Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cake Alert

So, I have a notebook devoted just to cake designs that I think about. Sometimes I see a pattern or some kind of weird object and then I make a cake out of it. Some of them become real live cakes, but most of them will not because who wants a birdhouse cake, you know? Anyway, I had sketched a cake that paid tribute to my most favorite place, Hawaii and wanted to make it really, really badly. However, no one asked for a Hawaiian cake, so I decided to make it anyway and give it to my sister and brother in law for their 15th wedding anniversary. It might be my favorite cake ever.

Hmm...this has me thinking. Maybe I'll start offering a Surprise Cake. You would have no idea what the theme was until you got it. Let's make this happen, people.

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Allie said...

Surprise cake! I love it!

When I was in Reykjavik years ago, I went to a "surprise movie." Basically, it's cheaper, but you don't know what the movie is until it starts. Something about the surprise made it fun, even though I got stuck watching Big Momma's House in English with Icelandic subtitles. . .