Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Blog Burn

I had this conversation with a friend recently.

me: "Hey, how are you (blank)?

friend: "Oh great, how are you? How's the adoption stuff going?"

me: "Oh it's going. Loads of paperwork and stuff to get done. Hey did you get my email about our blog? We put up any adoption info we get."

friend: "Yeah, I got the email but I haven't looked at it. I mean honestly, who ACTUALLY reads those things? I am way too busy for that."

(end scene)


Booger Boy

As you may recall from a previous post, there is a fellow I go to school with that has "issues", especially where bodily function is concerned. I have been trying to figure out exactly what the deal is with him and I have come up with nada. Sometimes he's really gross (as we all remember) but other times he will burst out with a really funny comment at a highly inappropriate time. For instance, today we were in the middle of doing a project critique, which is similar to standing up and having people throw rotten tomatoes at you while you defend your work that you thought was awesome, and he busted out this little gem while eating fun-size Starburst packs brought in for Halloween:

"AWWW, wouldn't you know it? Two pinks in the same pack! CAN YOU BELIEVE MY BAD LUCK?!"

This outburst was made during someone else's critique and while the room was all serious and quiet. The girl getting critiqued was already a nervous wreck and she just stood there staring at him in horror. I swear I almost peed myself trying not to laugh because inappropriate humor is usually the funniest kind. He followed that up by picking his nose and wiping it on his jeans leaving a shiny white trail. Classic. He clearly has some sort of something going on, but he is capable enough to attend college and he completes his projects correctly and on time. Graphic design isn't exactly rocket science but it's not that easy either and some of his stuff is actually pretty good. He is a mystery to me.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I like to keep things here at Kimchi central at a light, neutral stance, much like the Swiss. However, today has been one of those days that has summoned me to the top of my soapbox so bear with me as I lighten my load.

I have noticed a trend among people these days who feel as though they have free reign to say whatever comes into their little heads. Some call this "being blunt" or "telling it like it is" or "not caring that you come across as a big jerk" or what have you. This type of thing tends to lead to some kind of heated confrontation, of which I am not a fan but of which I bore witness to today. That's not to say that I sit by meekly and take whatever crap is thrown at me, but I have learned many lessons in life and the most valuable has been that it's easier to catch flies with honey instead of vinegar or something like that. Maybe it's bees. I don't know but my point is that being nice and trying to work things out without getting all jacked up isn't that hard and quite frankly, it will get you a lot further than being nasty. There are lots of days that I'm crabby and don't want to fake it, but being a jerk just makes it REALLY hard to like you and want to be around you. There is another life lesson I hold valuable and that is, if you can dish it out, you better be able to take it. If you think that someone is being stupid or you don't agree with what they're saying, unless you have a REALLY good reason for it, just let it go. Why take every opportunity to point out someones flaws or shortcomings and act like you're the boss of the world? Maybe you have those same shortcomings and seeing them in someone else makes you angry at them, but you're really angry at yourself. Paging Dr. Freud!

I have been making a very concerted effort to try and change my disposition so that I can actually BE happy instead of just faking it, and the only way I have found to accomplish this is to try and stop judging those around me. Does it always work? Hell no. There are LOTS of people that ring my bell, but I try keep that private. I'm not saying don't bring up bad subjects or hide stuff under the rug, just don't approach stuff with a gigantic chip on your shoulder and expect everyone to think you're awesome. Am I saying that you should sugar coat things? Well yeah, sometimes and what's wrong with that? You may think you're being all cool and forthright by "telling it like it is", but you usually just look like a wiener and that's not good. Anyway, I'm sure I've strayed off topic but I think you get my point that people need to stop being so dang nasty and start being nice to your fellow humans. Lest you think I'm being all self-righteous, I spend a sad amount of time reading online gossip where they skewer celebs like beef tips and I will laughingly point out a shiny shirt on a man if I spot it. I said I TRY to be better.

