Monday, August 24, 2009

Haircut 100

So, it was a big day here at Kimchi HQ. Today was the day I finally relented and got Max his first real haircut. He was really working his long hair but I got tired of people asking me how old my little Chinese daughter was and he is a sweater and his hair was usually sweaty within minutes of going outside so I thought it might be cooler. My sister's longtime hairdresser Denise did the job and she was so kind as to come here to do it. We thought he might be more comfortable at home. We had a plan to start clipping in small doses to get him used to it and to see how long he would allow this to happen to him before going totally apeshit. He lasted MUCH longer than we thought, helped along by a bottle and lots of singing and dancing (me, not him). My sister was here to help and we kept him occupied long enough for her to cut a cute little fauxhawk. He looks so different with all that hair gone!! Here's a before:

My shaggy little hippie. So cute.

Here's the new Max:

He's totally giving you Blue Steel here. He is hypnotizing you. Don't try to fight it.

Here's a top view. So cute.

Here's how the cutting went down. Like I said, he was pretty good.
That's a lot of hair for such a little boy. Good grief. I'm still sweeping up hair. So that's out of the way so people can stop asking me when I'm going to cut his hair.


Allie said...

Wow! He does look very different - but just as cute! So adorable!

SJPP said...

Awesome haircut Max!! I love it!

LM said...


Connie said...

OMG!! Max, you are a TOTAL BABE!