Thursday, October 23, 2008

Seriously. These things are effing weirding me out. I need to stop reading them but I can't. I have a sickness.

PISCES 10/23/08
You have got a plan and you clearly mean to stick with it. Is that good or bad? It is what you choose to make of it. You must intend to make it into something worthwhile, so what is there to worry about? Do you fear that intention is not enough - that you must follow through with clear, determined action? Well, what's the problem there? Why can't you do just that? Lacking a resource? Missing a crucial connection? Just start looking. Show willing. Let the universe know you are happy to be helped and it will send help your way.

Eerie. Really eerie, horoscope. Bee-zar. HEY UNIVERSE, GIMME SOME MONEY FOR MY CAKE BUSINESS, YO. Today might suck. It's crappy weather, I had nightmares so I'm super sleepy and I forgot to put on deodorant so if you see me on the street, you might want to keep your distance. But the best part is that tomorrow is Friday. HOORAY! It can't come soon enough.


Gwen said...

I thought I smelled something.

LM said...

In my morning haze I have forgotten deoderant a few times myself. I finally bought some and took it to the office for such emergencies.

Amy and Jeff said...

LM, that's a brilliant idea. I should get a little travel size and stash it with my Mentos and microwave popcorn.