Okay. I'm off the box. Sorry for the rant but I had to get it out so I can make room for lunch.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Weekend Loverlies

I wanted to post some pics of the kitchen to show off our hard work this weekend. I say "our" in the royal sense because Jeff did most of the heavy lifting(thanks, honey). As you can see from the (crappy) photo, the counters are done, the sink is installed and working as is the dishwasher. I can't tell you how exciting it is for us to not have to do dishes in the bathroom anymore. Seriously. Bathtub dishes suck.
Clearly, the place is still a disaster area, but we are finally in a position to get stuff put back together. I am going to get the backsplash installed this weekend (hopefully) and then we only have the bar area left to tile. It has been a very long 10 months, but seeing it all come together makes it worth all the headache. The sink turned out so freaking gorgeous that I just like to stand and stare at it. Here, you can too:

Oh so pretty.

Here's a close-up of the countertop:

We did give ourselves a small reprieve this weekend and went to a spectacular party at Mike & Brian's beautiful new house. Seriously, their place is REALLY nice. As usual the food was outstanding as was the company. Of course, I mention the food first because I spent a good 30 minutes hovering over the table eating my own weight in cheese dip. You know, I could eat appetizers at every meal. I already have an abnormal obsession with things in miniature so an appetizer spread calls to me like a sweet siren. I wish they made tiny hot dog buns for little smokies. That would be so awesome. Anyway. We had a great time and it was so nice to see all my girls! Jeff and I are truly a couple of lucky ducks to have the group of friends we have. T-Rav, you crack me up!

Friday, October 26, 2007

woo-hoo part II

My last post was made in a bit of excitement and with a reasonable lack of sleep, so I wanted to give a better idea of what's going on as of now. As I said before, we've been approved for adoption, which means that we can proceed forward with our paperwork. Our social worker is sending us a humongous packet of forms and whatnot that we will have to fill out. This is our homestudy packet and once we get it completed, which will probably take us 6-12 weeks, we send it back and then we'll arrange for a formal homestudy. Our homestudy might be sooner because she is not based in St. Louis but is planning on coming to see us when she's in town next month. Once the homestudy is completed and everything is approved, the packet will be sent to the Korean government for their approval. Once that happens, we'll get our referral, which means we will be matched with a child. That is a MAJORLY BIG DEAL!!!! They will send us a picture and as much info about the child as they have. After we accept, we'll just have to wait for our "travel date", which in our case, is when the child will be brought to St. Louis. That's one of the nice parts of this program is that we can have the child escorted here instead of going there. We do plan to visit Korea, but more when he/she is older and can enjoy it. All of this stuff should take anywhere from 9 mos (on the VERY short end) to 18 mos. As she indicated, the adoptions are moving swiftly so we are hoping it isn't 18 mos. and more like 9-12.

whew. It seems like a long time but it'll be here before we know it. It's going to be a nerve-wracking wait for all of this to happen (for me anyway, Jeff is way chill about this stuff) but I plan to occupy my time with various baby projects like designing a nursery, super cool kid art for the room and whatever else I can find to keep me from chewing my nails. Oh yeah, I also have to graduate from college and finish remodeling my house. No biggie.


I got a call yesterday around 5:45 from Judy at Holt who said our application had been approved and we are OFFICIALLY GOING TO BE PARENTS!!! She said she received our file from the main HQ and we are a perfect match for the Korean program. She also said that the Korean paperwork is moving very swiftly through the government, so we might not have as long a wait as we thought. We will have our first homestudy visit in about 3-6 weeks and in the meantime, we have to scale a small mountain of paperwork. I was so excited that when Jeff got home I ran out to the car and was jumping up and down in the street. I'm sure the neighbors thought we won the lotto or that I had finally gone bananas. Jeff had no doubt we would be approved but I'm a worrier so I wasn't going to be satisfied until we got the official go ahead. This is kinda like our "we're pregnant" moment!!

This means we have 3-6 weeks to get this house put back together. Holy crap, people. It's on!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Know when to say when

Well, I have decided to bow out of the children's book project. Not that I even had the job in the first place, but I realized that if I did get it, I wouldn't be able to do it anyway between school, homework, house stuff and baby stuff. I'm disappointed in myself for backing out and I'm sure those involved are thrilled that I backed out the day before, but I'd rather do it now than later. I shouldn't even be assuming I would have gotten the job but on the super remote 1% chance I had, I would have been screwed. I told my illustration teacher today and his response was "that's a wise decision". I think he sensed trouble with this project from the start and didn't think that I would be ruining my chances of a career in the business by saying no. He said part of being a good designer is knowing your limitations and until I'm done with school, this kind of project is probably an unrealistic goal. That being said, it has made me more intent in pursuing this kind of thing in the future because I really think it's a good fit for me and a good outlet for my graphic design skills. I took a creative writing class a few semesters ago with the intent that I would write my own books to illustrate so that's my new plan. That way I can work on it at random times and have more opportunity to research layouts and stuff without someone hovering over me with a giant neon sign flashing "DO IT RIGHT NOW". I get that all day long, thank you very much.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I ran for the border

