Friday, December 28, 2007

That's Amore!

Well, I decided to be productive today (after 2 hours of Guitar Hero) so I finally finished my long awaited spaghetti cake. The cake is a very dense vanilla and it's DELICIOSO! It was kinda hard to get the bowl shape but I think it's pretty good. Why I made a cake that looks like spaghetti I'll never know.

Fake Rock Star

I'm thinking about spicing things up here at Kimchi central. Usually I just talk about the crap that happens in my daily life but I realize that is probably only interesting to myself and perhaps one or two other people. Nah, probably just me. I mentioned before that I am a bit of a celebrity gossip addict and while there's no shortage of those types of blogs out there, I might have to throw in a juicy nugget here and there. Sadly as I type this, there is no really interesting celebrity gossip aside from Jamie Lynn and her supposed peepaw baby-daddy or non-celeb Mischa Barton and her weed bust so just take this as a glimpse of what's to come. I'm also going to start posting more about the outside world as soon as I decide to venture into it since I've been indoors for the last three days playing Guitar Hero. I have a problem DON'T JUDGE.

Happy Friday.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Look, it's Cakey!

Here's a few pics of the Christmas cake. I am trying to get some others that don't have all that crap laying around it but you get the gist.

You may have observed the bottle of Advil and the cocktail nearby. You may want to reference the earlier Christmas wrap-up post. The cake turned out pretty cute overall. It's only my second go with fondant and my first with a square cake, which is way harder to cover than a round. I also experimented with marshmallow fondant and it was okay but I won't use it to cover anything again until I work with it more. It was kind of a pain in the ass to roll out because it got hard quickly and I couldn't roll it as thin as I wanted. That's why the cake is slightly lumpy. Whatever. It's still cute and we ate it so it's gone.

Making Resolutions Since 1974

Okay, I told myself that I would be better today and actually accomplish something but it's currently 12:54pm and I am still in my jammies. I did have several catch-up phone calls this morning so that took some time and I did manage to clean up the area around my computer but that's pretty much it. I have unfinished window treatments staring at me as well as a pile of laundry that I need a sherpa to scale but what am I doing about it? I'm doing nothing about it. I AM going to shower today since that didn't happen yesterday and I might venture out in public but I'm still on the fence. I still have another 2 weeks of vacation until I start back to school so I figure I can procrastinate anything important for another week or so.

I've decided that 2008 is going to be GREAT! and to make sure that happens, I have a list of things I need to do. Some people call these "resolutions" but I don't like to label. I also feel like if I tell someone, I might actually do it. Probably not so don't get all excited or anything, but a girl can try.

What I'm Doing In 2008 (IT'S GREAT!)

1. posting more pictures on this blog - jesus, it's boring! Why are you here?
2. lose 20 lbs. - I laugh just writing that one
3. be a better cake decorator - my new calling
4. be more organized/stop procrastinating - hmmmm...yeah, that's a longshot, too. Maybe next month.....
5. grow my hair long - takes no effort, might REALLY happen! YEAH!

Well, there's 5 for now. I'm sure there's about a billion more than I can list but what the hell, I'm one person dammit!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

It needs diapers for chrissake

Oh, I forgot to mention this little tidbit. We went to my dad's house on Sunday to celebrate with my family on his side. That's the Italian side of my family so you can imagine the amount of food they have out for us because there were about 16 people in all that came. My lord, there was food for days. Anyway, we had been there for about an hour and I was in the kitchen with my dad making salad and all of a sudden my step-sister's dog comes charging in the house. It's a little 12-week old puppy, a puggle or something or whatever the hell they call mutts now, and I don't believe that anyone was expecting this little addition to our festivities. I turned around when I heard the commotion and the dog ran right up to me and proceeded to lift it's leg and PEE ALL OVER MY LEGS AND FEET. Like I was a f-ing fire hydrant or something. I looked at my dad and his mouth was hanging open and we both were like WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED? My step-sister came in and I kindly informed her that her dog is a peeing machine and went to try to clean up my pants. The dog proceeded to spend the next few hours peeing in various places in their house, including the fancy couch in the living room. I'm sure my stepmom was THRILLED!

Christmas Wrap-Up Part I

Holy bajeezus. I have the motivation of a tree sloth today. I trust you had a nice holiday or just a day off if that's the case and if not, you have 364 days until you have to do it again so REJOICE!

