you give them to chew on. For those who care, he's in 6-12 months clothes now. I've taken the liberty of showing you an artists rendition of what the child looks like now As you can see, he is hardly recognizable.

UPDATE: Apparently I have MAD photoshop skills because no one noticed that this is the SAME picture with teeth added in. You people need to pay some damn attention.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Seriously. These things are effing weirding me out. I need to stop reading them but I can't. I have a sickness.

PISCES 10/23/08
You have got a plan and you clearly mean to stick with it. Is that good or bad? It is what you choose to make of it. You must intend to make it into something worthwhile, so what is there to worry about? Do you fear that intention is not enough - that you must follow through with clear, determined action? Well, what's the problem there? Why can't you do just that? Lacking a resource? Missing a crucial connection? Just start looking. Show willing. Let the universe know you are happy to be helped and it will send help your way.

Eerie. Really eerie, horoscope. Bee-zar. HEY UNIVERSE, GIMME SOME MONEY FOR MY CAKE BUSINESS, YO. Today might suck. It's crappy weather, I had nightmares so I'm super sleepy and I forgot to put on deodorant so if you see me on the street, you might want to keep your distance. But the best part is that tomorrow is Friday. HOORAY! It can't come soon enough.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Do you smell something?

PISCES 10/22/08
Whether it's crazy or whether it's wise, you have to pursue your vision. Just try stopping yourself. On second thoughts, don't try. You won't succeed and you will simply create tension that you can do without. It is quite possible that in time, you may look back on this day and ask, 'Why did that all matter to me so much?' It is equally possible that you may always understand (and be glad of) the priorities you followed. Either way, something has to shift. Regardless of the outcome of the process, you'll be glad you set it in motion.

Oh horoscope, you know me so well. Seriously. Do you monitor me or something because if so that's creepy. Basically, The Great Cake Disaster of 2008 (AKA, The Decapitation of Hello Kitty) has scarred me and I wasn't sure if I was going to bag the cake thing or not. I know that sounds extreme but to be successful, I feel like I need a niche or something that sets me apart and the fact that this cake started out being so awesome and 3D and ended so badly plopped on the table, coupled with the fact that I was also informed that there is another cake place with a similar name as the one I had chosen, which is weird because the name really isn't "cakey" to begin with, it's just effed me up. I'm sure it's much to do with my own neurosis but whatever, it is what it is. It's only a big deal to me. Anyhoo, whatever this shift that Senor Horoscope speaks of better be good or I'm gonna be pissed. FOR REAL.

On a lighter note, I've been perusing the internets for things for my kid and I found two things. First, a child sized urinal. How awesome is that? I have no idea how awesome that is because I pee sitting down, but I would imagine it's pretty cool for a little boy. Second, I found a bunch of books about farts, which is a common occurrence in my home. Here are a few of my faves:

I think they are absolutely hilarious and I'm going to get my hands on them ALL. You know why, because farting is FUNNY and we all cut the cheese so why not celebrate it! I'm also getting "Everyone Poops" because pooping is also funny and we like funny in our house.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I did my doody. I mean duty.

So I got called for jury duty yesterday. I swear, I am called for jury duty more than any other human. I moved to the city in 1997 and I've been called almost every year. I've only had to serve in a trial once because I've either been able to get out of it, which doesn't happen anymore, or I've postponed it or I've just not been picked. Either way, it's a pain in the ass and to make it more awesome, I realized as I was sitting waiting to have my number called that I had grabbed a sweater that had dried icing on it and despite my efforts to cover it with my jury badge, I still looked slightly homeless. I was certain I would be picked because after all the selection questions, they sent us outside and the bailiff guy came out and called specific people back in to talk directly to the judge and I was one of them. It was weird because I was so nervous even though I wasn't the one on trial. Thanks guilty conscience! When we reconvened, I wasn't on the list but a girl who opted to wear skintight leggings in lieu of pants was chosen so I guess they'd rather have that then a girl with dried icing on her shirt but I digress. It would have been an interesting case since it was criminal but it also might have been really disturbing because it was rape and kidnapping and stuff so I'm probably better off.