I just returned from a "research" trip to Borders. I have a love/hate relationship with said establishment. I love to go in and peruse the books for a ridiculously long time and yet I would have to refinance my house to afford to actually purchase them. Case in point, an 11 page children's book, while very clever and gorgeous, was $19.95. WTF?! Have they always been that expensive or is this the golden age of picture books and no one told me? No wonder my parents only gave us old receipts as bedtime reading material. I KEED I KEED!! We had actual books.
I managed to find a couple in the bargain section but the majority of those were either Sesame Street, Disney, Nickelodeon, etc. and I'm not interested in that. I don't care about Dora or her explorations. Where are the parent I ask? Would you let your daughter traipse all over the freaking globe with some kind of monkey thing as a guide?? I think not.

I think I'll write a children's book about my weirdo dogs and charge 50 bucks for it. Zoey is the weirder of the two and if she were an actual child they would suggest she wear a helmet for her own safety. She is afraid of the wood floors we installed and goes from rug island to rug island when she needs to move through the house. She is also afraid of the vacuum, thunder, ladders and steps yet she will go after a rottweiler like nobody's business. She is truly the most bizarre dog I have ever known and yet I love her to pieces. Cleo is the older of the two and is basically annoyed by everyone around her. She is like a wise old owl except that she licks her pooper so she isn't that wise.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Mum's the word

Last night was my first intermediate cake class. The beginner class was over the summer so I've had a bit of a break. I take it with my mom, which is good because she rocks at the baking part, which I generally suck at. Our last class was nice and fun but this time was......different.

The class was full of all these women who a) couldn't keep their mouths shut long enough for our instructor to speak, and b) couldn't stop one-upping each other with their cake skills, even though we are all at the same level. It got so bad at one point my mom turned to me and said she was going to hurl from the overwhelming stench of stuck-upedness. I wanted to go up and smack them all in the mouth to silence the snoot, but I just focused on my flowers. This whole class is about making flowers and borders, which is cool. We learned the reverse shell, the rosette, the rose bud and the mum. The mum was my favorite. We still had fun despite the squawking hens around us. This one woman in particular kept interrupting the instructor and felt as though we all wanted to hear her stupid stories about the cake she made for her daughter's birthday. Hey lady, guess what? We don't care so ZIP IT!

Next week we learn violets and apple blossoms. Hopefully in silence.

Monday, October 22, 2007

The Darkest Depths of Mortar

We had quite a busy weekend here at chez Brady. We spent all day Saturday and Sunday working on the kitchen. Saturday was "get all the little crap done day", so we adjusted cabinets, attached the remaining pulls, assembled and hung the extra cabinet we bought last weekend and got the countertop bases secured down. Jeff was a master at building the counter bases and they all fit perfectly. We also cut and attached the cement backerboard Saturday night so we could start tiling first thing Sunday. We ended up running errands Sunday morning and didn't really start working until noon but we were still able to finish all the tile work by 6pm. That's a record for us!
We decided to actually cut and dry fit all the tiles before we mortared anything, which would seem like the logical thing to do anyway but we aren't logical, which all in all made the laying of the tiles go very, very smoothly. We made a few bad cuts due to my inability to read a ruler properly so we're going to have to order another box of tiles before we can do the bar. That sucks but realistically it will probably take 2 weeks to get the bar base constructed. Yeesh. I'm getting home improvement burnout at this point but we are SO CLOSE to being done. The counters turned out great, by the way. I think we were both nervous because we ended up using a porcelain floor tile, which isn't exactly conventional for a counter, but it looks like I wanted it to look. Well, almost. We both thought the tiles were much darker than they turned out to be but I have to chalk that up to the crappy lighting at Expo Design Center. The countertop was probably the hardest thing we had to decide upon. We had a teeny tiny budget so most solid surfaces or anything cool like glass or metal were out and I HATE granite so that was out, too. That left laminate (icky) or tile. I had originally planned to use Carrerra marble but every time I mentioned it to a tile person I got a lecture on how I shouldn't use it because it stains and scratches and blah, blah, blah, so I chucked that idea as well. I'll post a picture when we get it grouted. Now I just have to figure out my backsplash pattern................

