Monday, September 29, 2008

I've got a case of the Mondays!

Pisces, September 29

You don't have time to sit reading zodiac forecasts today. You need to get a move on. Run a little faster. Try a little harder. Worry a little more. Relax a little less. Or rather, don't. Don't succumb to the pressure. Don't let yourself be wound up into a frenzy. Don't panic, don't overreact, don't try to control a chaotic situation. And don't fall for that old trick of having no time left. Your 'deadline' is more flexible than you think. Take all the time you want, and more. The slower you go, the more you'll get right.

Okay, now this is just freaky. Right before I read this, I was making a rather long list of all the shit I have to do in the next few weeks and realizing that I will have to give up sleeping to accomplish it all. Right now we're still on track to be ready for our travel call starting December 1, although that won't actually happen EXACTLY on that day, although we do have a bet as to whether we will have gotten the call by December 5th. I say no and Jeff says yes and what the winner gets is none of your beezwax. We bought pretty much all of IKEA this weekend. Okay, not really but we got a LOT of stuff. The van served us well during our journey. It was nicer than the last one we borrowed and it held a ton of stuff. We spent a whopping 4 1/2 hours in IKEA, which is not unusual for us. The store in Schaumburg is huge and it takes a long time to meander through the whole thing. I lost focus about 3 hours into it so we left minus a few things I had wanted. We made our Culver's stop in the way up and when we got into the place, there were about 20 ladies from the Webster University soccer team clogging up the register so our stop was longer than we had planned. We finally rolled in a little after 11PM and we were home by 10:15 on Saturday night. It was fast.

Now we just have to totally clean out all our drawers and closets, put the new furniture together, put the crap back in, rearrange our bedroom, put in our new ceiling fan, assemble and install the new vanity we bought for Max's bathroom, install his lighting, put the daybed together and install in his room, paint all the furniture going in his room, finish the art for his walls, hang the curtains, blah, blah, blah........DANG. There is so much to do but I guess my horoscope is going to do it all for me since it says don't worry and don't rush. That's awfully nice of it to do, isn't it?

Friday, September 26, 2008


There will be constructive developments, this weekend, in all areas of life that involve companionship and camaraderie. Questions of where you belong or how you fit in have contributed, lately, to a mood of disquiet. The more you question what you are doing in a situation, the more you tend to feel estranged from it, thus inadvertently giving credence to an empty fear. What you need is re-assurance. That's what you're about to get, and not just socially. Materially too, the outlook is better than you feared.

Well, thank the lord! I've had a craptastic week and this makes me feel better. Amazing how something like this can perk you right up. Okay, not really but I'm going with the notion that if I believe these to be true, they shall then BE true. I've been questioning certain things in life recently and my mood has certainly been disquiet. I had to google the word "disquiet" because I didn't know what the hell it meant and it apparently means "To deprive of peace or rest; trouble," so yes, my mood had been that. I've also had a fairly nasty viral infection in my ears and throat that sidelined me most of the week so that has made me disquiet as well. I'm going to use that word as much as possible today until it brings me disquiet. heee hee.

Jeff and I are off to Chicago tonight in a bright red Ford Windstar compliments of my dad, the car dealer. I have a freaky fetish for minivans. Not sexually you filth hounds, but something about them is oddly comforting. I don't think I could ever bring myself to own and drive one, but I love to take them on trips like this. Jeff and I have done the drive to Chicago many, many times over the last year with all our house projects and we've usually left early in the morning but I especially love driving at night. There's something so cozy about it. Traditionally we stop at Culver's in Bloomington for a delicious burger but the last few times we haven't, mostly because we were watching our diet and because we were usually in a hurry. Well screw that. Jeff's already declared that we WILL go to Culver's tonight and we WILL have a juicy burger. I love him so much. Tomorrow is going to be jam packed with shopping and then we're back home tomorrow night. I wish we could stay longer but we just have too much crap to do and we can't waste any time. We got our "legals" on Wednesday which are all of our documents from Korea that will allow them to issue his visa and passport, so this thing is moving right along. I think. Either way we have to be ready in a mere 9 weeks (holy shit) so no dilly dallying.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

pondering on company time

PISCES, September 23, 2008

Limited? Restricted? Confined? Constrained? There is, of course, a credit crunch going on. And the Large Hadron Collider has temporarily stopped working, which may be slowing the universe down a little too. And then, of course, there's all the usual turmoil which you tend to find yourself experiencing around this time of year. But you're not stuck and even if they are limited, you do have choices. And some of these are surprisingly attractive. Stop seeing reasons to stay stuck in a rut. Be bold. Move on.