Christmas eve was fun, albeit a bit more low-key than the usual soiree. My sister Laura and I battled Target and the grocery one last time in the morning and man was it crowded. I don't typically shop on Christmas eve and now I know why. She even had to flip someone the Christmas bird in the parking lot after this woman tried to RAM US! Whatever, lady. Don't mess with us because we are professionals! After that jaunt we went back to her house and I got started making the food. See, that's how it works. I make food all day and they eat it. We had sausage cheese dip, buffalo chicken dip (thanks LM, you have my sister hooked), assorted cheeses, dill dip with rye bread, shrimp cocktail and teriyaki beef skewers. FOR FOUR PEOPLE. We are pigs, I know but it's once a year so screw it! After that I started working on my cake for Christmas day. I got the present cake done and it was adorable. I have pictures but they're on the new camera and I can't figure out how to get them off so I'll have to post those tomorrow. I started the spaghetti cake and got it sculpted into a bowl shape already but I ran out of fondant so I may just have to scrap it altogether. While I was carving out the spaghetti cake, Laura and Jeff decided to give one of the dogs a bath so I was merrily sculpting away at my cake, lost in my own happy little world when disaster struck. I was leveling out of the layers with a big serrated knife and somehow it slipped and I jammed it into the top of my finger. It skimmed my nail, caught my cuticle and proceeded to slice into my finger like I was filleting a side of beef. It didn't really hurt at first but then I looked down and it started gushing blood everywhere but NOT ON THE CAKE! The cake was not harmed or bloody. Anyway I ran to the sink and held it under water but it kept bleeding everywhere, which I'm certain had nothing to do with the vodka and soda I was drinking. I went into the bathroom and told Jeff that I had an "accident", which is never good because I am accident prone and am always getting hurt, and he was like WHAT DID YOU DO?! and I held up my bloody finger. He rushed me back into the kitchen and told me to hold it under the water, which I did and then he went to get a bandage. My sister came out to see what the hell happened and all of a sudden I got really dizzy and broke out in a cold sweat and told her I was going to pass out so I laid down on the kitchen floor. It was very dramatic, I'm sure. We got it to stop bleeding and I felt better so I went back to work on the cake but then it started bleeding again and I got dizzy again so I sat on the couch for a bit. What the hell? It eventually stopped for good and I was able to finish the cake but man did it suck! Now I have a bloody flap on skin on my finger and it's really gross BUT it gives me an opportunity to wear a pink Hello Kitty band-aid so that's the bright side.

Aside from that, the rest of the day was nice. We ate and then ate again and then ate some more and then had dessert. I got tons of awesome presents. Jeff usually buys me some sort of Murano glass sculpture and this year's is a beautiful and dainty little carafe. Jeff and my sister both got me necklaces, one with the London Underground symbol and another with the Paris Metro sign, Laura got me Dance, Dance, Revolution for our Wii, so I'll be making a fool of myself with that shortly, and I also have an assortment of gift cards and such. I also got 4 cake decorating books, a book on illustration and another book on starting my career as a freelance graphic designer. I think that's a hint that I need to get a job. Just kidding, honey! I love books and these are lovely, especially the cake books. I now want to make about a bajillion cakes to try out all the new stuff I learned so get ready for cake, people. YEAH CAKE!

Okay this post is freaking long so I'll continue with my Christmas Day wrap-up tomorrow and I'll show off my fancy cake. Ciao.

Monday, December 24, 2007

ho ho ho

Merry Christmas Eve to my fine readers. All 4 of you. Christmas eve is my favorite day of the year so I'm happy it's finally here. My sister and I took Christmas eve about 13 years ago after she got married and I moved in with her and my brother-in-law. Aaaaah, we were so young and carefree back then. We decreed that after spending every holiday since 1980 bouncing around from parent's house to parent's house, we decided SCREW THAT, we're making this OUR holiday where we don't have to go anywhere or do anything for anyone but us. We just make a crap-ton of food and drink and sometimes we have a friend or two join us but it's usually just the four of us and it rocks. Hard. Tonight's menu is all finger foods and dips, which is my FAVORITE menu because I like to graze. We'll stuff ourselves, drink too much, play a game or something and then we all open our presents to each other. Our parents are jealous because they can't come because it's THAT awesome but rules are rules. I am hopeful that this is our last holiday sans child so we're going to make the most of it. yowza!

Anyway, have a merry Christmas, or whatever it is you celebrate, from Kimchi central.

