Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lost Recap

So Lost, ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH THIS? Did you want me to have a heart attack last night because if so, WELL DONE. Holy crap, people. That was explosive and I don't mean in a bomby-type of way. Well kinda but let's start from the beginning...........

-So Desmond, my future second husband and possible sex offender, is rushed to the hospital because he got shot in the bag of groceries. I still haven't figured out how a stalk of celery stopped a bullet but that's neither here nor there. Bottom line is he's shot and in the hospital and Penny and Charlie are there and who shows up to wish him a speedy recovery, Eloise! So kind, that one. Penny is all "who the hell are you" and Eloise says that her son is responsible for Dez getting shot and Penny's all "your son is Ben Linus?" and Eloise, after making a face like she smelled a fart, said no, my son is Daniel Faraday. Dhur. Penny is all "wha?" because she doesn't know Daniel but we know something is awry. We flash back 30 years, or to our present as it is, and we see Daniel getting off the sub. Miles is all hey, thought you got rich on the DVD player but Daniel is all nervous and needs to see Jack. He goes to his house and wants to know how they got to 1977. Jack explains it and Daniel tells him that his Mom was wrong to send them back and Jack is all "are you kidding me FOR REAL?"

-Star Trek commercial. HOLY SHIT THAT LOOKS AWESOME.

-We flash back to a young Daniel and Eloise. He is playing the piano and Eloise comes in to tell him to cut that shit out, he is super smart and needs to use his brain for bigger things than learning how to play the opening to "Wildfire." No, I added that but that's what I'd learn to play first. Anyway, she tells him that he needs to devote his entire existence to MATH, which to me sounds like loads of fun. Seriously, why have a life when there's all this math laying around. Anyway, he is a bit dashed but he loves his Mummy and will do it. Young Eloise is as freaky as old Eloise and you get the feeling she isn't so happy to be doing this. Back on the island, Dan has Miles take him to the Orchid and Jack is pissed so he heads to Sawyer's house, where he has been holding Phil hostage in the closet since the whole tape fiasco. Oops. Meanwhile, Dan and Miles get to the Orchid and Dan seems to know what's going to happen because of his journal. Change pulls up and Dan tries to talk to him about the electromagnetic issues they have underground and that in a few hours they will drill into this stuff and cause "the incident." Chang is all "don't mess with me, bub" and doesn't believe him. He tells him Miles is his son and that they are all from the future but Chang doesn't want to hear it and blows them off.

-In the past, or future as it may be, Dan is now graduating from college and has a sweetie and his mother is NOT amused. They go to lunch and she basically tells him that he needs to focus on his work, not his girlfriend and you can see he is weary of having this devotion. She gives him his journal as a gift. He probably would have wanted cash but whatever. He tells her that he just got $1.5 million research grant from some dude named Charles Widmore and Eloise bristles at this but she tells him she doesn't want to fight and good luck. Back on the island, the gang is together at Sawyer and Juliette's house trying to figure out what to do. Miles and Daniel show up and Daniel says he needs to find the hostiles because his mother is there and she can help them. Sawyer is all "hell naw" but Jack and Kate decide to take him. The rest of them are told to pack their shit, they're going back to the beach where this all started. THE JIG IS UP. It's also pretty clear at this point that Sawyer and Juliette don't really want to leave their nice life here. Hmm. Think about that.

-In the past, we see Widmore visiting a very messed up Daniel.We can assume at this point that he has already done his experiments because they have left him with no memory and a case of the crazies and we know his poor assistant/girlfriend has met her fate as we saw her last. Widdy tells him that he planted the plane and the real one crashed on a freaky island that he needs to go to to help the people and to fix himself. Okay. So here we are again. Is Widmore good or bad? Is he sending Daniel there to fix all this stuff or was it really to kill? Was Daniel sent to detonate the bomb to get rid of the island or was he really sent there to change all this? How much does Widmore know of what has happened? Back on the island, Jack and Kate go to get some guns while Dan goes to find Charlotte, who is about 7 and DARLING. He tells her that she is going to have to leave the island and he gets all weird and the poor kid was probably like who is this crazy man but I assume that this memory will now effect Charlotte somehow. While they're getting their guns, Radzinsky shows up and then guns are pulled and there is a FREAKING SHOOT OUT!!! Holy crap. Jack and Kate are all "YEE HAW, POW POW POW" and at some point Dan gets shot in the neck (only a graze of course) and they make it to the Jeep and take off. "SOUND THE ALARM!" Hurley and Miles see Radzinsky heading to Sawyer's after the shoot out and they're all "this isn't good" and Radzinsky and his men go in and discover Phil in the closet. Uh Oh. Sawyer and Juliette are caught. I feel bad for them because this was their happy life and it's all messed up now.

