Friday, March 28, 2008

I can hear an echo in here

Hello kiddies. I know I haven't been posting much lately and that's for two reasons. First, I'm hella busy with my schoolwork and I've managed to once again bite off more than I can chew, so and I have 0% free time now and these musings don't exactly write themselves you know. Secondly, I haven't really had much to write. I'm not really ever sure if I should write stuff that isn't a big deal because I wouldn't want to bore anyone but then I think that if you came here, you probably want to read it. But I'm still unsure and thusly, haven't written much. Maybe I should give the posts a level rating, like a threat level, so then you would know right away if it was a boring post or if something MAJOR happened. Lost Recap would be a RED LEVEL because of its great importance. But then how would I know what to classify the other, non-themed posts? Today I bought fake potato chips from Trader Joe's and they are AWESOME and I could eat about 9 bags in one sitting. This is major for me, people, big time stuff. I also might have a summer internship. That is also major, but you see how they differ. Anyway, this is my quandary. If anyone cares, I will try to write more stuff even if it's boring. Hey, maybe if you have trouble sleeping, you can go read my blog and then you'll get all tired again. It's win-win!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's like Pee-Wee's Playhouse....only skeevier

My friend Johnny Virus and I decided we should blog about one of our classmates today. In fact, we couldn't believe that we hadn't already. We have a three hour class with him and on a typical day, he will command 100% of Evann's help for about 80% of the class. The best part is that he has taken this class SEVERAL times before and has appeared to have learned exactly nothing. He's always blabbering on and on about how he has all these mac's at home and he's all networked and other nerd jargon and how his website is AWESOME and blahblahblah, and yet he is just dumb. Extra dumb. On Monday, he commandeered Evann for 1hr and 23 minutes. He asks 7 billion questions all at once and then when she answers, he argues with her. It's baffling. He's like "WHY WON'T THIS FILE OPEN?" and she's like "well, you need to link it over here or whatever" and then he'll cut her off and be like "I ALREADY DID THAT. You know, this worked FINE at HOME. What's wrong with these computers?" and she's like "like I said, you need to link the file and it'll work." and then it'll go like this until she just does it herself to show him what a dumbass he is and then it miraculously works! Then he's all like "Well, this isn't how you USED to do it." OHMYGODSHUTUPYOUFOOL.

This happens pretty much every day. He is also a loud talker and he wears about 7 times the recommended dosage of Drakkar Noir so he stinks up the entire area. The BEST part about this whole boring story is the website itself. His freaking website is some animated thing for the children. FOR THE CHILDREN! He said he wants ALL children to be able to explore the GLORY of this site and be forever changed and dance around in loud colors and be HAPPY! And yet, he is charging for this site. Yes kiddies, it's time to go down and turn in your job app at the Olive Garden because this shit ain't free. Whatever. That is all I can say. I've only seen snippets of the thing during class but it looks CREEPY as hell and all I could make out was something with a bunch of crudely done cartoon kids dancing around a cartoon person that looked suspiciously like................him. Now, I'm certainly not accusing anyone of anything and I have not seen nearly enough of the site to make any sort of judgements about it's content, but I'm just saying. It's weird. The children of the world can rejoice, however, in the knowledge that this man is far too dumb to ever figure out how to launch this bucket of joy. Thank you jesus.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Lost Recap

Oh my. That was quite an episode. I think I stood up a couple times. Let's review.........

-Okay, first off, I'm a little peeved that this episode did not immediately begin with Walt and Michael on the boat pulling away from the island. I was really hoping we would get a little more info on the time between them leaving the island and ending up somewhere civilized. How long did it take? Where did they dock? These are important facts, people. I'm not convinced that Walt would be so mad at Michael that he wouldn't speak to him. Walt's a special kid and we know that he knows WAY more than most of them so I guess I figured he would understand more. Although, I guess finding out your dad popped deadly caps in some ladies would probably make you pretty freaked out. Poor kid who plays Walt. He just keeps growing and they keep cutting him out. That hardly looked like him at all in the window. About how about Big Gay Tom?! Kudos to you, Lost producers, for having a normal non-sequin wearing gay man on this show. Tom is first class all the way. Except that he's dead but while he was here, he was great.