Friday, December 21, 2007

The advil isn't working

I'm posting from the couch, which is as far as I've made it today. Aye caramba. I had QUITE a bit of fun at the party last night and I'm paying for it in headaches. Goddam chocolate martinis! I don't even like them but apparently that didn't stop me. Thanks, ME. The party was downtown on the 42nd floor, which would have been AWESOME had it not suddenly stopped being winter this big fog rolled in and ruined the view. A few days ago we were shoveling out of a mini-blizzard and now it feels like October. I hate warm Christmas! Anyway, the party was tons of fun and I spent most of the night on the dancefloor but I managed to not act a fool. There WAS a moment that almost landed me on my heiny but I kept it together and I don't think anyone noticed. Jeff's co-workers and all really fun and his work functions are always so much better then the usual awkward office shindig. And it was fun to put on my fancy clothes for a night since there just aren't a lot of occasions where you can wear a sequined shirt these days.

I decided to stay couch bound today for fear I will have a 4-day hangover and miss Christmas. I don't wanna take any chances since we are on the go from here on out. Tonight is dinner with Jeff's siblings, tomorrow is a big gathering with all my friends, Sunday is Christmas with my dad and then it's already Christmas Eve. It goes faster every year I swear. I'm going to try to make two cakes, a "gift" for Christmas day and then another one that I'm making to look like a bowl of spaghetti. Why? I don't know. I just think it'll be funny. I'm even making meatballs. Mamma Mia!! It may go all wrong, okay it probably will, but I'm pressing on anyway. I'll post pictures of the final products.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

I miss you iTunes

Ugh. I've been stuck in some kind of cyber-hellhole for the last few days. Our main computer was brought back to life (for now at least) but we have to reinstall EVERYTHING which won't get done anytime soon. We have a laptop that I'm using but the keyboard is shot so it takes a long time to type because it only types out like every other letter. It took me 5 minutes to type that sentence. Just kidding but it really does suck. In addition, there is some kind of war going on between the laptop and yahoo because I can't respond or delete any emails. WTF?! I have clearly upset the computer gods in some way and for that I apologize because I can't take it anymore. Dear Santa, bring a computer. Love, Amy.

I've been grouting the kitchen for the last 2 days and I'll hopefully be finished today. It looks really cool with the grout. I'll put pics up at some point.

Tonight we are going to a fancy schmancy christmas party downtown. I hope we can behave.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I'm being taken away by the motherboard

Well, I think the computer is dead. Jeff spent a long time last night trying to reinstall windows or something and I guess it didn't work. He said it's the motherboard, which I envision as a spaceship flying inside the computer which is more exciting and name appropriate. I can't imagine that the motherboard not working is a good thing. He said that my school files and all my graphic design stuff is still safe in the hard drive so that's SOMETHING positive for god's sake, although there is no way to access any of it right now so I don't know what's going to happen. I am very thankful this didn't happen a week ago when I was still in school or I would have been screwed. I'm using this really old laptop we inherited. It takes literally like 10 minutes just to turn the dang thing on!

Modern technology- it's good for you!

Today I'm off to grout the kitchen tiles and work on my window treatments. I'm making upholstered cornices out of white pleather and they'll be button-tufted like some groovy 1970's pad. I'm pretty excited. I'll post pics as I go and as the technology gods allow.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Computers Suck Part II

Okay, I kinda got at least this part working. Here's the almost finished product.

I like the additional glass tiles we added. It makes it even more sparkley. I thought about going further up the wall to the right of the sink(in the first pic), but I didn't want to go nutso with it even though I still have 3 full sheets of tile and a few more randon pieces. As per usual, when we went to buy the grout yesterday, they were out of the color we needed. Did I mention that color was WHITE?! How are you out of white grout, Lowes? Not only that but the employee that "helped" us knew NOTHING about the grout we were looking at and even told us that the stuff we were looking at was the wrong kind. Hmmm. Really? That's interesting since it's the same grout we've been using the WHOLE TIME and the box clearly states which grout goes with which epoxy mix, but he still maintained that they were not supposed to go together and his red vest made him an authority. Needless to say, I'm heading to a different Lowes today to see if they have what I need. Based on how this morning has gone, I'm guessing no.