Hmmmm....this is a good one. Over the weekend we made some pretty major progress on our house. Kimchi's bedroom is painted. Jeff finally installed some of our lighting and we made a list for our trip to IKEA this weekend that includes new bedroom furniture. For us, not him. He gets our old stuff. Sorry kid. Anyway, I decided to spend a good deal of time cleaning out closets and old boxes of clothes. Normally when I do this, I drag all this crap out, try stuff on and declare that it's all cute and what the hell is my problem that I haven't' worn it. Then it goes into my drawers and closet where it continues to sit, unworn, until I do this again. Well, I decided that I was done with that. I'm not sure what's going on in the squidgy mass of my brain, but I've been feeling very self-discovery-ish lately and I'm trying to make strides in my life to become who I want to be. Sadly, I found inspiration for this in an American Express commercial with Diane Von Furstenburg. I love her for her wrap dress that I covet but sadly do not have the proper shape to wear and NO, not everyone looks good in a wrap dress contrary to popular belief, but I also love her for this quote:

"I didn't really know what I wanted to do, but I knew the woman I wanted to become."

This is my new mantra. Well, it's my only mantra but whatevs. I relate a lot of my life through clothing. I love clothes. I always have and most of my childhood memories involve what I was wearing or wanted to wear. In fact, my first childhood aspiration was to become a very famous fashion designer. Clearly, that worked out well. Anyway, I decided that step one of this process of change was for me to rid myself of the old, and in this case, it was old clothes. I was brutal. If I hadn't worn it in the last 6 months, it was gone. The only exceptions I made were for coats and special occasion stuff but even those were done under major scrutiny. I know they're only clothes, but they represent a phase in my life that I'm ready to move away from and it opens the door for me to incorporate new things that reflect who I want to be (in my head, anyway). It's a very liberating feeling to remove all the excess from your life. Normally I feel sad to let go of things that hold any kind of memories, hence the clutter in my house, but I don't feel that way anymore. It's just stuff. The memories are in my head. Maybe it's because we're gearing up to become parents that I feel this way but it's good. I've just decided that I'm not going to harbor any more shit that doesn't make my life better or happier. Clothes, people, general crap....why keep around the stuff that makes it harder, you know? I don't know. This all probably makes more sense with a delicious glass of white Lambrusco.

See, with all this philosophizing, I just saved you the time it would have taken to watch Oprah. You're welcome.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Everybody's workin' for the weekend, I'm workin' for the man

Yowza, I can't believe it's Friday already. Thank the freaking LORD. We've had stuff pretty much every night this week and I feel all discombobulated. We've had good and bad news on the baby front. Little Kimchi had to have surgery a couple weeks ago, nothing horrible, but surgery is surgery and the fact that he's there and we're here is brutal. On the good side, we finally got our fingerprint approval so our paperwork can finally move forward. Honestly I'm not really sure what is next because there are so many forms to fill out and get processed and I don't know what most of them do. I just fill it out and sign. I may be buying a boat and not know it. We're planning on being ready on December 1, so it's on. It's totally on. We're going to finish painting the room this weekend and next weekend we're trekking up to Chicago to visit my own personal mecca, IKEA. I've been toting a crib around in my car all week, which I'm sure is great for fuel efficiency, so that comes out tonight and we're going to assemble it on Sunday. I think once the crib is there I will freak out.