-So the island won't let you die if you are conflicted. Interesting. The producers swore up and down that this wasn't about purgatory but that IS kind of like purgatory. If they can't die until they resolve a conflict, isn't that kind of a similar situation? It did get me thinking about who is in that coffin. From the way that Jack seemed both relieved and sad, this must signify that whoever it was was finally ALLOWED to die. Maybe not but this show is getting so confusing that I could say that the island has a volcano that shoots out blueberry muffins and it could actually be a possibility. And what about Libby and Ana Lucia and everyone else on the island that has died? Are they really dead? They all seemed pretty freaking conflicted so did the island just not like them and was like "whatevs" and let them die? That's not nice.

- I was not thrilled when Sayid "outed" Michael to the captain. I know he thinks he's a traitor but I really don't think he is. I think he thinks he's doing the right thing and from what we know, he is, and I know Sayid wouldn't have know ANY of this but I was still pissed when he called him out. This is one of the reasons I think Lost is such a brilliant show. They have figured out a way to successfully make Ben both a sympathetic character and a villain and to make us both care about him and hate him. Maybe that dude is just a really good actor, but I just think it's well done and I also think that their playing him that way is going to be significant in the long run.

- Sorry Carl, it was time for you to go. Aside from your stint in the Clockwork Orange chair, you just weren't interesting. You too French Lady. I liked having you pop up randomly, but at this point what are they gonna do with you? Farewell to you both. Oh and Alex, you're next, dear.

Where are my Cadbury eggs?

DANG! It's been a looooooong time since I last posted. Last week basically sucked and I was doing homework from the minute I got home until I went to bed so there wasn't any time to squeeze in a blog post. Sorry to all 6 of you who read this crap. In other news......

I trust you all had a nice weekend. Jeff was off on Friday so we had a little extra vacay time, which was lovely. Unfortunately we both had work to do, which loomed over us the whole weekend, so we spent our Easter with our noses pressed to the computer screen. Good times. Easter is a weird holiday for me. I'm not really a religious person and we don't go to church, so unless someone else cooks a ham and invites us over, to us it's just Sunday. I'm sure the family LOVES hearing that but it's the truth. We did, however, remark that next year we'll have the kid around to buy chocolates and sweets for and I'm gonna make a big easter basket with the fake grass and everything. Now, Easter is the holiday that sort of ushers in Spring, right? Well then why the hell was it SNOWING all day? First part of the week we get the floods and then we get gigantic wet snowflakes all day on Sunday. Um yeah, what's the deal EARTH? I almost painted my toenails yesterday with the hope I would be able to wear cute shoes soon but then I looked outside and said screw it.

On a sad note, Birdy had another episode yesterday. I don't know what to call them. The vet calls them "sinking episodes" but that is weird and "heart attack" sounds so violent so I'm going to call them "episodes" because that isn't as negative. It was so bizarre. We were laying in bed yesterday morning and she and Zoey were between us snoring away like normal. All of a sudden she started making this snorting sound and she was kind of rolling back and forth. I thought she was having a dream so I tried to wake her and she wasn't responding. I picked her up and she started peeing everywhere and then she went limp. Totally limp. I jumped up and remembered that the vet said to hold her head down so the blood would rush to her brain so I did . She drew up her paws and went sort of stiff so I did it again and laid her down on the floor. She was still and then looked up at Jeff like "What? What are you looking at?" and then she was fine. She's been fine ever since but I'm afraid that if she continues to have them, she's eventually not going to wake up because of the stress on her little heart. My poor little poopy. I don't want her to die but Jeff reminded me that when she does, she'll be with my granny and then she'll take care of her and feed her chicken all day. That makes me happy but I'm still gonna miss the hell out of her.

Okay, I'm getting weepy. I need to collect myself and go do some homework.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rock of Love Recap

Clearly I am a slave to no one's schedule but my own since my Rock of Love updates come late and sporadically. If you have a problem, see the last post. In other news..........

