Monday, August 24, 2009

Haircut 100

So, it was a big day here at Kimchi HQ. Today was the day I finally relented and got Max his first real haircut. He was really working his long hair but I got tired of people asking me how old my little Chinese daughter was and he is a sweater and his hair was usually sweaty within minutes of going outside so I thought it might be cooler. My sister's longtime hairdresser Denise did the job and she was so kind as to come here to do it. We thought he might be more comfortable at home. We had a plan to start clipping in small doses to get him used to it and to see how long he would allow this to happen to him before going totally apeshit. He lasted MUCH longer than we thought, helped along by a bottle and lots of singing and dancing (me, not him). My sister was here to help and we kept him occupied long enough for her to cut a cute little fauxhawk. He looks so different with all that hair gone!! Here's a before:

My shaggy little hippie. So cute.

Here's the new Max:

He's totally giving you Blue Steel here. He is hypnotizing you. Don't try to fight it.

Here's a top view. So cute.

Here's how the cutting went down. Like I said, he was pretty good.
That's a lot of hair for such a little boy. Good grief. I'm still sweeping up hair. So that's out of the way so people can stop asking me when I'm going to cut his hair.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cake Alert

Go see my cake, please.

I don't know why the linky thing still isn't working. Sorry to make you cut and paste.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up

So, the sickness is finally gone and order has been restored to Max's intestinal track. This is good. He was not thrilled with the bland diet the doctor put him on and made it KNOWN. Now he's back to eating everything in sight. I swear, this kid can put it away. Maybe he's training for sumo. I guess he needs all the fuel so that he can continue to run me ragged. Well played.

We did some outdoor stuff this weekend. Awesome. You know, I wish I liked nature and outdoor stuff more. Maybe if I lived somewhere cooler, LIKE HAWAII, I would want to go outside more. Jeff likes to hike and all that crap and while I'll do it on occasion, I never wake up and go "hmm, maybe I'll go hiking today!" Jeff and I went to this place in Illinois called Starved Rock State Park a few years ago and they had cabins and a main building with food and stuff, much like Dirty Dancing, and I was excited to go because it was supposed to have waterfalls and stuff. Anyway, on the first day, Jeff was like "let's go hiking!" and I was like "okay?" and then about an hour into it, I realized that hiking was just another word for walking, you just did it in the woods with bugs and stuff. Needless to say, about halfway through I was ready to be DONE and spent the rest of the time just trying to get back to the cabin. I just don't get it. It's not so much that I'm lazy, which I am, it's just that I don't find it as riveting and exciting as he does. I'll walk for hours in a city but in the woods, not so much. Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, we went swimming with Jeff's dad, his brother and his girlfriend and some assorted cousins, which I WILL wake up and want to do so that was fun, and Max had a good time throwing the ball and splashing everyone. After a nap, we went to my sister's house to take her the cake I made them and to generally hang out. Auntie Laura is Max's favorite person on planet Earth because she accommodates all his whims like a good aunt should. First, she bought him a Thomas the Train water bottle, which he swigs from like a bottle of Jack. You can even see the drips on his chin here. SLOW DOWN, MATE. She also lets him sit at the computer, which he isn't allowed to do here because that's mommy's worky time, and she has a fake keyboard for him so he thinks he's really doing it. He LOVES the computer (insert Asian stereotype here) but it keeps him occupied so I can read US Weekly so I don't mind.

He gets really into it. I think he's explaining why the printer won't work. I keed, I keed.

In case you didn't see the cake on the other site, this is what I made them.
Everything is either fondant or cake. Even the surfboards, which I imagine my brother ate already. He will probably eat all the fondant stuff before the cake.

This is the rear view because I wanted to show the grass skirt. Makes you wanna hula, no?

On Sunday, Jeff and his dad and his girlfriend took Max on a bike ride through Forest Park. Again, these people with their nature. Sheesh. I declined this time because I'm swamped at work and could have used a few hours of quiet time. Well, that and the lazy thing again. After they rode, Jeff stayed at a little park near there called Turtle Park. In case you were wondering about the origin of the name, here you go.
He looks like he's 6" tall right there. He's liliputian. That's one big ass turtle.

This cracks me up because he's all "whatever lady, this turtle is no match for me." He's also flipping you the bird.

He looks like he's either telling a fish story or measuring for curtains.


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cake Alert

So, I have a notebook devoted just to cake designs that I think about. Sometimes I see a pattern or some kind of weird object and then I make a cake out of it. Some of them become real live cakes, but most of them will not because who wants a birdhouse cake, you know? Anyway, I had sketched a cake that paid tribute to my most favorite place, Hawaii and wanted to make it really, really badly. However, no one asked for a Hawaiian cake, so I decided to make it anyway and give it to my sister and brother in law for their 15th wedding anniversary. It might be my favorite cake ever.

Hmm...this has me thinking. Maybe I'll start offering a Surprise Cake. You would have no idea what the theme was until you got it. Let's make this happen, people.

Monday, August 10, 2009


So, as you can probably tell by the lack of posts here, it's been kinda busy at Kimchi HQ. Work has been busy and pretty much occupying all my time that isn't being occupied by things like feeding a toddler, running after a toddler, reasoning with a screaming toddler, cleaning up poop (I'll get back to that in a sec) and showering. We did manage to break away and join Uncle Jeff and Auntie Laura at the Magic House. It was pretty fun but it was crawling with kids (IMAGINE THAT!) and most of them had not learned this magical thing called manners so I spent a lot of time giving 6 year olds the mom stink-eye. Seriously. What is the deal. This one girl, who was old enough to know better, walked right up while Max was playing with a doorbell display (yes, a doorbell display, which was next to the wall of light switches from which he could not be torn away), squeezed into the 6 inches between us and batted his hand away so she could do it. She said not a word and when her mother appeared, she looked at me like I should have thrust my child away to make way for her precious little princess snowflake. Max just looked up at me like "WTF?" and I said (loudly) "come on honey, this girl is rude and needs to learn to say excuse me." Her mother was not amused but she can suck it because I was on him like white on rice and she was more interested in her blackberry conversation than her kid. Overall he had fun, although he's still a bit wee for all the exhibits. Here are some pics from the day:

They have a section about the US government, complete with a courtroom and Oval Office. Here is His Honor. He is wearing the world's smallest judge's robe. Or graduation gown. You decide.
Here is President Max making a very important decision. He was cracking up the whole room.
They also have a section with different forms of communication and of course, he was on the phone again. This kid and the phone. They are in love.I love how irritated he looks that we took his picture. He is clearly busy talking to no one.

Here we have the obligatory Static Ball Photo. He didn't know what to think but his hair was VERY EXCITED TO BE THERE.
You can't tell but he was looking at me like I was insane. He is probably correct.

Aside from our trip there, we have been sticking close to home. We went out to celebrate Grandma Jan and Grandpa John's birthday(s), during which he grabbed the waitress's boobs like the gentleman he is. We've also had a few playdates here and there, one with a new Korean friend we met at the park and one with our old bud Louie, but honestly he's spent more time in his playpen than outside so I'm a shoo in for the Mother of the Year award. To round it all out, he now has a stomach virus so we've had explosive diarrhea for two days, along with a complete aversion to sleep. Again. It's been loads of fun. And I do mean LOADS.

Cake Alert

So, I've been MIA here lately but I do have a cake picture for you. I'll try to post more stuff later on. Anyway, go look at my cake picture so it doesn't feel lonely.

(I don't know why the hyperlink isn't working)