Tonight is cake night. My brother in law's birthday was Tuesday so I'm making him a car. Well, actually I'm making his car. I hope he isn't reading this because if so, SURPRISE BROTHER! Check back this weekend for pics.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

ramblings of meaningless fluff

On Sunday, after I got home from the shower, I collapsed into a pile of goo on the couch. My shoulders were killing me from kneading all that fondant and I had lost all motivation to do anything except watch TV. Thankfully for me, there was a Bridezillas marathon on WE, Television For When You Get Your Period. Just kidding. Not really. Who the hell are these Bridezillas and why on earth would anyone marry one of them?? They are just awful but I can't stop watching. I'm waiting for the episode where the bridesmaid either hauls off and knocks one out or the guy takes off for someone who isn't batshit crazy. If only.

Anyway, they replay the same commercials over and over and I kept seeing a commercial for a show called Amazing Wedding Cakes, which I'm pretty sure my mom had told me about at some point but as most things do, it went in one ear and out the other. Well, I put it on the Tivo and we watched it last night. It's more interesting to me than Ace of Cakes is because it's three different cake shops, one in NYC, one in Chicago and one in LA, so you get three totally different perspectives. The ladies from Chicago are my favorite because they seem like people I would hang out with and they did a stand up guitar that was totally KICK ASS. The LA ladies were extremely annoying and kind of bitchy and the NYC chicks were cool but also kind of boring, except for when they had to deliver a cake in a cab. Delivering a cake is NEVER fun. It's the absolute worst part of the job and I was very thankful to hear every one of them echo that sentiment. It's nerve wracking and there is just no way to know if things will stay put. Anyhoo, all this stuff has really made me think hard about trying to really open my own shop. I have been suffering some creative block recently, which is just AWESOME when your job requires you to be creative, and Liz has decided that it's because my brain is so jacked up on cakes right now that it doesn't want to do anything else. I have to agree because she is very wise and because my brain malfunctions regularly. Well brain, you're in luck because these chicks have inspired me and I'm going to really try and focus on getting this cake thing going as a proper side bizness. Uh oh.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cake Alert!

Greetings fellow earthlings. Check out The Atomic Cake Co. for some super sweet cakes from the weekend. Get it, super sweet?? Because it's cake.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Quit bugging me.

Jeff and I went to the baseball game last night with LM and KD. We had a great time despite an annoying semi-rain that persisted through most of the night. It wasn't really getting us wet, it was more like sitting in a mister for 3 hours. My hair did not thank me and is angry and in a ponytail today. Anyway, we got home kinda late and I was tired and we were trying to get the dogs situated so we could go to bed and while I was standing in the kitchen, I heard an awful noise above my head. Let me preface by saying that we have a GIGANTIC light fixture in our kitchen. Jeff got it from work and it looks like a flying saucer is trying to touch down and we can light the neighborhood with it. Well, this light fixture is like a giant beacon to all bugs of the world to come on in,which is not cool because I am not bug-friendly. AT ALL. Well, this noise was loud and sounded like one of those static balls, all ZZZZZZTTT and unfortunately I knew exactly what it was. I ran out of the kitchen yelling to Jeff, "CICADA!!! CICADA IN THE LIGHT..GET IT!!!" I looked at the bowl of the light (from a safe distance) and could actually see the freaking thing because it was the size of a sparrow. It was trying to fly out, presumably so it could fly out and directly into my hair, and kept buzzing and bouncing around the fixture. I have a long standing hatred of the cicada. When I lived in my apartment, there was one in the hall and when I stumbled home one night (or morning. Don't judge), it totally attacked me as I struggled to get my door open. Another time I was lying in bed in said apartment and felt something on my leg and could make it out by the light of the TV, which of course forced me to jump up hysterically so it flew into my closet so I spent an agonizing 45 minuted trying to get it out because it kept buzzing around and those little assholes are LOUD. In our present home, I have been trapped in the screened in porch by one that would not remove itself from the door handle and I was forced to call Liz and have her call Jeff inside the house to ask him to come out and rescue me because he was deaf to my cries for help. As you can tell, I'm not so much the outdoorsy type.
Back to last night. Jeff agreed it was a freakishly large bug and he decided that he was going to let it die in in the light and he would get it out later. Super. Well guess what? It didn't die in the light fixture. I went to the kitchen to make coffee and of course I had forgotten all about it UNTIL I was accosted by the awful buzzing, which made me jump outta my pants and run to the bedroom. The best part was that Jeff was gone already so I ether had to avoid the kitchen (not an option) or arm myself in case it escaped. It managed to crawl to the rim of the fixture and when it tried to fly off (straight for my hair) it just tumbled back down into the bowl, where it proceeded to fly around inside the bowl frantically for the next few minutes, which totally freaked me out and made me late because I had to force myself to be brave and go into the kitchen to get my lunch but I kept running out when it would make noise. I have a horrible fear that I'm going to get home it's either going to be waiting for me to pounce on or else I'll see it's remnants after the dog eats it. Yeah, she'll probably eat it and that's totally gross but I will secretly be happy that it's dead.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


