Monday, March 24, 2008

Lost Recap

Oh my. That was quite an episode. I think I stood up a couple times. Let's review.........

-Okay, first off, I'm a little peeved that this episode did not immediately begin with Walt and Michael on the boat pulling away from the island. I was really hoping we would get a little more info on the time between them leaving the island and ending up somewhere civilized. How long did it take? Where did they dock? These are important facts, people. I'm not convinced that Walt would be so mad at Michael that he wouldn't speak to him. Walt's a special kid and we know that he knows WAY more than most of them so I guess I figured he would understand more. Although, I guess finding out your dad popped deadly caps in some ladies would probably make you pretty freaked out. Poor kid who plays Walt. He just keeps growing and they keep cutting him out. That hardly looked like him at all in the window. About how about Big Gay Tom?! Kudos to you, Lost producers, for having a normal non-sequin wearing gay man on this show. Tom is first class all the way. Except that he's dead but while he was here, he was great.

-So the island won't let you die if you are conflicted. Interesting. The producers swore up and down that this wasn't about purgatory but that IS kind of like purgatory. If they can't die until they resolve a conflict, isn't that kind of a similar situation? It did get me thinking about who is in that coffin. From the way that Jack seemed both relieved and sad, this must signify that whoever it was was finally ALLOWED to die. Maybe not but this show is getting so confusing that I could say that the island has a volcano that shoots out blueberry muffins and it could actually be a possibility. And what about Libby and Ana Lucia and everyone else on the island that has died? Are they really dead? They all seemed pretty freaking conflicted so did the island just not like them and was like "whatevs" and let them die? That's not nice.

- I was not thrilled when Sayid "outed" Michael to the captain. I know he thinks he's a traitor but I really don't think he is. I think he thinks he's doing the right thing and from what we know, he is, and I know Sayid wouldn't have know ANY of this but I was still pissed when he called him out. This is one of the reasons I think Lost is such a brilliant show. They have figured out a way to successfully make Ben both a sympathetic character and a villain and to make us both care about him and hate him. Maybe that dude is just a really good actor, but I just think it's well done and I also think that their playing him that way is going to be significant in the long run.

- Sorry Carl, it was time for you to go. Aside from your stint in the Clockwork Orange chair, you just weren't interesting. You too French Lady. I liked having you pop up randomly, but at this point what are they gonna do with you? Farewell to you both. Oh and Alex, you're next, dear.


Gwen said...

I think only the people who are "worthy" are under the control (?) of the island.

I was also mad at Sayid for being so impulsive. He seems to be the only one who understands keeping your mouth shut until you have all the facts and then he outs Michael. I bet we find out he had a reason.

I think Ben's compulsion about Juliet and Alex stems from his little friend who died when they were kids, the little girl . . . one of the Others recently commented (in a flashback) that Juliet "looks just like her." I think "her" is his childhood friend. Ooh!Maybe he killed her, too?

Gwen said...

Also . . . did you notice we're not going to get a new one for a couple weeks? Last week's the trailer used April 24 as the date for the next new one, so I checked the schedule and this week is a repeat. I think I'll watch it anyway because I learn a lot from the Pop Up Video bits.