-This week was a doozy. We're down to the "sexy six" and the claws are out and sharpened. I'm sure that Bret came up with the "sexy six" because he's clever like that. This week they had to divide up into teams and shoot and edit a music video. They had to choose from some crappy ballad and some other crappy non-ballad. They should have had to do "Talk Dirty To Me." That would have been more fun since no one but Bret Michaels likes or listens to the other songs. Anyway, Ambre, Kristy Jo and Megan were in one group and Daisy, Destiney and Jessica were on the other. It was basically skanks versus ho's. Ambre is my favorite because she seems normal and nice and cute, although the fact that she feels a "connection" to him makes me question her sanity, so I was rooting for her team even though Kristy Jo was on it. They did the ballad and it was all public-access looking but he liked it and picked it over the stripper bonanza. Ambre was the "director" so she got a solo date and the other two went together.

-Kristy Jo and her sad parade of emotions came through town again and did not disappoint. First off, she decided to finish her bidness and called HER HUSBAND at home to tell him she wanted to go through with the divorce. Um, WHAT? She said she was already split from him but apparently she is also a skilled liar. She told Ambre what she did and she was as surprised as the rest of us that she was still married. Well, during Ambre's solo date in Bret's room (nice), Kristy Jo comes a'knockin' and NEEDS to tell Bret this at this exact moment that she is a free woman. He told her that he was busy (duh) and sent her off to have her chakra's read. Yikes. She eventually told him and he was all "WHAT? YOU'RE STILL MARRIED?" Why are we surprised? The other girls, namely the skanks from the other team, were VERY distraught that Kristy Jo was on the winning team and got another date but they shouldn't have worried since Megan spent the whole date giving him dinnertime lap dances. She's quite a lady, that one. Daisy and Destiney do not hold back and they like to get all up in her face and question why she's there. I thought they were just being mean at first but she really does deserves it. Kristy Jo is one of those girls who cannot live without surrounding herself in drama. We all know this person in our own lives, don't we? They create these little soap operas around them by dating bad men, or staying in bad relationships, or starting fights or whatever and then when the shit hits the fan, they cry that they TRY to do the right thing and that they're going to LEARN from their bad choices but they really don't. They just keep making them because they would be boring otherwise and thank god they do or else we wouldn't have anyone to go on these shows.

- In the end, Bret let Kristy Jo decide whether she should stay or go and she opted to leave, which I knew she would since staying would have been so less dramatic. Someone get me an Oscar, STAT!

Next week they bring the exes and I can only imagine the trail of STD's that these ladies drag behind them. Viva la Bret!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Welcome back to 1985

Oh my god, three posts. It must be your lucky day.

I was perusing the internets today and saw a bit on Jezebel that was about Lois Lowry, the children's author. She wrote lots of books that I read back in the day. By "the day", I mean the 1980's. I was one of those weirdo kids that would hole up in their room with books or Barbies or both (in my case) and I read ALOT during elementary school and junior high. Lois Lowry wrote these books about a girl named Anastasia Krupnik and she seemed so weird and cool when I was a kid and she had these funky adventures and I wanted to be her and live in a tower and I learned the word "debacle" from her and I wanted to live in Cambridge although I didn't know where that was at the time. When I read the thing on Jezebel, I started trying to remember all the names of the books I read back then. One was about a girl whose sister took some "angel dust" and tried to jump out of the window or something. Anyway, it introduced me to the term "angel dust" at a ripe young age and I vividly remember the part of the book when her sister takes the drugs and freaks out but I CANNOT remember the name of the book. I think the word "thirteen" is in the title but google was not helpful. I also had a book about a girl and her mom gets cancer or something and she dies and they describe her mother dying IN DETAIL. I can't remember that title either but thanks for giving me cancer-paranoia. DAMMIT! I would totally go back and re-read them. I also LOVED the Ramona Quimby books and I even remember the part in one of them where the mom forgets to turn on the crock-pot and their dinner is ruined and they end up going to get burgers and fries and it turned out to be a lovely family time. (I have no idea why I remember that but I do and yet I am unable to remember birthdays. Huh.) I found my old copy of "A Wrinkle In Time" in a box during the Great Renovation of 2007 and re-read it. It still holds up but I don't recall picking up on the HEAVY christian tone to the book. Oblivious 11 year old I was. Anyway, this is all rambling but if anyone has heard of these books and knows the names, let me know. I love reminiscing! Don't get me started on Judy Blume!