After being confronted with almost-naked man this morning, I walked into work to see this lovely horoscope waiting for me:


You already have a lot to be thankful for. Soon, you will have even more. You will, of course, continue to have many reasons to feel disgruntled or uncomfortable. Problems are not about to disappear. Problems, though, always seem worse when there is little hope on the horizon. Rain always looks nicer when the sun shines through it. Here comes a source of light and inspiration; a bright idea, a hopeful piece of news. It is even possible that you may soon encounter a warm gesture of sincere support.

That's nothing but goodness, right? I'm totally going to believe it so it's true.

Keep it in your pants, sir.

We live in a very "colorful" neighborhood, which some days is nice and other days not so much. We have some really great neighbors that we are friends with and some that I would like to see hauled away RIGHT NOW. Well, this morning, as I sat waiting at a stoplight, I noticed one my more unsavory neighbors standing around the bus stop. We'll call him Brokeass neighbor. My first thought was, why is he at the bus stop because he accosts us to mow our lawns for five bucks to buy beer so certainly he has no bus fare. Then I noticed he was watching something down in the Walgreens parking lot, not waiting for the bus. As I moved up in traffic, I saw what he saw. There were two cop cars in the parking lot, both of them with their respective cop out of the car and walking toward someone. This "someone" appeared to be one of the skeevy people that frequent the front lawn white trash parties that Brokeass throws pretty much every night. They have a backyard but why use it when you can spread your glory in the front for the world to enjoy, right? Anyway, as I'm watching the cops approach this guy, he starts taking off his clothes and piling them up on one of the posts that hold up the Walgreens sign. I am not kidding. This was some authentic "Cops"-style shit going down. He was quickly down to his boxer shorts so I rolled down my window to get the audio and can hear the cops telling him to stop taking his clothes off and to calm down. The dude is now flailing his arms around and yelling to the cars "DO YOU SEE THIS?" "I AIN'T GOT NOTHING ON ME!" Of course not, silly, you've taken all your clothes off. At this point he is walking around in circles and the cops are approaching him very carefully like he's made of fire and then he starts to pull down the waistband of his underwear far enough to show the world his hair farm, and I'm like "Jesus, it is too goddamn early for me to have to witness this man's penis." I can hear the cops telling him that he's going to be arrested if he pulls them down anymore and they start to close in on him so he pulls them down just a bit more, like a child would to test you, and then starts to take off down the street yelling "THEY GOT NOTHING ON ME. I'M NOT EVEN NAKED YET!" By this point traffic had moved enough that I finally had to pull away from the scene but I could see him still walking down the street yelling at the cars. livin'.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Restaurant Review - Kitaro Bistro of Japan

