Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Complaint Box

Man, it's pretty nice here today. It's about 75 degrees, breezy and sunny. It'll probably snow tomorrow. Bah.

I think it's time to open up the old complaint box so feel free to leave your gripes on the comment page. Just don't call names. Here's what's pissing me off today:

- I was at the grocery store earlier and while I was walking through the frozen food section, this, ahem, gentleman stopped me. This was our conversation:

him: How you doin' baby?
me: um, fine (I'm trying to pass by but he's blocking the aisle with his cart)
him: Hey, you got a second for me?
me: NO (I pushed his cart away and walked past him)

What in the holy hell? If I had bigger balls I would have turned around and gone off but I'm too much of a wuss so I just ran to the line and got out of the store. Why do people think it's okay to be assholes for no reason? I am not particularly hot and I was wearing sweat pants so I wasn't exactly showcasing the goods for a reaction. I was just trying to buy Boca burgers. This isn't the ghetto, either, which makes me madder because it's people like this that make me want to move and I like my house. ass. I hope his Red Barron gives him diarrhea.


johnny_VIRUS said...

Mothers who beat/dehumanize their kids in the store gets on my nerves. 7-year-olds are supposed to like Skittles, so why would you hit your kid in the side of the head and call them profanities because they touch the Skittles. Ignorant bitches.

That's my complaint. Enjoy!

Gwen said...

I really had to think about my complaint for the box, which I view as a good sign. But, I have HAD IT UP TO HERE with the asshat who keeps sitting at and using my desk after hours. At first it was little things . . . my supplies and files would be moved . . . I'd find a scrap of paper that I knew wasn't mine. Today, however, the interloper went so far as to change the settings on my desk chair. Imagine my surprise when I sat down and found myself less than one foot off the ground. And the, when I couldn't get it fixed I threw a hissy fit replete with foot stopming and loud cursing. I've drafted a note for the ass that I hope I have the courage to leave at the end of the day.

LM said...

Your complaint box isn't large enough for all my complaints, but I'll throw out a sample: My work in general and the assholes who are trying to take over 1/2 my vacation away due to THEIR error; the world for shitting on me every time I think I'm turning a corner; evil people who have absoutely no empathy for others or their plights; "President" Bush for fucking up our economy and by default allowing me a not-so-pleasant-almost-2-year-long-job search; the lack of decent, fair-paying jobs in my line of work; Human Resources people who act like they'll get the plague if they have to actually interact with a human and answer a question; the jackass who I saw throw litter out of his conversion van in forest park yesterday; the Rams releasing Isaac Bruce; ABC for changing the day/time of Men in Trees approximately once a month; I could go on and on.....thanks for the soapbox.

Gwen said...

I didn't have the courage.

LM said...

Now I'm going to complain that there's been no Lost update. You're on spring break girl! No excuses.