Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dear Sirs

Here's the deal. We try to keep things here at Kimchi Central nice and Swiss-like regarding things like politics and religion. However. I have decided to step on my soapbox and spew forth the following. If you don't agree that's fine, we can still be friends. I'm worried for my country because things are SO divided now that people can't be friends anymore if they don't agree on everything and that's just not right. That being said.......

An open letter to the people that make John McCain do things:

Here's the deal Mr. McCain. I am a woman and I would have voted for Hillary Clinton had she gotten the nomination. Why? Because I believed in her policies. Instead, I'm voting for Obama. Do you want to know why again? Because I believe in his policies. Was I excited about the prospect of a woman being president? Hell yes. Women are still discriminated against every day and when we have the audacity to fight for our rights, we are labeled as bitches. When men fight for their rights, they are called pioneers. Anyway, yes, I was excited to see a woman in the highest power in our land. However, your party seems to think that all they need to do to sway Hillary voters that aren't as keen to back Obama as I am, is to throw them another vagina and then they'll stop their bitchin' and join your side. Well, I hate to tell you this but it doesn't work that way. You chose this woman to pander to the conservatives that don't trust you are conservative enough for their hardcore tastes and yet you tout her as Hillary's replacement to us. Tell me how Palin, who fights HARD to restrict the rights woman have to their own bodies, prays at her church for the soldiers in Iraq to continue to fight "God's war," and lives the ultimate hypocrisy by preaching abstinence only education, cutting funding to organizations that help pregnant woman and advocating stricter birth control access even though her own 17 yr old daughter has turned up pregnant, is a replacement for someone who preaches ending the war, woman's rights and universal health care. That doesn't jive, Mr. McCain. Do you think we're stupid? That all it takes is a perky soccer mom to bring us running? That suddenly we'll be okay with HER policies because after all, she's a woman? FAIL. This woman preaches pro-life yet she is pro-death penalty and pro-war, which last time I checked, causes an awful lot of deaths so Mrs. Palin, why is the life of an unborn child so much more important than the life of a young soldier or a person who may have been wrongly accused? That puzzles me. You also ask for privacy for your daughter. I get that. She's young and this has thrown her into an international spotlight that she didn't ask for. But you did. You knew that by throwing your hat in the ring you and your family would be subject to severe public scrutiny, especially in this day and age, and quite frankly, it should be that way. I've been cut open and had every facet of my life probed just to adopt a baby. You want to be vice-president and suddenly you want privacy? Sorry but that's rich coming from someone who has no problem telling me what I can and can't do with my own PRIVATE body but when you get in a pickle, it's back off time. No way, lady. I'm not even going to get started on the fact that she has governed more reindeer than people and has a hatred of the polar bear. The polar bear? Really? Oh yeah, there's also that pesky trooper scandal, the bridge to nowhere and the fact that your husband allegedly belonged to a group that wants Alaska to secede from the rest of the US. Oh yeah, you also fired member of your city council in Alaska because they didn't agree with you, allowed the Republicans to advertise for your (supposedly)non-partisan mayoral position and even mentioned banning books in the library. No, we'll wait on those.

So, to you McCain I say well done. You have effectively shown that you are a blundering boob and I hope and pray (yes conservatives, I do pray. Liberals can also believe in god but our's tends to be less vengeful and angry than your's) that this country sees you for what you are and elects someone else.



Gwen said...

I totally agree - she's a smokescreen and they are fools if they think we'll fall for it. Altho, sadly, some already have.

Allie said...

Fantastic post! And I couldn't agree more.