Our weekend was busy, as usual. I had a cake disaster on Saturday and Sunday we had a family dinner that kind of took up the whole day, so we didn't make much progress at home. Kimchi still has no bedroom but this weekend IT IS ON and I'm determined to have a freaking nursery set up my the time I go to bed on Sunday. Anyone interested in a twin mattress and box springs?? Free to good home?? Anyone?? You see, that's part of the problem. I have these beds that I've hauled around with me everywhere I've lived and it's time for them to go bye-bye so I can move in the stuff that I actually need. Whatever. We're down to 6 weeks before we need to be ready, which isn't that long and three of those weekends are already taken up with showers and Thanksgiving so it's hella crunch time. Why can't these things just happen in the night by MAGIC ELVES or some damn thing? WHY?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's all rainbows and sparkles in my world.

Pisces October 16, 2008
Don't give up. Don't succumb to doom, gloom, doubt, despair or any of the other miserable moods that are now so fashionable, thanks to the Credit Crunch and the great shock it has delivered to optimists, everywhere. The happy folk will be back before you know it. Twice as bright and breezy because they will be saying, 'Hey, look, we survived that, so we can survive anything, can't we?' They will be right. If you reach now, for the brightest view in a dark situation, you will be right too.

Oh sure horoscope, easy for you to say. DON'T WORRY, BE HAPPY, right? Well, fine then. I'll be happy. You win.

Two things, first the debate. I'm kind of done with this shit so all I'm gonna say is that if you're STILL undecided, what the hell is your problem? This has been going on for 2 years and you've had plenty of time to make a decision so do it or don't. My take on the debate, which I only watched a portion of, was that Obama kept his cool and defended himself well and McCain looked like an angry old man who apparently has absolutely no moral conflict in lying directly to the American people. Not to say they both haven't lied because they have, but when I heard McCain first play the sympathy card with his comparison to George Wallace and then to say that he refuted EVERY negative attack on Obama from his supporters, even though there is a myriad of VIDEO proof that shows both he and Palin smiling along as their supporters shouted things like "TERRORIST" and "KILL HIM" in response to Obama's name being uttered. Sigh. That's when I couldn't watch anymore. I'm just done with the lying and done with the Ayres talk (I don't give a crap and neither should you since McCain has palled around with far more nefarious creatures than Ayres. He's friends with Karl Rove for pete's sake!) and I'm certainly done with Palin and her shenanigans.

On a far more fun and flirty note, the Project Runway finale was last night and SPOILER ALERT....................................................Seriously, I'm going to say who won...................................................If you don't wanna know, stop reading now...............

Leann won! I was actually pulling for Korto, but I really could have gone either way. Both of them showed gorgeous collections they should be proud of. Kenley on the other hand, while not overly annoying this episode, showed some pretty ugly stuff. No offense girl, but that was not cute. The painting was so 80s and the silhouettes were ridiculous, save for the wedding dress and a pink and black tulle number. She has an aesthetic and her craftsmanship is spot on but her taste is very questionable. No it's not just questionable, it's bad. Anyway, good on Leann, although I would never be able to wear her clothes nor could I probably afford them but they were beautiful.

That's all I got. I'm making Hello Kitty cake this week so check the other blog this weekend for pictures.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Everything is just wonderful, horoscope!

Pisces, October 14, 2008

Your outlook is genuinely hopeful, helpful and heart-warming. Here on Planet Earth, a lot of people are very concerned at the moment, about a lot of issues that seem to make no sense. Enormous sums of money appear to have vanished. Seemingly rock solid institutions keep dissolving like sugar in hot cappuccino. You're caught up in this - to some extent, at least - yet you also stand apart from it. There's nothing to fear, everything to play for and, most crucially, plenty to contribute. There's something now, that only you can do.

Well, isn't this jolly. I love super optimistic horoscopes, even when they aren't really true. See, I am genuinely hopeful! IT IS TRUE. I wonder what it is only I can do. I'm sure they mean me and not the other millions of Piceans out there. Totally.

Well, another week closer in the Great Baby Countdown of 2008. Not only me, but I have two close friends that are also about to welcome wee babies so it's baby fever, man. Our neighbor asked the other day if we were nesting and I was like what the hell is that, we're just putting the room together and making the house Kimchi-friendly and he's like "yeah, you're nesting." So I guess we're nesting. Maybe that's more of a "baby-in-your-belly" thing. Speaking of which, we went to BabiesRUs to register for stuff that we have no idea what to do with, and we bought some things for some people in our family that say "grandpa's little champ" or some shit and the lady at the register was like "is this how you're telling people?!" in this ridiculously cheerful tone and I was like "um, NO" and quickly paid and got the hell out. Being a non-pregnant mother-to-be is weird, especially when you go these places because I feel like if I happen to eat a burrito or something and have a food bulge in the belly area, they're thinking I'm pregnant. Next time I'm not wearing sweatpants. And I'm not eating a burrito before I go. And I might do some sit-ups. Maybe I'd be better off just eating the damn burrito and not caring what the lady at BabiesRUs thinks of my flab. That's a much better plan.