Still no word on the adoption. I know it's WAY too early but I'm anxious and I want to know right now. I was daydreaming about cribs the other day on the internet. I found one I like on some modern baby stuff site and it was about $1500. WTF?! Can I not have modern design at an affordable price? Who am I kidding, of course not unless it's IKEA and I wasn't impressed with their cribs (although their bedding is quite cute). I must resist the urge to look until I know something.

I finally mustered up the courage to call the book guy. He was really nice and put me in touch with the author, and I spoke to her this afternoon. They're both interested to see what I can do (as am I since this is scaring the caca out of me). They seem to want a style that I can do, so that's a plus but I'm not saying any more about it until I meet with them this Friday. It'll make me too nervous and I don't want to go all mental.

P.S. - That's a Lord of the Rings/ Led Zeppelin reference in the title. NERD ALERT!

Friday, October 19, 2007


Well, it's finally Friday. I don't have much to post about but I have blog guilt if I don't put something up. This week has sucked due to the fact that I have spent almost every free second I've had sitting at this very computer working on homework. I'm simultaneously working on a 4-panel brochure on the architecture in Forest Park, a 3-panel brochure on the wildflowers of Missouri (it's as exciting as it sounds), an illustration involving a chef mailing a live chicken in a bottle from an iceberg during a tornado (just go with it), an exercise on the Gestalt theory and a holiday shopping bag for the Galleria that not only do I have to design, but I actually have to make it into a real shopping bag. whew. I love when people tell me they'd rather be in school than working. Really? Really. I beg to differ.

On that note, I am going to spend time this afternoon working on my own art so that I can decompress and gear up for this to start again next week.

Oh, to follow up from my last post, I did call the illustration man but got a voicemail and left a message. Due to the fact that all of the self-confidence I had a the start of the week has been sucked out of me, I don't expect anything from it.

I also want to send my condolences to my good friend Geryl who had to have her beloved dog put to sleep last night. He was 13 and had a great life because of his awesome mom and dad. I'm thinking of you both.

Oh, one last thing, I want to say happy birthday to sweet little Maya. I am absolutely dreadful with birthdays but I know it's coming soon so Happy Birthday Maya!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Check's in the Mail

We officially sent off our application packet to the adoption agency today! It was one of those things that seemed like it would take a few days to put together but time flew out the window and it took us a month. Thanks to those of you who have agreed to say some kind words about us. Now we have the agonizing wait to get our official approval so we can start our homestudy, which I'm sure will be even more agonizing. We should know something within 14 days but I hope it's sooner.

In today's other news.....

  • I have a meeting with my dept. chair next week to discuss my graduation and what I need to do to make sure next semester is my last. This semester has pretty much sucked since I piled on as many classes as I could (18 hrs of ALL studio classes) and it looks like next semester is shaping up to be just as bad but I have to suck it up and get it done. I have come away with a bunch of stuff for my portfolio, which is currently in the shape of a pile. I need to work on that right quick.

  • It looks like Jeff and I will be joining my sister and bro-in-law on their Hawaiian vacation next May. Aloha indeed.

  • My illustration teacher told me about a man looking for a student to submit illustrations for a children's book, which is super cool because I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to do that but I'm too freaking scared to call him. Coward. I guess I'm afraid of rejection but I'll never know unless I jump, right?

  • Monday is the start of 8 more weeks of cake decorating classes so I will hopefully have some kick-ass cakes to post. Here's my first cake ever from the last class:

Awww.....probably not so much kick-ass as it is cute, but not bad for the first one. I will be learning about fondant this time around so I hope to get more elaborate in the future.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I found this on Dlisted and it's one of the funniest things I've ever seen. You should do it.


