Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Good, because I'm always edgy.

Okay, my horoscope man is FREAKING ME OUT. This is my horoscope today and no, I did not doctor it. If I had, it would say that I just won the lotto.

Pisces 4/30/08
Ahead: an uncertain future. Behind: a past you have clearly outgrown. You don't feel nervous? You should. You do feel nervous? You needn't! It's right to be edgy now. That is a way of showing respect for the enormity of your task. You're going to need more than confidence to get you where you need to be. You need the kind of concentration that only comes when adrenaline is flowing. That said, though, there is no way that you will ever want to turn back and go the way you came.


You too can have a stranger in your brain at

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Call Ripley, STAT!

In other weird news, I got offered the internship today. Hmm.... still not sure what to do. I'll probably take it but they gave me a week to decide. I shouldn't be such a pill about it but I'm scared shitless and I'm terrified of making a bad move. Why can't I just have a goddamn time machine so I can go ahead in the future and see what the best option was and do that? HUH?! WHY IS THAT SO HARD?

I'll keep you posted.

HSTK, baby!!!!!!

Okay, so today is HSTK Day here at Kimchi Headquarters. HSTK stand for "home study sent to Korea" in message board lingo. Today we received our letter stating that our paperwork has officially made it's way to the Korean government. This is a MAJOR deal and we were given a date of 4/25/08 to start counting from. At this point, we are now on the magical baby list and as soon as they match us with a child, we'll get a picture and all that jazz. Now, don't go throwing a parade or anything because we still have a looooong wait, probably at least 6 months before we'll hear anything but since we don't get any of the gushy pregnant lady crap to gloat about, this is a pretty big step forward.


Monday, April 28, 2008

Lost Recap

This was the first episode since season one that when it was over, I had no effing idea as to what was going on. I mused in an earlier post that one of the brilliant things about this show is how they managed to make us both love and hate Ben and this week's episode pretty much nailed that one down. In fact, my sister has decreed that Ben is her new favorite character. WHAT?! Let's chat.....

-Okay, so Ben is playing some kind of game with Charles Widmore. My opinion is that we have two men, both VERY powerful, who want the same thing (the island) and are playing cat and mouse to get it. In their game, however, people die. We saw this as Alex was SHOT TO DEATH as Ben watched, allowing it to happen. His remark that "he changed the rules" means one of two things to me. One is the Widmore is the one who changed the rules and I can only assume that the rule was "don't kill my family" but it's possible that Jacob is the one in control and maybe HE changed the rules. Maybe these two men are playing Jacob's game. Hmm... I'm still torn on this one. I'm inclined to believe that Ben is trying to protect the island from Widmore and in turn, is protecting Jacob from Widmore, but I'm still unclear on who the hell Jacob is and how does he figure.

-Ben wakes up in the desert with a Dharma jacket on and some weird thingy in his pocket. He's been there before and when he checks into a hotel, the clerk looks SCARED. What is this all about? It seems that Ben can control where he goes when he "jumps" and I can only assume that Charles can as well but that might be wrong. Did Charles get the "can't die" disease that Michael and everyone else got from going on the island?? WHAT IS GOING ON?

-So Sayid seems to have come to Ben to work as his killing machine. This totally changes EVERYTHING I thought happened when they left the island. Knowing that they are not under duress makes is all more puzzling. It also makes me wonder what Jack and Kate were lying about and how this is all going to work itself out.

This makes my brain hurt. Let me know what you guys think.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

It's actually a ribbon, like a horse would win.

Well, Friday night sure made up for Friday afternoon, I tell ya. I went into the art show thinking I had placed and came out with THREE FREAKING AWARDS! Holy bajoley. First off, the caliber of work that was in the show was outstanding. People knock community college but you really can't get that diverse of a group of people in a regular university and the diversity is what made it so dang awesome. There were some AMAZING paintings and charcoal work, and I know that many of the painters that were there are 50+ and that is so cool. The whole function was way nicer than I expected and they really classed it up with a nice food spread. You go FoPo! They began with the awards for Fine Arts and then Graphic Communications was second. I was getting kind of nervous during the fine arts portion because they made you walk up in front of everyone to get your award and there was a high probability that I would trip or walk into a post or something considering I walked in the bedroom door jamb Thursday and still have a bruise. How does that happen? The walls aren't moving and yet I veer into them. Strange.
Anyhoo, Evann announced our category and I first got an Honorable Mention for my Cocktails calendar, which was pretty cool and which I thought was it, but then she called my name AGAIN for another honorable mention! WOO HOO! They gave 4 or 5 of those total, one of which went to my friend Tiffany, and then they moved on to the cash prizes. My friend Johnny Virus won 2nd place for his Agua del Sol stuff, which was AWESOME and then she was going to call the first place and I looked on the screen and IT WAS MY STUFF! Holy shite! First effing place. I never win anything, let alone first in anything so I was feeling pretty good. My other friend Yi won Best in Show, which was not surprising because the guy is incredible and already has two degrees in art he got in China and his work is spot on. It was a big victory for our little group and I was so proud of us and I got really kind words from both Evann and from Mark, who is the head of the art department. He taught me in my very first fine art class and he was such a great influence on me. All in all I won three Adobe books, a giftcard to Artmart, a hat and $100.