We also did a super parenty thing and bought a camcorder. Well, it's actually more kick ass than that, it's a Flip Ultra. Yeah, I bought it on looks but everyone seems to really like them so whatever. I'm behind in the times and since buying it learned that Oprah deemed this one of her favorite things and I have to agree. It's easy enough that the Geico caveman could use it. For real.

It's hard to tell but this thing is TINY. Like, it's as big as an iPod. It's freaking me out with its smallness. Maybe I'll take a video of something and post it. Maybe.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

He's just chillaxin'

I've been hesitant to post this other picture of Kimchi because when people look at it they go "OH MY GOD HE'S ENORMOUS" and then I have to spend time explaining that it's just the picture and that it's probably a really tiny chair and they still say "HE IS HUMONGOUS AND READY FOR COLLEGE" so whatever. Here it is. Yes, he looks really big but he's actually still wee baby sized. Although, I might show up and he'll be huge like Jonathan Winters was on "Mork And Mindy" and then you will all be right.

Project Fugway

As some of you regular readers remember, and by regular readers I mean all two of you including my mom, I sometimes will post recaps of shows I watch, you know real highbrow shit like "Rock of Love" and "Rock of Love II." You may have noticed an absence of such a thing. You are not seeing things, I have not done this recently because there hasn't been anything on I've HAD to watch but today I want to post a little Project Runway recap. Overall I have not been too enthused about this seasons crop of designers. Many of them are whiny and most of the clothing looked like art projects from 4th grade summer camp. Last night was part one of a two part finale and I have to say that I'm pretty happy with the last designers standing, save for one. Let's take a look at them:

Leann - I was on the fence with her for a long time but I've finally warmed up after the last few challenges she won. Her dresses have been steadily getting more beautiful and she has shown more confidence in her designs. Even last week's during last week's disastrous "nature inspired" challenge, when the other designers showed pure pieces of crap, her lavender gown was beautiful and flowy. Well, from the front. The back was not good but it was still way better than the other stuff. Her wedding gown and bridesmaid dress combo from last night was gorgeous. I was skeptical when I first saw all those weird wavy layers but seeing it go down the runway was spectacular. It was exactly as Michael Kors said, chic, modern, architectural and still Leann. Well done. I'm excited to see her show at Bryant Park.

Korto - I've loved Korto's stuff all season. It's beautiful without being foofy and the structure and quality of her work is amazing. I also love her as a person because she just seems really cool. From what we saw during Tim's visit, I'm pretty sure I'll like her collection. It looks modern and earthy, which is a hard combo to pull off. Her wedding dress however, was a disaster. I know she slaved over it and it looked like it took a lot of work but it was butt ugly. The color was not good and the whole shape was bad and it was just too much of everything. The bridesmaid dress isn't even worth mentioning because it made me fall asleep. I hope she does well at Bryant Park.

Kenley - Oh, Kenley. Kenley, Kenley , Kenley. Why are you so nasty? Seriously. I'm shocked you are still in this. The last few challenges showed us nothing good from Kenley, especially her hideous scale dress. I get that she's this modern pin-up girl and there's definitely a market for that type of look but that's ALL we see from her. At least when Terri showed us pant after pant, she did them well, but Kenley seems to have no taste where pattern is concerned. Maybe I would cut her more slack i she wasn't such a raging be-yotch, but MAN, she is just not nice. I know it's about talent and not personality but I am just really tired of jerks and I don't think that people should be rewarded for being argumentative and snotty and bratty. She can take zero criticism and I understand he need to defend your designs, but you also have to be open to the notion that your design can be improved upon and that not everything you produce is AWESOME. All that being said, I thought her wedding dress was SPECTACULAR. It was feathers and tulle and ridiculous but it was showstopping and I would totally wear the shit out of it if I lived on a different planet. Her bridesmaids dress wasn't so great. I know Michael Kors loved it but I thought it didn't really relate that well to the wedding dress and it was way too short. I'm pissed she made it to Bryant Park but I got to give her props for that dress. Even if she stole it from Alexander McQueen but whatevs.