***Thanks, Gwen.


I wanted to give a shout out to my friend Gwen from Everything I Like Causes Cancer for coming by last night to show us some nifty blog tricks. She has opened up a whole new world to us! Thanks Gwen!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Road Trip

Jeff and I have been remodeling our house now for about 10 years. Technically it's been since February, but it seems much longer. We ripped out the old carpet and installed bamboo floors through most of the house, converted a bedroom into an office/studio, tiled both bathrooms and installed all new fixtures and painted every wall I could find. Our last big project to complete was the kitchen, which is about 80% done as of now. Here's what a half done kitchen looks like:

We have no countertop yet (that's plywood) and no sink, but that's our project for this weekend.
We opted to buy our cabinets from IKEA, which is awesome because they are totally cool looking and cheap. However. The closest IKEA to us is in the Chicago suburbs which is a 4.5 - 5 hr drive. Since we began planning the kitchen, we have taken 5 trips up to the store and 3 of the 5 were done in one day. Ouch. We've been really happy with the cabinets on the whole, but there were some "issues" along the way. Nothing that probably wouldn't happen during any kitchen renovation, but stuff that made the distance a real pain in the arse. We had one last trip planned to return some extra cabinet fronts they thought we wanted and to get a cabinet that we DID want that they neglected to add on. There was just SO MUCH FREAKING STUFF that we didn't have time to go through and inventory (our bad) and got home to find stuff either missing or wrong. Anyway, we went last Saturday and brought our friend LM with us, which was super fun because it's usually just Jeff and I and we are boring. Here's what we saw at a rest stop somewhere in Illinois, but I don't know where:

Very nice, sir. I could put a coin in that slot and win some money.

Anyway, we finally made it to IKEA (YAY!)

Shopping at IKEA is always stressful for me because there is just an overwhelming amount of crap to look at, most of which I want to shove in my cart. My brain nearly explodes and I am not kidding. There is all this cool stuff that is dirt cheap and you're like "oh, it's only $5" but then you get to the checkout and all those little buggers add up and they give you your total and it's like HOLY LORD WHAT DID I BUY? Anyway, we found the stuff we needed plus some stuff we didn't need but bought anyway and LM got an amazing deal on an office chair ($14.90!). I also bought an office chair but mine is BARBIE HOT PINK and I love it. Jeff does not love my chair. This is what the car looked like with all our stuff and LM:

You can see a bit of my pink chair to her left. We spent about 4 hours in the store (it takes THAT long, people) and then stopped for some healthy nourishment before the long drive home: beef.

Well, we made good time going home UNTIL we got pulled over in Funk's Grove, IL (totally not kidding, that's what it's called) for going 82 in a 65, which is really not that bad since the highway is just flat and straight but the law's the law and we got nailed. The best part was that the cop came to my side of the car so she didn't get run over and Jeff couldn't see her very well (it was very dark by this time) and kept calling her SIR! After she went back to run his license we told him that it was a woman officer and then he felt horrible. About that time a gigantic mosquito flew into the open window so we tried to kill it by slapping at it, which I'm sure looked totally normal to the POLICEWOMAN who was right behind us. God knows what she was thinking because we were flailing around and the car was shaking. It's a wonder we didn't get arrested. Anyway, she came back and gave us our ticket but was very nice about it so we thanked her. We thanked her for giving us a ticket.
All in all it was fun and as much as I hate the drive, I am already making a mental list of the stuff I want to get next time we go up.

Flag info

After Jeff posted the Korean flag, we did some investigating on the meaning of the symbols. By investigating it, I mean I checked Wikipedia, so take it with a grain. Here's what they say:

"The four trigrams originates in the Chinese book I Ching, representing the four Chinese philosophical ideas about the universe: harmony, symmetry, balance, circulation. The general design of the flag also derives from traditional use of the tricolor symbol (red, blue and yellow) by Koreans starting from the early era of Korean history. The white background symbolizes "cleanliness of the people." The taegeuk represents the origin of all things in the universe; holding the two principles of "Eum", the negative aspect rendered in blue, and "Yang", the positive aspect rendered in red, in perfect balance. Together, they represent a continuous movement within infinity, the two merging as one. The four trigrams are:
Force (☰; geon (건; ) in Korean) = heaven (), spring (), east (), virtue ();
¦¦¦ Field (☷; gon (곤; )) = earth (), summer (), west (西), justice ();
¦ Radiance (☲; ri (리; )) = sun (), fall (), south (), courtesy ();
¦¦ Gorge (☵; gam (감; )) = moon (), winter (), north (), knowledge or wisdom ().
Traditionally, the four trigrams are related to the Five Elements of fire, water, earth, wood, and metal. An analogy could also be drawn with the four western classical elements."