Computers Make Life Easier

I woke up today to a computer meltdown. I'm not sure what happened but I sat down to my computer and there was a note from Jeff on the keyboard that said "reboot". Hmmm. I followed the instructions but it isn't taking care of the problem. The thing is just sitting there doing NOTHING. The best part is that all of my school files are on it, so I REALLY hope that this is some no-big-deal kinda problem and it'll all get fixed and everything will be fine. Ironically, Jeff is a "computer guy" and much like the cobbler whose children's feet go bare, we never seem to have a computer that works properly. Splendid.

Aside from the technical difficulties here at Kimchi Headquarters, things went pretty well this weekend. Jeff and I rarely have a weekend that we are just together doing stuff and we had one of those and it was really nice. We got a pretty large snowstorm over Friday and Saturday so we made sure we had provisions and hunkered down. We got the rest of the tiling done in the kitchen and it turned out really great. I had taken the measurements for the backsplash tiles and somehow managed to screw it up (curse you, MATH) so we were left with over 9 sq.ft. of glass tiles. I couldn't let that go to waste so I decided to bring the tile up the wall more. I would love to post a picture but apparently THIS computer has decided that it isn't going to upload my pictures. That's awesome. Well, I will hopefully be able to post pictures later. Unless I open the door and throw this f-ing thing into the snow. Which I might do. Seriously.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

It fell in the bag

I have been doing a little online Christmas shopping this year and somehow this put itself on my Amex. I don't usually go for hearts but this is divine and it has a teeny tiny little key stuck in it that REALLY works and we've already been over the miniature thing so you get it. Merry Christmas, me.
I found it on and they have cute, interesting jewelry and stuff. I also am a fan of, where they take a picture and put it on an acrylic pendant. In addition to my tiny things obsession, I also love things that are shiny and things that are clear. Why, you ask? I have no f-ing idea. They have some awesomely weird images like Eames chairs or the Tokyo subway map and I wish I could buy like 7 of them but I especially j'adore this Paris Metro sign.


Progress is good

This is what my studio looked like when I woke up yesterday. Holy jalopy that thing is a mess.

Here's how it looks now:

Aside from the two bags of trash, a VAST improvement. I spent the better part of 7 hours in there yesterday douching the whole thing. I found some things I had "lost" and some things I had forgotten I owned in the first place. Very nice. We had already taken out the closet doors to make a sewing niche (aww, how cute) so I added some shelves:

Here's the sad state my "desk" was in:

Here's how it is now:

I can actually see the surface. Imagine!
Jeff's side of the room is still a pit but that's his job so we'll just focus on my side, mm-kay. I had planned on starting at the front of the house and working back so in keeping with said plan, today's agenda involves the dining room, which looks like this:
Holy. Crap.
Well, that's not good, is it. What kind of animals live here?! Oh yeah, US!
Viva la renovation!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Mr. Clean, where art thou?

I just got back from lunch with some of my former co-workers. I used to temp for a big giant corporate machine (ick) and the only bright spot was the fact that the ladies in my department were awesome and made it fun. Well, most of them anyway. I try to keep in touch as much as I can but I am scatterbrained and easily distracted by shiny things so I'm not as diligent as I should be. I miss them all alot and I had a blast with them today even though we had limited time. You ladies ROCK!

Since today is day one of my break, I decided that since I am unable to relax, I am going to begin my organization crusade, starting with my studio. I took pics as it is now so you can really see the trashpit I try to work in. I am highly unorganized on a day to day basis and it shows. Jesus H Christ, what a mess! I'll post an update later today to show my progess or lack thereof since I am basically hauling everything into the dining room and starting over so I'm making a HUGE mess to try to clean up the ginormous one I had to begin with. Well done, me.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


If you hear a giant whooshing sound, don't be alarmed. It's just the pressure releasing from my noggin because today was my last day of school for the semester. Hooray! I still have to go up on Friday to pick up some stuff but that's it. I have a nice 4 week break but I know that it'll be gone in like 2 seconds and then I'll be all like "DAMN, school is starting ALREADY?!" Today was kinda fun because we had a little luncheon at a restaurant near campus for the PR group I was in. I have to say that I've befriended more people this semester than ever before and I actually feel like a part of the art department. I'm still the old lady of the group, but no one treats me like that until they ask about my MySpace or something and then I'm like "huh?". I wanted to give them a "back in my day....." speech but I'll save that for next semester. They have, however, turned me on to the wonders of You Tube and we watched a video today called "My Hands Are Bananas" and I almost wet myself laughing. Those crazy Germans.