Kitaro Bistro of Japan
4551 Highway KO'Fallon, MO 63368

We went to Kitaro on a picture taking mission for my work. We did the seating for the place and wanted to see how it turned out. The outdoor facade is spectacular to pull up to, considering the place anchors a stripmall in the burbiest of suburbs. It's all glass and steel with ever changing colored lights washing the front. It definitely makes a statement that the Maggie Moo's next door does not. The interior was nice, with sleek black booths, light woods and a large sushi bar topped with some fantastic architectural beams and cables elements. The space felt very large from the high ceilings and all the glass. There was a good amount of wood to keep things more organic. The restaurant also offers hibachi service, but we opted for regular dining room seating. First off, the service was mediocre. The restaurant was not full and we still waited quite a while for our drinks. Service is lacking at most restaurants these days so I shouldn't be surprised. Everyone but me decided to order sushi and a small appetizer as their meal while I chose an actual entree. Jeff chose the tenderloin wrapped asparagus, which was delicious although a bit meager. My sister ordered fried gyoza, which I am a huge fan of thanks to Trader Joe's, and they were also delicious. I usually get mine steamed but the frying added a nice texture to the soft pork filling. My brother-in-law got the seaweed salad, which is actually not listed on the menu but available nonetheless. Everyone agreed the apps were very good, but nothing extraordinary.
The sushi arrived in a giant wooden boat, which was hilarious to me for some reason. Every time someone would move it to get a piece, I would make that hee-YAW noise that tugboats make. It got old quickly, I assure you. We had a mix of tuna, sea bass and squid maki, all of which were fresh tasting. They also ordered a shrimp tempura roll, a spicy crab and one native to the restaurant that had a chicken tender as the filling. The shrimp was standard but good and the chicken roll was actually very good. It was not overpowered by the chicken, which brought a delicious yet unusual element of meaty crunch. The main disappointment was the fact that the crab was artificial, which is only acceptable if your sushi is coming from the grocery store, not from a self professed Japanese bistro. My entree was miso baked monk fish with scallops tempura and a citrus butter sauce. The fish was very good except that the texture was more like mahi mahi and not monk fish. The miso coating was very strong and overpowered the citrus sauce, but the dish was still very tasty. I could have done without the scallops because they lacked in flavor other than the fried taste of the tempura batter.
I would go back to try a few other entrees as the majority of them sounded absolutely delicious. On a scale of 1-5, I'll give it a 3.5. I was happy with my meal for the most part but there were definitely areas open for improvement.

Restaurant Review - Amigos

I'm starting a new feature here at Kimchi HQ called Restaurant Reviews. I searched for days for that title so hands off. These reviews are the personal opinion of myself and possibly Jeff. I'm no hardcore foodie so my standards might be lower than your's so be warned. On with the show......

120 W. Jefferson Ave, Kirkwood, Mo, 63122

First off, this place looks really inviting from the outside. It's located in a strip of businesses, but what makes it stand out are the hundreds of brightly painted wood shingles that cover every bit of the exterior facade. I would have tried the place based on that alone. I know, I'm easy. Inside is a fairly non-cheesy example of how to do a mexican restaurant well. Nice distressed wood booths, color-washed walls in non jarring colors and a really nice addition of rough hewn overhead beams that lend a rustic feel. We started with chips and salsa, which in my opinion is one of the main reasons to actually go at eat there instead of carry-out and a good precursor to how good the food will be. That being said, the chips were... okay. I doubt they were homemade, but that didn't stop me from eating an entire basket myself. The salsa was very fresh tasting and had a nice kick without making my eyes water. I generally prefer a cooked, smooth salsa, but this chunky variety was delicious. Slightly heavy on the cilantro, but that's my own cross to bear. We also opted to try a margarita, even though it was only 11:45am. Hey, it was Saturday! The marg was awesome! Strong but smooth with a nice tangy finish. We shared a regular, which was good because had we both had one on an empty stomach, we would have had to call a cab. We are cheap dates. We stuck with guacamole as an appetizer, although I'm looking forward to going back to sample some of their other offerings. The guacamole was honestly some of the best I've ever had. My beef with most guacs is that they just lack any kind of punch and you're basically left with a bland scoop of mashed avocado with a teeny squirt of lime juice. This guac was extremely flavorful, almost to the point that if you used it as a condiment, it might just overpower the food. With chips though, it was outstanding. Oniony, limey and just enough fresh herb to elevate it beyond your average dip.
For our entrees, I opted for the taco combo, which normally comes with one ribeye taco, one carnita taco and one fish taco with your choice of hard or soft shell. When I asked the waiter if I could substitute another carnita for the ribeye, he "had to check with the chef" and returned to inform me that the chef was in a good mood so yes, they would substitute. This leads me to think that substituting isn't something they normally do so be warned. I personally don't get that since I'm eating it and paying for it but whatever. I also opted for soft shell and was pleasantly surprised to see a soft corn tortilla instead of the usual flour. The carnitas taco was very flavorful, with the meat flavor taking center stage. It tasted porkier and more grilled than I'm used to with carnitas, which was not a bad thing. The taco suffered somewhat from cilantro overload, which again is my personal issue with cilantro and if you enjoy it, you would enjoy this taco. A nice fresh pico, lettuce and queso fresco rounded it out. While I enjoyed the carnitas, I REALLY liked the fish taco. It was done in the Baja style, which is my favorite and was simply a piece of breaded tilapia, shredded napa cabbage, queso fresco and a dollop of tangy lime yogurt sauce. It was outstanding. I've made this at home many times but the lime sauce was worth going back for. The side was some sort of potato medley, which I could have done without. I would have preferred rice and beans.