I have a lot to digest right now. I'm feeling a bit anxious about graduating and what the hell I'm going to do going forward. I'm not sure what will come of the internship, and quite frankly my gut is telling me that it isn't the right place for me but my brain is telling me to take it if they offer it so I'll have to get back to you on that one, and I'm thinking that maybe I need to just jump off the ledge and try to get my foot in somewhere that will actually pay me money. I have argued the whole "experience is priceless" argument in my head regarding the UNPAID internship and with $4/gallon gas, it might end up costing me money to do it and I don't know if I will get enough experience to really be worth it. I just don't know. I'm trying to be all open ended since I have no clue what's going to happen but it still makes me very anxious. Regardless, the fact that I won, even though it's a small victory, makes me a little more confident that SOMEONE out there will like my style and want me to work for them. If not, I'm gonna have to get all scrappy and start to try and freelance. If anyone has any advice, please share. I NEED IT.

Friday, April 25, 2008


Well, here's how it went today.

I think I'm going to go be a cake decorator.

The end.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Oh hai

So yesterday I was doing homework on my laptop and suddenly looked up at my desktop and saw that ALL of my emails had been deleted from my account in the blink of an eye. ALL OF THEM. All 315. My inbox, outbox, trash, spam...all empty. WHAT IN THE EFFING HELL IS THIS ABOUT?! I tried to contact SBC but apparently you have to have super magical powers to find a frickin phone number for tech support so I used the "email us" thingy and they sent me an email today telling me that it must have something to do with my Outlook mail, which is interesting since I DON'T HAVE THAT. You assholes. I'm not high-falootin' so I don't have any superimportanturgent emails but for chrissakes, I keep them for a reason. Jeff is going to try to get it resolved for me tonight but he's going to happy hour prior so god knows what will come of it.

Aside from that I'm frantically preparing for my interview tomorrow. I can't tell you how much crap I've had to get done and printed and mounted in the last 48 hours, and that was just for my portfolio! I still have to design and print an annual report, the school art newsletter, finish designing a mock billboard for Fairmount Park, edit a brochure, design a business card, tweak a logo design AND make sure my new website works all in the next week. I'm tired.

PS- To Gwen, can you resend me your evite? thx

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Um, HELLO PEOPLE. The comments still work, you know.

I have about 9 free seconds to post today so here goes:

-I have 5 pieces in the student art show and a little birdie told me I won something. I have no idea what or what place, but someone has diarrhea of the mouth.

-The Rock of Love reunion was fabulous and there was a fight and those skanks are FO REAL! More detail to come.

-Tomorrow is the return of Lost so prepare for a Lost Recap on Saturday. Depending on how my interview goes on Friday, it might go up earlier. Or I might be drunk by 3pm. Who knows.

-Our adoption homestudy has gone to the main office for processing and soon we'll get a letter telling us when the Korean office has received it and that's when we can start counting the days until little Kimchi comes home.

That's all I got. My brain is a pile of goo at this point and I have run out of coherent thoughts.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Shake 'n Bake

Well, this has been a really weird week. First off, we've had TWO earthquakes in the last 10 hours. TWO! The first one woke us up at 4am and we both thought that the dog was having a seizure and shaking the bed so of course I panicked and grabbed her and was like "OH MY GOD ARE YOU STILL ALIVE? WAKE UP!" She looked at me like I had 9 heads and then I realized that we WERE ALL SHAKING and holy shit, we were having an earthquake. I, of course, sprung into action immediately by yelling "WE'RE HAVING AN EARTHQUAKE" to Jeff, who was like, "um yeah, I can see that, but thanks Captain Obvious." Whatever. It freaked me the hell out. We could hear stuff moving around on the shelves and stuff. It was very surreal but it's nothing compared the the second one, which happened during my print production class this morning. We were standing around talking about the earthquake and then in mid-conversation, WE HAD ANOTHER ONE. The timing was ridiculously appropriate. Once again I was the voice of reason and announced to everyone that we were having another one while we were having it. Thank god I was there.