That's pretty neat-o, eh?

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Adoption Fair

Jeff here,
Amy and I went to an adoption fair @ Calvary Church in St. Peters (O'Fallon??) on Friday night. We meet with Judy, The Holt social worker from KC. She said she is hiring a St. Louis employee, so that is good.
We met a man who has 4 boys from Korea (and 2 bio girls!) that we talked to for a minute, he had pictures of his homecoming, his first was escorted to St. Louis. Pretty cool, it was exciting!!
We also met with a couple that used Dillon for their 3 adoptions. They had lots of pictures, and answered all of our questions.

It is starting to hit home, the more people we meet, the more I think about it, we are gonna have a baby in the next year or so.......that is so crazy

Friday, October 12, 2007

For The Record

I would just like to state for the record that I did say I would go skiing. Until I was told that I'd spend the majority of the time by myself taking bunny hill lessons with a bunch of 5 year olds.

That just didn't sound like fun anymore.

I guess I could just sit in the lodge and drink.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

My turn

Jeff's first post, yeah!
I am boring so don't expect too much. And my grammar stinks.
I am excited about going skiing in January so that is why I put up the above picture! It is from last years trip to Keystone.

Now I just have to get my fat butt off of the couch so I am not sucking wind @10,000 ft.

Amy won't go with me :(

Today I got an e-mail from a co worker that had this link;
It is a questionaire that give you the dirtiness of your keyboard in units of toilet seats!!
I didn't really think about it, but at work I eat at my desk at lunch most days, and I can't remember when I cleaned it last. Needless to say my keyboard was as dirty as 300 toilet seats!! Go there, you will clean your keyboard. And after reading my wifes last post, I wonder how dirty the school's keyboards are?

I copied and pasted my first HTML!! How fun was that??

Go me!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Okay, this story isn't meant to be mean but it may sound that way and I suppose I should apologize for that. I should also apologize for the grossness of it, but it needs to be told. I'll make it short.

There is a fellow at my school who has "issues". Well, today, while sitting at a computer that EVERONE uses, he blew his nose into his hand and proceeded to lick it off. He LICKED it off. He followed that up with a major finger excavation for dessert. Then he went back to using the computer. Did I mention that WE ALL USE THESE COMPUTERS? The instructor was in the room but said nothing, which I'm sure is difficult with his issues. Nevertheless, I am now forced to deal with wayward snot all over the mouse and keyboard.

I'm taking a bath in Purell right now.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


I know the profile thing up there says that this blog is written by both Jeff and myself but I've since discovered that isn't true. I mentioned that he can feel free to post anytime now and his reaction was that of disinterest mingled with some mild irritation. After I prodded for a few minutes, he said fine, but he would only post instructions on changing your oil over and over. That is boring, therefore he isn't going to be encouraged to post anything going forward.

I just wanted to make that clarification considering he is the only one reading this. That is all.


I know this blog is technically about our adoption journey, but that info is sporadic so here's something off topic. As many of you know, and by you, I mean Jeff since you're the only one reading this, I tend to be not so classy. Case in point. I am involved with a p.r. group at school and we have a real live client that we have to meet with on occasion. I also have a fairly new nose piercing that I love very much. However, my piercing and my allergies are not making friends and are trying to oust the other. During the meeting with said client today, I noticed she kept touching her nose and sort of making a wiping gesture every time she addressed me. After a while, I became paranoid that I had a hanger-on or something and she was giving me the universal signal. After the meeting, I went to the bathroom and saw what she saw. The back half of my jewelry had slid down from all the wiping and blowing I was doing (thanks, allergies) and was dangling out of my nostril like a silver booger. Marvelous. I tried to shove it back up but it kept flinging itself back down so I shoved HARD and now I think it's in my brain. I'm sure she went back to work and told her co-workers about the girl with the huge dangler. Very professional.

Oh, I do have adoption related news. We are 98% done with our application and it should be in the mail soon. yay! We are also going to an adoption fair that our agency is holding this Friday night where we will get to see our social worker again. Her name is Judy and she seems very nice and I hope she doesn't think we're heathens.

Friday, October 5, 2007

It's Business Time

Hi. Welcome to our blog. Take off your jacket, have a seat and allow me to soothe your eyeballs with these pictures of my dogs. Enjoy.