Top o the afternoon to ya

Bloody St. Patrick's Day! I live in the area of St. Louis that hosts the annual St. Patrick's Day shindig and let me tell you that it took me a half-hour to get home from school. On a normal day with traffic, I'm home in 4 minutes. Anyway, it was really irritating and there were people EVERYWHERE and they just walk into the street or let their kids run out or whatever else they fancy since it's St. Patricks Day and they're wearing GREEN so they can DO WHAT THEY PLEASE, OKAY? The best part is that the cops didn't want anyone parking on the street like they normally do so they put up cones with NO PARKING signs on them. Hmmm... you put cones in the lane so no one would park there which turned it into a one lane road anyway so WHAT WAS THE POINT OF THAT? Was it so I would have to not go over -2MPH on my way home? Well if so, then well done mate! When I finally made it home, and since we are 1.5 blocks away from a bar with a super awesome tent party going on, I almost couldn't find a parking space. Luckily it was trash day and no one wanted to move my skank-ass trash can (don't blame ya) to open up more parking space so there was just enough room left for me to squeeze in. Jeff, on the other hand, is probably out of Irish luck because I'm sure once 5pm rolls around, the par-tay will be in full swing. I hope no one pees in my yard. Jesus, I am officially the mean old lady on the block and I am only 34. Very sad indeed, but in my defense, it IS Monday.

On a brighter note, I was informed by Evann today that my PR group from last semester won FIRST PLACE in the National Federation of Presswomen communications contest. We ran out of stuff to do at the end of the semester so one of my instructors suggested we enter our Heaven Born stuff and IT WON! I never win anything so I'm going to pretend it's way cooler than it is and bask in my own false glory. GIVE ME MY MOMENT! Anyhoo, I got a nice little certificate and I can put this on my resume as "accolades". What really would have been awesome was if they had sent little blue ribbons as well. Little ribbons with a seal that said "First Place" or maybe "I Rule" or "Suck It Other People Who Entered." Yeah, that would be great.
Take note, people.

I'll be up in the gym just workin on my fitness..

Ew. I'm back to school this week. I was much less productive on my break than I had planned but what else is new. Going back to work or whatever after vacation is always such a bummer and this was my last hurrah as far as a break goes. It's nose to the grindstone after this, people.

On another school related note, I start an 8am class tomorrow, and while you dry your tears for me, know that it's an 8am GYM CLASS. I can barely muster the motivation to work out in the evening so I'm sure this will be just fantastic. I predict a foul mood on Tuesdays and Thursdays but I MIGHT have some buff arms. Who am I kidding. I have teacher arms and I plan on keeping it that way. Who needs tank tops, right? I like for my underarm fat to waddle in the breeze. It's classy.

I had my last home study visit yesterday. We're waiting for one little thing before we go
bazonkers with joy so I'll hopefully have a super awesome adoption post later this week. I don't want to jinx anything yet so keep your pants on.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Lost Recap

Sheesh LM. I didn't watch it until last night. Here ya go...........

-Okay, as I suspected, Michael is the mole. Or should I say Kevin Johnson. It was actually kinda just "meh" for me since I think we all suspected it was him and they went nowhere with it. Where's Walt? Maybe Ben sent him to another time and won't bring him back until Michael does what he wants. Since they obviously didn't REALLY get off the island, what the hell happened? I suspect another deal, right? What was his deal? WHAT ARE THE DEALS THEY ARE MAKING?? And why was the captain so forthcoming? He seemed to tell the truth as we know it but then we are told not to trust him. Does Penny know it's her father's boat because she told Charlie she didn't know about it? Does she know about her father's activities or is she in the dark?