Jeff chose the carnitas quesadilla as his meal, which was chock full of meat and cheese, just the way he likes it. The tortilla was grilled perfectly, giving you a nice crunch to contrast the warm, gooey center. It was served with the usual pico and sour cream, the latter of which I stole for my tacos. Considering we had now gone through almost three baskets of chips (crikey!), we were too full for dessert but rest assured we'll try on our next visit.

weekend wrap-up

Oh hello. Well, it's Monday again. Nothing too exciting about that. We had a pretty good weekend. Friday night was cake night, which was actually nice because I love Friday, especially when I have nothing to do but be at home with a nice beverage and perhaps a pizza. Friday is so nice because it's full of potential. I don't have to worry about work and I have two full days to procrastinate stuff. That's good stuff. Jeff and I ran errands after delivering our cake on Saturday and ended up eating lunch at a new Mexican place called Amigos in Kirkwood (if you don't live here, don't worry about where Kirkwood is or if you absolutely must know, ask google.)Anyways, I was inspired by my friend Andrew, who has a great food blog at, to start offering up restaurant reviews when we go someplace new. I feel like it's my own public service to you people so you're welcome. Following this post, I'll be reviewing both Amigos and Kitaro Bistro of Japan, which is where we went for dinner. Dinner was research because the company I work for did the seating and I went on a picture taking mission for our new brochure. Part of my mission, apparently was also to eat miso crusted monk fish, which I also accomplished. Well done, me.

On Sunday, we went to the Schlafly Art Fair to see my friend Janice Wallace and her awesome art ( along with a bunch of other cool stuff. I dropped Jeff at work (what a dedicated employee he is, going to work on Sunday) and headed to the mall. I've been a bit clothes crazy recently. Fall clothes are the best and I'm coveting so many things it's making my brain dizzy. I bought a pair of super high brown croc platform slides that would be total stripper shoes in a different material. I am so tall in them and it's awesome. I have BAD feet and I have a hard time wearing anything cute or high heeled and since I'm only 5 feet tall, I live my life in permanent stumpiness but now I can tower over people. Well, I can tower over small children, but I take what I get.

Cake Alert!

Hey kids, take a stroll over to and check out my latest creation. It's pinktastic!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dear Sirs

Here's the deal. We try to keep things here at Kimchi Central nice and Swiss-like regarding things like politics and religion. However. I have decided to step on my soapbox and spew forth the following. If you don't agree that's fine, we can still be friends. I'm worried for my country because things are SO divided now that people can't be friends anymore if they don't agree on everything and that's just not right. That being said.......