Okay, so that stuff was weird for sure, but then after all the earthquake hoopla died down, my teacher came to me and asked me if I was available to come to his office for an interview next Friday! That isn't weird really, just surprising. I think it's an internship but the place is pretty cool and it's in a cool building downtown so it should be an interesting experience. The strangest thing about it is that this is the teacher I have had "issues" with since last semester. Somehow, at some point, we must have had something happen that made our relationship much less hostile but I'm not sure what or when it was, I just know it happened. I'm really excited but I'm also scared out of my wits because I haven't gone on a job interview in forevah so I hope I don't ass it up. The nice part is that I know both Tom, the prez and Allan, the creative director/designer and they are both very familiar with my work and what I can do. I'm just looking forward to working in an actual real-life design firm so I can see how things really get produced. In school I just walk over to the printer and poop (typo, I'm keepin it), you have your piece. Now I get to learn how to send stuff out to be printed and dealing with printers. I'm sure this is all fascinating to you.

Anyways, that was my weird day.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fake Day

Okay, so today was my big presentation day for graphic design class. We've been working on this project almost the entire semester and today we had to present it. We were given the choice of a fictitious company to "brand", meaning we would design the logo and identity system, the products and the environmental graphics. Our teacher Tom decided to get all fancy and he made it into a "real world situation" so we went downtown to his office and presented to our fake clients and to a panel of 6 other students not in our class and Evann. I've been making presentations since I started school since all my classes are art based so this is nothing new. However, Tom decided that we needed to know how it felt to have a client hate our stuff so he instructed the panel to be mean to us, "even if it isn't true." Hmm. This has been perplexing me. If we show crap then say it's crap and move on but knocking down a whole campaign that might really be good just for the sake of it seems counterproductive but whatever. No one asked my opinion. I was nervous going in but I did okay despite the fact that Evann went out of her way to challenge my design. I felt like I defended what I did pretty well and quite frankly at this point, I don't really give a crap, I'm just glad I'm done. Most of them went as well as mine except for a few that really got it. Not cool. I felt bad for them. Then I got home and found a letter waiting for me that said they were disputing my graduation application. WHAT?! I ran back up to campus and after a 90 minute ordeal between the advisor's office, the head of admissions and Evann, they got it worked out. Well, Evann got it worked out so even though she's hard on us, she still cares "sniff". Basically there was some clerical error that someone made and they didn't think I had enough credits to graduate. Dumbasses. I had the freaking transcripts in my hand and they clearly showed I met the requirements but someone misread and whatever. Thanks for the extra stress.
I got all my work submitted in the art show and the awards ceremony is next Friday so let's hope for big bucks! Well, not really big bucks but it's still $150 more than I have today so YEAH!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Rock of Love Recap - Finale-style

