Friday, September 26, 2008


There will be constructive developments, this weekend, in all areas of life that involve companionship and camaraderie. Questions of where you belong or how you fit in have contributed, lately, to a mood of disquiet. The more you question what you are doing in a situation, the more you tend to feel estranged from it, thus inadvertently giving credence to an empty fear. What you need is re-assurance. That's what you're about to get, and not just socially. Materially too, the outlook is better than you feared.

Well, thank the lord! I've had a craptastic week and this makes me feel better. Amazing how something like this can perk you right up. Okay, not really but I'm going with the notion that if I believe these to be true, they shall then BE true. I've been questioning certain things in life recently and my mood has certainly been disquiet. I had to google the word "disquiet" because I didn't know what the hell it meant and it apparently means "To deprive of peace or rest; trouble," so yes, my mood had been that. I've also had a fairly nasty viral infection in my ears and throat that sidelined me most of the week so that has made me disquiet as well. I'm going to use that word as much as possible today until it brings me disquiet. heee hee.

Jeff and I are off to Chicago tonight in a bright red Ford Windstar compliments of my dad, the car dealer. I have a freaky fetish for minivans. Not sexually you filth hounds, but something about them is oddly comforting. I don't think I could ever bring myself to own and drive one, but I love to take them on trips like this. Jeff and I have done the drive to Chicago many, many times over the last year with all our house projects and we've usually left early in the morning but I especially love driving at night. There's something so cozy about it. Traditionally we stop at Culver's in Bloomington for a delicious burger but the last few times we haven't, mostly because we were watching our diet and because we were usually in a hurry. Well screw that. Jeff's already declared that we WILL go to Culver's tonight and we WILL have a juicy burger. I love him so much. Tomorrow is going to be jam packed with shopping and then we're back home tomorrow night. I wish we could stay longer but we just have too much crap to do and we can't waste any time. We got our "legals" on Wednesday which are all of our documents from Korea that will allow them to issue his visa and passport, so this thing is moving right along. I think. Either way we have to be ready in a mere 9 weeks (holy shit) so no dilly dallying.

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Gwen said...

IKEA, here they come! Have a safe trip and enjoy the disquiet out of that burger.