I'm spending my break putting the house back together and finishing up all the little art projects I started but abandoned in favor of homework. I'm also planning on making a few fancy cakes, starting with a Christmas cake in the shape of a gift. It's going to be a bit wonky and crazy and I hope it looks as good in real life as it does in my head.

Friday, December 7, 2007


It's freezing in my house right now because it's COLD out and if I turn the heat up the bedroom, which is directly above the furnace, will suddenly become 85 degrees and I can't sleep if it's too hot in the bedroom. I mean, who sleeps when it's hot in the bedroom, WINK WINK! Oh yeah! Just kidding. Anyway, I have the house cold so I decided that instead of wearing a sweater with my sweatpants and t-shirt, I would use a shawl. I feel very glamorous in it. I feel like if Gwenyth Paltrow were to be in her flat in London and she would get a chill she would go get her shawl and wear it casually and look all cool and chic which I am not but am trying for. I don't know why I said Gwenyth Paltrow. I don't really like her. I don't hate her. I don't really have an opinion either way but she is who popped in my head when I decided to wear the shawl. Anyway, what the hell was I going to talk about?

Today was my last official day of class. I still have a couple of classes next week but it's all critiques so it isn't a normal class period. I'm still not done with all my projects but I'm hoping to finish tonight so I can actually have a weekend. I'm really glad to be out of school for the semester. I have all the same people in most of my classes and many of them grew tiresome. There is a joke at school that the 4th floor (the art department) is where all the crazies are and it's kinda true. There is one guy who began the semester really quietly and he has turned in to the most annoying fellow. He's got a slightly creepy vibe and I swear to god the guy retains NOTHING. He constantly asks questions and I know that's a good thing but he does it excessively and he asks the same questions over and over and over. He will basically hear the instructions but retain nothing and then have to ask about every detail of the assignment that we JUST GOT but he has forgotten already. He also interjects in other conversations and makes idiotic jokes. The other day the happened:

Instructor: "Okay, your assignment's due at 10am, in whatever state you have it in."

guy: "So if we're in Maine, we still have to turn it in?"

Instructor: "What? I don't understand."

guy" You said to turn it in in whatever state it was in so if it's in Maine we still have to turn it in, right? HA HA HA HA"

This is what I sit next to. I mean sat. YEAH!

UPDATE: I have now dunked my shawl in the sink 3 times and the toilet (it was CLEAN) once. And it's not really keeping me warm. I'm putting on a sweater. Dammit Gwenyth, how to you manage?

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Facts & Figures

My friend Gwen has a blog called Everything I like Causes Cancer (see her link below, read it, she's awesome) and there is some thing called a meme or something and basically you get "tagged" by other bloggers and then you have to write 8 random facts about yourself and then tag another blogger and so on. This is cool and I will tell you why in.................

Fact #1 - I like to fill things out. Especially my pants! ba dum CHING! No, I mean those emails where there's a long list of questions like what's your favorite smell and are you wearing pants and stuff and then you send them to your pals and then you all send them around and you find out lots of cool stuff that is usually forgotten in 6 minutes but it really fun to read anyway. This is like that.

Fact #2 - I save receipts. Any receipt. I find them in my pockets, in the middle thingy in my car, on the floor in the car, under my bed, in random plastic shopping bags laying around, in my dresser drawer, in my purse, in my wallet, I could go on. Some may call this a "compulsion" but my grandma instilled in me that you NEVER throw away the receipt lest you decide in 3 months that you need to return it. Apparently I have applied this to everything from lattes to shoes to a Del Taco burrito.

Fact #3 - I hate coconut. This is no revelation to anyone who knows me but it is one of the few characteristics I have kept my entire life. I hate coconut a great deal. I also hate when people find out that you hate something and want to convince you that THEIR version of said item is THE BEST and you will LOVE IT. They usually guarantee this claim as well. Let me explain this to you people. I have spent 33 years hating something. I've had LOTS of practice and I've been around the coconut block a few times so it is insulting that you would think that YOU and your coconut shrimp or your pina colada are what will change this. You are not and just typing the word "pina colada" make my stomach lurch. I don't care if you dip it in gold, I don't want it and no I won't just "try a tiny piece" so stop asking. However, I will eat certain foods that contain coconut milk but NOT coconut pieces. I also dislike people who see me eat it and then they're all "HA! You just ate coconut! SUCKER" as though I was totally unaware of the contents of my peanut sauce. It's like they win or something. This is a very limited clause and it really only applies to peanut sauce which is delicious but for everything else I will always ask if there's coconut in it. Even like casseroles and stuff. Weird. Anyway, just in case you don't believe me, my grandma used to make the most beautiful coconut cakes from scratch. She would sit and grate the coconut forever and they were like these perfectly white fluffy snowballs and I LOVED it when she made them and I wanted to grab them and hug them but I never once in my whole life EVER ate a piece. Not even a crumb. I used to cry because I wanted to like it so badly but I just couldn't bring myself to ever eat it. That's how much I hate coconut.

