Monday, January 30, 2012

Catching Up

So, let's start with Mia. She turned 2 in December and overall she's made a lot of progress from last summer to now, amazing progress actually, when you remember how she was when she came home. She quickly went from walking to running and and spends a lot of her time trying to annoy Max in new and exciting ways. She's a happy little bugger and it may have taken almost a year, but we're finally seeing her sweet (and sometimes ornery) personality come out and I feel like we finally "know" her. On the "still working on this shit" side, she is still SUPER attached to me, although to a slightly lesser degree and while I can usually walk freely around the house without issues, leaving her with sitters, even those she knows very well, can erupt into World War III in an instant so we're in attachment therapy (we'll get to this later) to try and figure out how to unlock her sweet little claws from around my neck because we're literally together 24/7. OH GOD, BUT IT'S SO SWEET, everyone says! Yes, but only for 5 minutes! Not being able to go to Target or take a poo alone is not sweet. Mommy needs her time!

In addition, she doesn't talk. For real. No words. WE'RE ALSO WORKING ON THIS. She's in a special program and we start her therapy for that in the next week. We kept thinking she would just start talking one day but then months went by and more months went by and MORE MONTHS and then I thought, hmmm...this really isn't happening, is it? She has one glorious word (YEAH!) and she uses it for everything. Trying to figure out what Mia wants is like a never ending game of charades where the only clue you have is possibly place, because she may or may not point to what she wants to throw you a bone (usually not), hence, there is a lot of raptor like screeching in our house, along with some grunting, high pitched squeals, babbling that sometimes sounds like a word and then I flip out and we have a big celebration but then I realize it wasn't a word after all and then it's a total let down, pointing, pointing and yelling and a then more yelling. She attempts a few words like bye bye or mama but yeah, not so much overall and everything sounds like BAP-BAP. They think most of her issues have to do with her mouth so I think that's where they're starting. Considering I was never able to teach the dog a single thing, lord help this child who has to learn to talk from me. The WORST part is that since she doesn't talk, you kind of forget that she understands every damn thing you say and as we know, I've never met a swear word I didn't like so let's hope her first word is fork and not....well, you get it.

Oh yeah, she also co-sleeps. Every night. Every. Damn. Night. You may recall our sleep adventures with Max. I now laugh in their face. Mia takes sleeping issues to an entirely new level, like an extra circle of hell no one knew about until now. There's no crying it out with this one. Unless you count my crying. This is why the lord made Arbor Mist.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Grand Re-Opening! Rev up your reading eyes!

So, it's a new year and if there are any readers left out there that aren't my mom, you will be happy (or maybe not, your choice) to know that we're getting back to business here at Kimchi Central and I'll be posting weekly. If you are my mom, you already know this crap anyway so kill time doing something else, okay? Anyway, it's been quite an.....interesting.....6 months since we last left each other and I'll be recapping it for you this week. If you need further convincing since I'm the world's worst blogger and your expectations are probably pretty low, I have two words for you: suicidal fish.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Long time no blog, eh?! I know, but I never said I was reliable. If you are interested, I've started a new blog but it's not about my crazy kids, it's about clothes and junk. If you haven't run away screaming, it's

Adios Amigos!