Well, last night was the finale. It was down to Daisy and Ambre, and I had no freaking clue going in who Bretty-boy was gonna pick. They went to Cancun because he's classy like that and they stayed at a hotel that I STAYED AT the first time I went to Me-hico. It wasn't a bad hotel but it certainly wasn't the Ritz so I was kinda surprised he went there. The best part is that they made Daisy and Ambre room together, because at this point, they pretty much hate each other's guts so this should be nice and volatile. When they got there, they settled in and went to dinner. Somehow the conversation turns to being sexy and Ambre says that Daisy uses her sexuality to her advantage and Daisy gets all huffy about it. Later in the room, Daisy tells her that she hurt her feelings when she said it and Ambre defends her statement by reminding Daisy that she is indeed a stripper by trade and therefore DOES use her sexuality as a tool. They bicker back and forth and Daisy tells Ambre that she isn't sexy and it gets all catty and whatever. They are both annoying at this point so I just want them to shut the hell up.
Ambre gets the first date, which is an all day and all night (cue porn music), so you know she's bringing her A game. The went to Xcaret, which is like this eco park and they got sexy massages and played in the water, etcetera and then they went back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. Daisy is all smarmy and asks Ambre about her date and Ambre was all " Why do you wanna know BE-YOTCH?" Oh snap. They start bickering back and forth like two slutty hens and then Ambre leaves for her date. Listen Ambre, I really applaud the fact that you take care of your body and look great for a lady of 37, but maybe trying to dress like a 19 year old Hooters waitress isn't really the way to go. I could have done a drive-by pap smear on you with that short dress. Gracious! They went to dinner and seemed to really have a nice time and then Ambre needs to make sure he knows SHE IS SEXUAL DAMMIT and proceeds to tell him she has gone sans underpants. He wants proof and suddenly we are in a Basic Instinct remake. Jesus, Ambre, really? REALLY? The sight of her vagina was clearly too much for him because he was all "check please" and they went back to his suite to continue their night of passion without cameras. Thank you for sparing my eyes.
Daisy had the next date and was just waiting to bait Ambre the minute she came in. She was all " I'm SOOOO excited about my date ALL DAY!" YAY! Ambre is so easy to bait because she immediately defends herself instead of telling Daisy to go blow. They bicker the ENTIRE time until Daisy leaves. She and Bret are going to take a chartered boat with lunch and fishing and crap and about 10 minutes into it, Daisy starts puking over the side. Wah, wah. Not so romantic to have puke breath, babe. They have to turn around and go back and by this time Bret's just like, "let's just get ready for dinner."They meet back downstairs and Bret's all "Dang baby, you look HOT!" and Daisy's all " I know, I'm so hot for YOU!" and it was gross and then they went up to his room. I hope they put plastic down for the poor maids.
Now we're at the end and I still don't know who he's going to choose. Both ladies are sweating and shaking and Bret gives them some " I love you both" spiel and calls Daisy up. Ambre starts to cry and he proceeds to tell Daisy that she is awesome and everything but that her tour ends here. OH NO YOU DI'INT! Oh yes he did. He picked Ambre. Thirty-seven year old, successful non-musician dating semi-normal Ambre won the chance to date a washed up 80's hair band singer. Well played, Ambre, well played indeed. The End.

Wait, I just read that there is a reunion of all the girls next Sunday and that Heather is there and she and Daisy throw down! OH YEAH!

It's rice, not corn.

The other night I was scraping together dinner, and I do mean scraping, as I hadn't been to the store in a week because I'm overloaded with school projects so the cupboard was BARE, and when I was done, I realized something.

Our entire dinner was yellow. It was all I had. Then I realized that I had a grilled cheese for lunch which is ALSO YELLOW. And I only drank Sprite Zero, which is lymon, so it's technically in the yellow family. This has to be connected to the produce vortex in the kitchen. Blimey!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Rock of Love Recap

We are now down to the final three, wonk-eye-fish-lips Daisy, overtly-sexual-groupie Destiney and seemingly-normal-but-not-quite Ambre. It was parent's weekend, which unlike the classier Bachelor show, usually means that someone has mommy/daddy issues and will have some random non-family member show up because their real families don't speak to them anymore. This season it was Daisy( I wish I could show you my impression of her becuause I did it in class yesterday and judging by the laughter, IT IS GOOD), which I actually found funny since she made a point early on to make sur ethey knew she was related to Oscar de la Hoya. She left out the rest. Anyway, the parent's showed up and Daisy get's her ex-boyfriend's sister as her family memebr. Yeah, that's totally normal. They went to dinner and Bret was having some issues with that small fact and Daisy just can't understand why he won't trust her.'re a slut, you've "hung out with" other Poison band members prior to this and you live with your ex-boyfriend in a one-bedroom. I don't really see what his problem is. He's so sensitive.
Ambre's and Destiney's were pretty normal. Destiney's parents were, um, how do you say, simple folk? Around here where I live, we call them hoosiers, but I think the rest of the country calls them white trash, which I don't really feel works here because they were really nice, just um, kind of...rural. Anyway, the super sad part was that the dad was dying of cancer so Bret took them out on motorcycles and then they went and got Destiney a tattoo. She went for classy and got the Rock of Love logo on her neck. I'm sure she will NEVER regret doing that, Ever. Anyway, they seem really proud of their stripper-esque daughter so that was nice.
Ambre's dad was kind of a simple southern man but he seemed alright and there was really no drama UNTIL.....he told Bret that Ambre was actually 37! THE HORROR! They then cut to a clip of her telling Bret she was 32, which, no offense to you Ambre, was quite a stretch since she looks at least 35. Anyway, Bret was all OH MY GOD SHE LIED TO ME, which I found reeeeeeally funny because his ass is 44 and I could tell that he was more pissed that she was actually 37 and he might like someone his OWN age and less pissed that she lied about it. I mean come on, women lie about their ages. To this day I still don't know how old one of my grandmas is and that's just how she likes it. Anyway, he confronted her on the date like it was some big major secret and she got all freaked out and professed that she was falling in love with him, all in front of her dad mind you, and blahblahblah. Oh lordy. The best part of the whole thing was that Bret wanted to show the families what he does so he showed them Poison concert footage FROM ST. LOUIS! Yeah! Not really. They were all sitting there watching and Destiney starts doing this super-sexy (in her mind anyway) dance for EVERYONE, including her own parents, who seemed VERY proud of her skills. It was really awkward because everyone else was totally ignoring her and she just kept bumping and grinding her little heart out. Aww..
Back at the house, the families went home and the girls prepared for the elimination. They were all talking and Ambre confronted Destiney about her feelings for Bret and whether she was in love or not. Destiney was all "I barely know him so no, I'm not in love but I want to see where this goes," which I gotta give her props for because that's the truth. Ambre and Daisy were like "WE LOVE HIM SO MUCH," which after hearing Destiney say that made them look kind of desperate. At the elimination, Bret asked Daisy if there was anything she wanted to tell him and she proceeded to throw Destiney under a VERY fast moving bus. She told him that she wasn't in love with him and that she and Ambre were, and Bret, being the supreme dumbass that he is, was all, wait a second you don't love me after three weeks? WHASSAGOIN'ON? He ends up dumping her ass and kept false-lovers Daisy and Ambre. Whatever. They're going to Cancun next week for the big finale because nothing says love like tequila shooters and thongs.

