Wednesday, April 27, 2011


HELLO BLOG WORLD! I have no time to pee let alone post on here, but I thought I'd throw some new pictures at'cha, including some from Korea that I meant to post but didn't. Mia's doing well overall, getting bigger and taking a few steps on her own. Max has turned into a total Three Year Old child and has developed the mouthy attitude of a 15 year old which is as magical as you imagine it to be.

Mia can't believe Elton John is in her house.
America, WHAT A PLACE!

YO, Whaddup.

This face is how Max feels about having a sister.

This one with the hat again.

This picture is PURE JOY.

On to Korea......these were supposed to be up by now so it's old news but whatevs.

This is a man-made stream that was built in the middle of the city.
It's amazing and you can walk for miles looking up at the buildings.
I wish we could have seen it in spring.

That's MRS. EMPEROR to you.

Just to tell you how cold it was, that lake was frozen totally solid.

This is one of the very few, like single digit few,
pictures of Mia with us in Korea. Rough time.