-So Sun is the last one. I figured it would be her or Jin. They are both kinda boring so I don't care about them other than the fact that they are Korean and I got to see a little Korean baby and that made me happy. I thought that is was clever of them to intertwine both the past and the future to throw us off. I knew something was up but it took a minute. I was however, totally expecting them to snatch that baby away and send it off to the Dharma labs or whatever so I was surprised that didn't happen. I also have a totally weird theory that Jin could somehow see Sun and the baby at the grave site. Maybe there was a little camera in the tombstone or something, I don't know. I think this because I don't think they're dead on the island AT ALL and the date of death on his grave was the day of the crash so it's just all part of the charade and Juliette could see her sister that time so it's possible, right? I don't believe that baby is "normal" though. Something just has to be awry. week looks good. We don't have many more episodes before it goes away again so they'd better give us SOMETHING. I want to know where all the other's have gone, like Richard and gang. I think they can all time jump or whatever but I want HARD PROOF! Bring it, Lost.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Complaint Box

Man, it's pretty nice here today. It's about 75 degrees, breezy and sunny. It'll probably snow tomorrow. Bah.

I think it's time to open up the old complaint box so feel free to leave your gripes on the comment page. Just don't call names. Here's what's pissing me off today:

- I was at the grocery store earlier and while I was walking through the frozen food section, this, ahem, gentleman stopped me. This was our conversation:

him: How you doin' baby?
me: um, fine (I'm trying to pass by but he's blocking the aisle with his cart)
him: Hey, you got a second for me?
me: NO (I pushed his cart away and walked past him)

What in the holy hell? If I had bigger balls I would have turned around and gone off but I'm too much of a wuss so I just ran to the line and got out of the store. Why do people think it's okay to be assholes for no reason? I am not particularly hot and I was wearing sweat pants so I wasn't exactly showcasing the goods for a reaction. I was just trying to buy Boca burgers. This isn't the ghetto, either, which makes me madder because it's people like this that make me want to move and I like my house. ass. I hope his Red Barron gives him diarrhea.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lost Recap

I forgot to recap Lost from last week. My Tivo is malfunctioning so I had to watch it over the weekend. Come on then.............

-Juliette's story. Hmm....I found it odd that we saw flashbacks for her and NOT a flash-forward. I wonder if she dies or just stays on the island. Her whole story was kind of boring (LM you were right). I had high hopes for some juicy info. We knew the whole thing with Goodwin but we didn't know he was such a naughty boy to cheat on his wife. Tsk, tsk. I guess don't mess with ol' Benny-boy, eh? That was pretty gross when he was all dead and she was touching his corpse face. Ick. I hope they have Dharma Brand Hand Sanitizer on that island. Ick. I think my whole issue with this episode was that it was just of a long way of foreshadowing a Ben/Juliette/Jack showdown. What was the point otherwise? Snooze.

-So, Ben has a man on the boat. We know that. But whoever this is it's big enough for him to tell Locke to sit down for it. I have two thoughts. It could be Michael or it could be Sayid. I don't want to think Sayid because that just opens up a whole other can of worms and there are too many worms crawling around as it is. The bummer is that he NEGLECTED to actually tell us who it is before the show ended. Boo. Interesting about Penny's father, no? So he knows about the island and wants to exploit it. I wonder if that means that because Penny found it now he knows. This could get really confusing. I hope my Desmond isn't the man on the boat, although with the whole connection to Penny and he father, it might be him.

- Did Daniel and the other chick really disarm the chemical warfare? That whole thing was confusing to me. Are they good or bad? Are there more active stations that we don't know about? Was the therapist chick REALLY there because Jack saw her but then poof. Did she jump to back to whatever time she came from? Also, what did the jungle say to Juliette? All I could hear was her name.

That's it. I think we get our 6th name next week so it had better be AWESOME.