An open letter to the people that make John McCain do things:

Here's the deal Mr. McCain. I am a woman and I would have voted for Hillary Clinton had she gotten the nomination. Why? Because I believed in her policies. Instead, I'm voting for Obama. Do you want to know why again? Because I believe in his policies. Was I excited about the prospect of a woman being president? Hell yes. Women are still discriminated against every day and when we have the audacity to fight for our rights, we are labeled as bitches. When men fight for their rights, they are called pioneers. Anyway, yes, I was excited to see a woman in the highest power in our land. However, your party seems to think that all they need to do to sway Hillary voters that aren't as keen to back Obama as I am, is to throw them another vagina and then they'll stop their bitchin' and join your side. Well, I hate to tell you this but it doesn't work that way. You chose this woman to pander to the conservatives that don't trust you are conservative enough for their hardcore tastes and yet you tout her as Hillary's replacement to us. Tell me how Palin, who fights HARD to restrict the rights woman have to their own bodies, prays at her church for the soldiers in Iraq to continue to fight "God's war," and lives the ultimate hypocrisy by preaching abstinence only education, cutting funding to organizations that help pregnant woman and advocating stricter birth control access even though her own 17 yr old daughter has turned up pregnant, is a replacement for someone who preaches ending the war, woman's rights and universal health care. That doesn't jive, Mr. McCain. Do you think we're stupid? That all it takes is a perky soccer mom to bring us running? That suddenly we'll be okay with HER policies because after all, she's a woman? FAIL. This woman preaches pro-life yet she is pro-death penalty and pro-war, which last time I checked, causes an awful lot of deaths so Mrs. Palin, why is the life of an unborn child so much more important than the life of a young soldier or a person who may have been wrongly accused? That puzzles me. You also ask for privacy for your daughter. I get that. She's young and this has thrown her into an international spotlight that she didn't ask for. But you did. You knew that by throwing your hat in the ring you and your family would be subject to severe public scrutiny, especially in this day and age, and quite frankly, it should be that way. I've been cut open and had every facet of my life probed just to adopt a baby. You want to be vice-president and suddenly you want privacy? Sorry but that's rich coming from someone who has no problem telling me what I can and can't do with my own PRIVATE body but when you get in a pickle, it's back off time. No way, lady. I'm not even going to get started on the fact that she has governed more reindeer than people and has a hatred of the polar bear. The polar bear? Really? Oh yeah, there's also that pesky trooper scandal, the bridge to nowhere and the fact that your husband allegedly belonged to a group that wants Alaska to secede from the rest of the US. Oh yeah, you also fired member of your city council in Alaska because they didn't agree with you, allowed the Republicans to advertise for your (supposedly)non-partisan mayoral position and even mentioned banning books in the library. No, we'll wait on those.

So, to you McCain I say well done. You have effectively shown that you are a blundering boob and I hope and pray (yes conservatives, I do pray. Liberals can also believe in god but our's tends to be less vengeful and angry than your's) that this country sees you for what you are and elects someone else.


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

It might as well be Monday morning

Well, I finally got my act together and is officially up and running. Sadly for you, it's the same stuff that I had on here only condensed into one place so don't get too excited. I have a shower cake this weekend and I have two cakes next weekend, so there'll be plenty of new content to keep you people off my back.

You know, it seems like just yesterday it was Friday afternoon and I was in the car driving home rejoicing over our three day weekend and yet here it is, Tuesday morning and I'm back at work like nothing ever happened. It seems like our weekends go by so dang fast that I don't even have time to complain about being bored let alone actually BE bored. This weekend was chock full of family barbecues, which are as exciting as they sound, and painting. We finally started Kimchi's bedroom yesterday and my friend Sara was SO KIND as to come and help me paint. I decided to return the aubergine ceiling back to it's original white and we have about half of the wall paint on. I should be able to finish it in the next couple of weeks. Sara made some great suggestions and she knows my style pretty well so I'm really excited to see how it all comes together. Sometime the pretty pictures in my head don't exactly translate quite the same in application but whatever. I'm not so much into all that baby crap so he's getting a stylish and modern bedroom with some fun stuff thrown in for good measure. I have to laugh at the reaction I get when I tell people the baby's room is black, white and gray. Yikes. You would think I was decorating the room with dead bodies or something.