Monday, April 7, 2008

I'll miss you my sweet laptop

Welcome back, me. I know that I routinely apologize for my crappy posting record but, as we've been over, I've been preoccupied. I have 5 weeks of school left and then I'm done. Bam, done. This brings me vast amounts of joy as I'm growing increasingly annoyed with the arsewipes I go to school with. Not all of them, but a few are GRATING on my nerves, including some instructors. They're always adding extra crap on and then complaining when you aren't finished in like 7 seconds. I am also super pissed that the person I was supposed to be mentoring hasn't been to class in at least 3 weeks so I've had to do ALL HER WORK. All of it. I took the class for the $7/hr mentoring wage and the use of my beloved Macbook Pro, not for this. I don't ever like to throw anyone under the bus but I finally got pissed enough last week when Evann was all over me to GET IT DONE and I had about 47 other things I had to do that I decided to bring this little situation to her attention. She is not happy that this person basically came in, got her laptop and split. She half-assed "designed" a logo that probably took about 5 minutes, a cocktail napkin and a chewed off pencil. The worst part is that I liked her but now I can't get past the fact that she totally screwed me so I won't miss her.

Since I just don't have enough to do, I've also decided to enter some pieces in the Student Art Show. I hate entering things because I never win and then I spend a week kicking myself around for being a loser but I still do it because I am a sucker. Well, that and the fact that they are awarding cash prizes this year. I'm entering 2 posters, a calendar and some wine labels. I'll post pictures of them when I'm finished.

I have to go draw now.

OH YEAH. I'm a bad wife and I neglected to post a happy birthday message to my sweet hubs last Thursday. We've both been ultra harried and I suck. However, he probably hasn't read this blog in a week or two so he probably didn't even notice in the first place. Happy Berfday anyway honey! I love you!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Yes, we have no bananas.

Hello. You know, I never know how to start my blog posts. Well, some of them are easier then others but when it's just some random stuff I'm yappin about, I never know how to greet you people. In writing this, I have also realized that I do this with email as well. I think 93% of the emails I send begin with "hey." That's ridiculous and boring. How about "ahoy matey?" I guess if I'm in the bathtub that would work but otherwise, not so much. Well, I don't know what to tell you. I'm probably going to continue with these openers so be prepared.

On another note, one that actually matters, we are experiencing some kind of produce vortex in our kitchen. I swear that my house has been acting funny. The bathroom light will suddenly flash really bright for like a second and I've also heard some unexplained thuds here and there. Jeff and I both heard it the other night and he blamed it on the dishwasher but the dishwasher doesn't make a thud so something freaky is going on. I hope it isn't a ghost. Even if they're friendly, I can't handle the pressure of having company all the time.

Where was I? Oh yeah, the produce vortex. I bought a bunch of bananas last week and at some point there were only two left on the little stalk thing. Well, they've been sitting on the counter and we apparently are not in the mood for bananas this week so they've been left to their own devices. They came home the same greenish-yellow color and now they look like this:

Um, what the hell? How have the ripened at such dramatically different rates? This is some Ripley's kind of shit. If my TV starts talking when it's off, I'm outta here.