I know posting has been light and I'm sorry. Has anyone really missed it, though? Probably not. I haven't had much to say, really. Which is weird because I talk alot. A Lot. I think my brain has taken a holiday from me. That being said, I thought I should post something anyway. Let's see where it goes...

I have a little pet peeve that has suddenly sprung upon me. I have lots of them on the whole but this one is kinda specific so just stay with me here. You see, I spend quite a lot of time computering the internets and I have been know to visit a gossip blog or two. Or three. Or twenty-seven. Anyway, more and more now I have seen a particular word thrown around and I just can't get on board with it. In fact, it PISSES me off when I see it. This word is "totes." I can only assume that it is short for "totally," although neither a google search nor an search provided confirmation. Let's just say I'm right and that's what it means. The point is that this is a stupid word and the word "totally" does not need to be abbreviated. "Totes?" Those are slippers or umbrellas or something aren't they? I think they sell them at Target. I am a huge fan of the slang word. I frequently throw down an "awesome" or a "dude" (Jesus Christ, HOW OLD AM I?) and, while they are a bit trite, I could handle "whatevs" or "sitch" or "natch," but "totes?" No, "totes" really annoys me. Am I alone here? Does anyone else see that it doesn't roll off the tongue? Ever. It also makes me want to add an s to whatever word is after it and that pisses me off, too.

Here's an example:
"Hey Marion, those shoes are totes cute!"
"Thanks Felicia, I totes bought them on sale!"

What are you people saying? Can we just stop please? That is all.

PS - I have now just realized that if no one else has seen or been bothered by this word than this post may seem like nothing more than the ramblings of a crazy woman. That may be true so I'm going to step away now.

Monday, March 10, 2008

I've totally gone wild.

Yee haw, I'm on spring break. So far I haven't had to flash my boobs to anyone but it's only Monday.

Well, we had quite an exciting weekend. Exciting as in my stomach did flips all morning on Saturday and I was sweating like a man. Fabulous. Well, we were relieved to meet our new social worker because she turned out to be freaking awesome. The whole home study thing had me so wigged out because it just seemed all judgy and while it was to a point, she made it comfortable. I mean, who doesn't like talking about themselves, you know? It was kind of like a job interview but with a little less bullcrap. I have to meet with her again this week and then she sends it all off to Korea and then....we wait. And wait. Oh yeah, and then we wait some more after that. I'm reeeeally hopeful that the wait won't be as excruciatingly long as we anticipate but bureaucracy isn't know for being speedy. woo hoo!

Friday, March 7, 2008

There's a whole lotta houndstooth going on

Bad, bad, blogger. I'm so sorry for my absence lately but just rest assured that I have been absent from my right mind as well so it was probably for the best.

This was mid-term. This means that every stinking project I have been working on was due and I was behind on all of them. I spent that last 3 days staring bleary-eyed at the computer trying to "design" things and the last thing was turned in this morning. I think my brain finally turned to goo and I'll probably sneeze it out later today. We are also gearing up for our HOME STUDY tomorrow, which means I have been frantically cleaning everything so that I'm too busy to properly freak the hell out. Anyhoo dears, I'll have a nice long post for you tomorrow so I'm off to vacuum the ceiling fan. You never know where they'll want to look.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Thundersnow sounds like He-Man's cat's name.

Yeesh. It's freaking snowing out. Like POURING down snow. Did they cancel my school? Of course not. I had to drag my ass up there only to be told an hour later that they had decided that they should cancel class. Well done, school. Is a blind person the one calling the shots up there because as of 7:30am, it was TOTALLY SNOWING. Clearly. No doubt about it. The weather people had been gushing about it since last night but what, you thought you'd just wait it out? Great plan. Wanna know how I know it was snowing at 7:30? Because I was up with my little sickey. We'd been up since about 5:45. She was having a lot of trouble breathing so I ended up taking her to the vet. They finally put her on heart medicine, which on a joyful side note will make her pee all the time, so we are hopeful things will settle down for a bit. Poor little thing.

I'm going to use my snow day like a good little girl and get the massive dump of homework I have accumulated back down to a wee pile. Stay classy San Diego.