Jerell - Oh baby, I'll miss you and your overly bedazzled outfits and jaunty hats. Jerrell has been weird for me because he's hilarious but I just couldn't get into his designs. They just all seemed heavy and ornate and overdone. I wished he was going instead of Kenley but her wedding dress was far superior to his so I suppose it was fair. Well, sort of fair.

As far as an overall winner, I'm pulling for either Leann or Korto. I'm thinking that since they barely showed any of Kenley's collection last night, she might just win. I hate that the lesson is no matter how much of a jerk you are to other people, you can still win. Why is this world like that? for those who care, I'll have a finale wrap up next week.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Look at mah behbeh!

Wooo Hooo!!! It may be crappy out today but who cares because we got NEW PICTURES!!!!!!!! Jesus, he's like 7 feet tall already. Ok, he's not that tall but the pictures make him look like Yao Ming. Well, if Yao Ming was Korean but I digress. He's f%$&ing cute, no?

Monday, October 6, 2008

Have you heard? The bird is the word. Thanks, Peter.

PISCES 10/06/08 What gives you the right to do what you are doing? You have granted yourself approval, surely. You must, therefore, have some belief in your own authority. Fan that spark of self-esteem until it becomes a flame. Don't worry about it going out of control. Waves of difficulty will damp it down before long. Those waves keep on breaking over the shore of your life. You are feeling swamped by them. That's precisely why you need to become more sure of your own judgement. Anything is possible if you believe in yourself.

Well, what fresh hell is this?! Keep on keepin on but hold on, you might drown in waves of difficulty? This doesn't sound very awesome. This sounds like a bad greeting card. Oh well. What can I do? I'm powerless to the great gods of horoscopia. Anyways, this was a very busy weekend for us at Kimchi Central. I spent Friday night and all day Saturday working on a shower cake and Jeff spent Saturday at actual work. Suck. My super awesome friend Sara came by on Saturday to a) talk me down during a rather stressful cake "situation" and b) help me try to get my sorry ass organized since my house looked like one of those houses on Oprah when they do a clutter intervention. The problem is that we bought all this stuff from Ikea that needed to be assembled, so there were boxes everywhere, I have a bed and an old dresser in the middle of Kimchi's room so I can't put anything in there until we get his bed situated, which couldn't happen until we got our bedroom situated which wasn't going to happen until I cleaned out all my drawers to prepare. Whew. Yesterday I finally got a handle on things and got our bedroom all set up, which is awesome because I'm living all Eurotrash with wardrobes instead of closets, so now we can move on to painting our old furniture to go in Kimchi's room and then we can get him all set up, which will then free us to finish all the other crap. It's a process, people. Sara is a champ and I can't thank her enough for all her help. You're a super pal, SJPeePee.

Speaking of kimchi, we decided to finally find an authentic Korean restaurant to go to this weekend. We decided on the one voted best in the city and let me tell you, it was true. It's called Hangook Kwon and it was absolutely delicious. I was nervous with all my food issues but I decided to be brave and just go with it. We knew we were in the right place because we were the only people who were NOT Korean. No one was speaking English. That means the food is good, right. Our waitress was very sweet and helped us navigate the menu and we ended up with a beef and rice roll as an appetizer, which we had no clue as to what it was and it turned out to be a sushi-type of roll and it was SO good. For dinner, I got beef bol go gi and Jeff got pork tenderloin with kimchi and some other stuff I couldn't identify. I'm not going to say there wasn't a fish head stew and a pig intestine stew on the menu because there was but whatever. No matter what you order, as is tradition, you get 6 little bowls of side dishes, one of which is kimchi. I was kind of afraid because I had heard stories but honestly, it was delicious. Everything was super spicy and garlicky and kind of sweet and just YUM. We are totally going back and I can't wait to take little Kimchi with us. There was a little girl, probably about 1 or 2, at the table next to us and she was SO CUTE I wanted to just eat her (not literally) and the best part was that she was using chopsticks! I am totally teaching Kimchi to use them. Jeff had to ask for a fork. The waitress was amused.

That's it. It's Monday, I'm tired and I can't wait for Friday.

