Monday, March 17, 2008

Top o the afternoon to ya

Bloody St. Patrick's Day! I live in the area of St. Louis that hosts the annual St. Patrick's Day shindig and let me tell you that it took me a half-hour to get home from school. On a normal day with traffic, I'm home in 4 minutes. Anyway, it was really irritating and there were people EVERYWHERE and they just walk into the street or let their kids run out or whatever else they fancy since it's St. Patricks Day and they're wearing GREEN so they can DO WHAT THEY PLEASE, OKAY? The best part is that the cops didn't want anyone parking on the street like they normally do so they put up cones with NO PARKING signs on them. Hmmm... you put cones in the lane so no one would park there which turned it into a one lane road anyway so WHAT WAS THE POINT OF THAT? Was it so I would have to not go over -2MPH on my way home? Well if so, then well done mate! When I finally made it home, and since we are 1.5 blocks away from a bar with a super awesome tent party going on, I almost couldn't find a parking space. Luckily it was trash day and no one wanted to move my skank-ass trash can (don't blame ya) to open up more parking space so there was just enough room left for me to squeeze in. Jeff, on the other hand, is probably out of Irish luck because I'm sure once 5pm rolls around, the par-tay will be in full swing. I hope no one pees in my yard. Jesus, I am officially the mean old lady on the block and I am only 34. Very sad indeed, but in my defense, it IS Monday.

On a brighter note, I was informed by Evann today that my PR group from last semester won FIRST PLACE in the National Federation of Presswomen communications contest. We ran out of stuff to do at the end of the semester so one of my instructors suggested we enter our Heaven Born stuff and IT WON! I never win anything so I'm going to pretend it's way cooler than it is and bask in my own false glory. GIVE ME MY MOMENT! Anyhoo, I got a nice little certificate and I can put this on my resume as "accolades". What really would have been awesome was if they had sent little blue ribbons as well. Little ribbons with a seal that said "First Place" or maybe "I Rule" or "Suck It Other People Who Entered." Yeah, that would be great.
Take note, people.


LM said...

Congrats on your winnings. That's awesome. It didn't occur to me that it would get jammed on your street today. I forgot about the nearby bars. I decided to forgo the hoopla and go shopping instead. I didn't see how any luck would come to me walking and standing around in the rain. Instead, I was told I have no cavities at the dentist, and I had some "luck" at Marshalls. Whee!

amy & jeff said...

kudos on the no cavities. GOOD BRUSHING MATE!