Fact #4 - I have used the "firming" variety of body lotion every day for like 4 years and I still have saggy cellulite. I don't use it because I think it works but rather I'm afraid to see what will happen if I stop. I keep imagining I will wake up the day after I switch and I'll be covered with 7 layers of blubber. Well played, Neutrogena, well played indeed.

Fact #5 - I love the Lord of the Rings movies and I will always watch them when they're on no matter what point of the movie. Wizardry!

Fact #6 - I overuse the words "awesome" and "apparently". I will continue to overuse them.

Fact #7 - I know ALL the words to the song "We Didn't Start The Fire" and the song is just him listing off world events in rhyme. dumb. For some weird reason my 10th grade social studies teacher used the lyrics for some lesson or something and we got a copy of them and they've been lodged in my brain ever since. I can't remember birthdays and I retained nothing from any math class I've ever taken since about the 9th grade and yet I know all the words to a mediocre late-eighties Billy Joel song. Sad.

Fact #8 - When I was in second grade, my school was having some kind of talent show type of thing and I decided that I would do a "dance routine" to Olivia Newton-John's smash hit "Physical". My memory is fuzzy but it was basically me in a headband and leotard with an old cassette player doing jumping jacks and various "aerobic moves" to the music. I do not believe I put on a good show. This memory is really funny to me because I have no idea why I would have done this nor do I ever recall practicing a routine or anything and yet I still picture it happening. I even remember asking a girl on the bus going home if I did okay and she told me it was boring. I wonder if anyone else remembers this? I wonder if it really happened. If anyone was at Clayton Woods elementary in 1983, let me know if this is real.

That's it. I'm supposed to "tag" someone now but I don't know if my skills are up to it. Dang this post was long. You're probably tired now.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Grand Finale

We finally finished fondant class and here's the end result:

I'm REALLY in love with my cake. I usually pick my stuff apart and point out every flaw but I'm just gonna enjoy this one. There is a cake show in February at the Botanical Gardens and my instructor wants me to redo this on a dummy and enter it. It isn't juried or anything but it would be pretty cool to have my cake in a show. Class was spare and the ladies that showed ended up with really nice cakes. Some were better than others but one girl did a blue cake with royal icing snowflakes that was SO cute. I'm gonna spend the next couple of months practicing fondant stuff and then I'm taking gum paste in the spring. MAN, I am so down with this cake stuff. ANNOUNCEMENT: I HAVE LEARNED A SKILL. Go me.

Monday, December 3, 2007

My Mii looks like me. Really.

Tonight is the grand finale for my cake class. I have spent the past week mulling around different designs in my head and I finally decided on branches with pink blossoms and a pink bow around the sides. I wanted to forgo a bow entirely because I'm not really a bow kinda girl, but it's good to practice and I think I can make it work. I'm a little nervous because I think that the ladies are gonna pull out all the stops tonight and I don't want to get laughed out of class. I'll post a picture tomorrow of the final project.

We had a pretty good weekend despite the crap weather we had. We had to order edging for our countertop and it hasn't come so we haven't been able to make much progress on the kitchen. I'm hoping it comes this week because I have two weeks of school left and then I'm on a mission to get the house put back together. I have a ginormous list of all the stuff I want to do but we'll see how much of it actually gets done. I have high expectations for myself but alas, the call of the couch is deafening.

My sister got her Wii on Saturday so we went over there to play and HOLY LORD IT WAS SO FUN. We played tennis and bowling first and then my sister and I went to town with Guitar Hero. Jesus H. Christ, that is an AWESOME game. I've never been into video games aside from the Atari I played when I was a kid but I might be a convert at this point. I'm hoping Santa can find a Wii in his bag for us, too. I feel like a rock god playing guitar hero and I'm only on the practice mode which is only like three notes and I played Foghat over and over. It was SWEET.

To Liz, I understand now.