Friday, October 3, 2008


Did you watch the debate last night? That's the hot question this morning I guess. We watched, along with my sister who watched with us on speaker phone. Generally I hate these things because it makes me uncomfortable for everyone involved and I certainly felt that at times last night but overall I'm kinda "meh" about it. I don't necessarily think that it swayed any undecided voters and I think that whatever you felt about either party going in, you probably felt the same way going out. I disliked Sarah Palin going in and I continue to dislike her. See? I did have a few issues, mostly with these things called facts, which both of them manipulated quite well. In that respect it was a draw. My biggest compliment of the night is for Biden for maintaining his tone and keeping the focus on McCain and not Palin. The news people chided him a bit for not being more on the attack but he was in a lose-lose situation. Had he attacked her at all, they would have jumped on him immediately, calling it sexist and whatever else. If he went too soft and talked down to her, he would have been called condescending. I think that by remaining as neutral as he could, which I feel he did for the most part, he escaped any unfair labels.
Which brings me back to Palin. I know that most people, well most dems anyway, thought she would fall on her face or run off the stage, neither of which happened so I absolutely give her that. She maintained composure, even when it was clear that she didn't know the answer to the question. My biggest issue was that she began by basically saying she wasn't going to answer the moderator's questions the way they wanted them answered, which I thought was disrespectful. Clearly she had been extensively coached to answer key questions a certain way and when those questions weren't asked, she dodged the question at hand to answer what she had been taught. In fact, it became clear to me that she really wasn't paying much attention to the questions at all as she answered the question "What is your Achilles heel?" with a long, rambling statement about what her "strengths" were. That was really annoying. She also talked in circles, as she is prone to do, and really only definitively answered maybe two questions, one of which was about gay marriage. She clearly thinks being gay is a choice and to have that attitude in 2008 is ridiculous, but that's my own opinion. The other thing that bothered me tremendously was when she would take on her "folksy" way. She uses her "aw shucks" attitude when she's caught without an answer and it pisses me off to no end. You know what Sarah Palin? I'm NOT Joe Sixpack and I'm NOT some folksy retard that needs to be talked down to. This whole "hockey-mom with the Fargo accent and the smarmy attitude" thing may work in Alaska, but if you're trying to appeal to the intelligent women of the entire country, yes the entire country, not just the small town people you seem to think are the only important ones, how about learning your shit and giving answers that don't require an eye roll or a catchphrase? And do not, I repeat, DO NOT, claim that you work for women's rights. That statement caused me to stand up and yell "fuck you" to the TV repeatedly. This took a lot of energy so I expect an apology. I could go on, but I will conclude by saying that she gave her supporters exactly what they wanted to hear and she didn't freak out and vomit on the podium so well done. The bar was set low for you and you met it. Good job.

There you have it. Biden didn't eat his foot and Palin didn't vomit on the podium. Done and done. I don't think anything has changed so let's go back to the actual candidates we are voting for. Next I would like John McCain to explain to me how his health care policy isn't going to totally screw us.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

weekly wrap up

So.....a lag in posts. Sorry about that, reader. I've been kind of busy so I'm presenting a weekly wrap-up for you. Honestly, this is more so my mom understand why I haven't called her back much this week. Yeah, sorry about that, Jan.

- So Monday we had to bid a fond fare-thee-well to the Ford Windstar. We returned her after work and then went to Trader Joe's. I know, BREAKING NEWS. When we got into Jeff's Civic, I felt like I was in an episode of "Honey, I Blew Up The Kids" or something because everything was so small and jammed in there and it wasn't like the nice, spacious interior of the Windstar. It even had doors that automatically opened and closed. I know that's old hat for regular drivers but I felt like I was in a magical land. Anyways..
-Tuesday night I met with my freelance graphic design client. She practices a type of energy healing therapy and offered me a session to see what she. It was oddly soothing. They touch you, but it's not massage, it's more like the just hold their hands on your arm or something. All I know is that it made me sleep better that night so well done. When I got home from work, the FedEx man brought this giant box to the door and I was like "wha?" and it was a big box of baby stuff from my sister-in-law. Well, it was from her girls to Kimchi rather. Either way it had some seriously cute shit in there. This was my favorite:
She also gave us these adorable burp cloths things that have his name on them and this pod thing that you can put them in and the sit there and they can't escape. It's really cool. Thanks, K.

-Wednesday I made cake. Thrilling.

-Thursday. Ooh, that today, right. Well, today we did something exciting, we went and filed the last bit of Kimchi's paperwork! We have a 2-6 week wait for our approval and once that happens, Korea can issue his visa to travel. I'm still not counting on anything happening quickly because the paperwork situation was dodgy and we has some "issues" but I have to say that as much as I have bitched about the immigration office being inept, the woman today could not have been nicer or more helpful. Still, don't count on it.
Check back over the weekend for a cake sighting.