Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rock of Love Recap

Clearly I am a slave to no one's schedule but my own since my Rock of Love updates come late and sporadically. If you have a problem, see the last post. In other news..........

-This week was a doozy. We're down to the "sexy six" and the claws are out and sharpened. I'm sure that Bret came up with the "sexy six" because he's clever like that. This week they had to divide up into teams and shoot and edit a music video. They had to choose from some crappy ballad and some other crappy non-ballad. They should have had to do "Talk Dirty To Me." That would have been more fun since no one but Bret Michaels likes or listens to the other songs. Anyway, Ambre, Kristy Jo and Megan were in one group and Daisy, Destiney and Jessica were on the other. It was basically skanks versus ho's. Ambre is my favorite because she seems normal and nice and cute, although the fact that she feels a "connection" to him makes me question her sanity, so I was rooting for her team even though Kristy Jo was on it. They did the ballad and it was all public-access looking but he liked it and picked it over the stripper bonanza. Ambre was the "director" so she got a solo date and the other two went together.

-Kristy Jo and her sad parade of emotions came through town again and did not disappoint. First off, she decided to finish her bidness and called HER HUSBAND at home to tell him she wanted to go through with the divorce. Um, WHAT? She said she was already split from him but apparently she is also a skilled liar. She told Ambre what she did and she was as surprised as the rest of us that she was still married. Well, during Ambre's solo date in Bret's room (nice), Kristy Jo comes a'knockin' and NEEDS to tell Bret this at this exact moment that she is a free woman. He told her that he was busy (duh) and sent her off to have her chakra's read. Yikes. She eventually told him and he was all "WHAT? YOU'RE STILL MARRIED?" Why are we surprised? The other girls, namely the skanks from the other team, were VERY distraught that Kristy Jo was on the winning team and got another date but they shouldn't have worried since Megan spent the whole date giving him dinnertime lap dances. She's quite a lady, that one. Daisy and Destiney do not hold back and they like to get all up in her face and question why she's there. I thought they were just being mean at first but she really does deserves it. Kristy Jo is one of those girls who cannot live without surrounding herself in drama. We all know this person in our own lives, don't we? They create these little soap operas around them by dating bad men, or staying in bad relationships, or starting fights or whatever and then when the shit hits the fan, they cry that they TRY to do the right thing and that they're going to LEARN from their bad choices but they really don't. They just keep making them because they would be boring otherwise and thank god they do or else we wouldn't have anyone to go on these shows.

- In the end, Bret let Kristy Jo decide whether she should stay or go and she opted to leave, which I knew she would since staying would have been so less dramatic. Someone get me an Oscar, STAT!

Next week they bring the exes and I can only imagine the trail of STD's that these ladies drag behind them. Viva la Bret!

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