-Whew. Now we see Dan back at the piano and Eloise is there again. She tells him that he needs to take up Widdy's offer and go to the island. He just wants to know if it will make her proud of him and she says yes. So, another poor parent/child relationship on this show. Sheesh. Danny just wants his mommy to love him and while I think she does to a point, I think she is in this for her own reasons and had basically sacrificed her child's life. Well played, lady. Meanwhile, Jack, Kate and Dan flee the Dharma boundary and on the way, he explains what is going on. He tells them about the electromagnetic thingamajig and that the hatch (THEIR HATCH) was built over this thing and that the whole "Desmond pushing the button" thing was FOR REAL and that he was doing it to keep this energy at bay. So now we know. Not pushing the button releases the energy, which is what brought down the plane and now everything is in flux. He says that he never factored in the people, which are the variable in this long equation. He thinks that they can all change what happened by detonating the H-bomb. By doing this, it will in essence wipe out everything that happened up to this point. Now, does it wipe out everything from 1977 on or from Desmond not pushing the button. I'm thinking it's from 1977 on, which would men that most of these people would basically get to start their lives over again. They are all roughly the same age right, so they all get a second chance. Their destiny isn't really their destiny anymore because everything got all messed up when they turned the wheel and skipped the record that is the island. Unless it IS their destiny and no matter what they do, it will always end up happening. DOES THAT MAKE SENSE?

-Back at the hospital, Eloise apologizes to Penny and says she is sorry if anything happens to Dez because "for the first time in a long time, I don't know what's going to happen." So, this has to mean that Eloise has time traveled successfully, right? She knows a lot of stuff we need to know. FESS UP OLD LADY. Anyway, touching reunion between Dez and Penny ensues. Hooray! Eloise leaves and is met by Charles. He knows Penny is inside but he won't go in, even though Eloise suggests it. He says his relationship with her was something he had to sacrifice for all this and she gets all mad and is all "don't tell me about sacrifice" and then as she mentions sending her son back to the island "knowing full well...", Widdy is all "he's my son, too." Cue dramatic music. Eloise slaps the crap out of him and takes off. So, this probably means that they did the deed on the island and then Widdy left, knocked up Penny's mom and had her off the island. Slut. Anyway, I can only think that perhaps Eloise knows that sending Danny back would seal his fate. Kate, Jack and Dan press on until they find the hostiles camp. He goes in, demands to know where Eloise is and holds them all at gunpoint, mainly Richard, who AGAIN seems perplexed as to who he is. More on that in a minute. Richard tells him she isn't there right now but he demands again and then BAM, he is shot in the Eloise. Dan's own mom killed him in 1977. He tells her he is her son and he suddenly realizes that she knew this would happen and sent him back anyway. Poor guy. He really has issues with her. Just because she sent him to his death doesn't mean she doesn't love him. Oh, yeah it does. Sorry Dan. Eloise doesn't know who he is. I am having issue with this. Why don't' these people recognize them? Why didn't Richard know who he was since he had been the one to help with the bomb back in the 50s? Are they time traveling, or is this more of an alternate plane type of thing where they are all existing together but at different times and such. I know I've said this before but that's got to be it. String theory. Many versions of the same person existing on different planes, each having a slightly different life. Maybe this means you don't really ever die because you are always existing at some point in time. AAAAACCCKKKK.

Okay, so the million dollar question is, if you could go back in time and change what has happened, good and bad, would you? Their lives were all pretty messed up before they got on that plane and despite the fact that they were trapped on the island, help captive, some were killed and all have been generally haunted by what has happened, would they change it? A lot of this depends on how far back they go, of course, but this is a big question. Even though shit happened, would you get rid of the good to get rid of the bad?

My brain is OFF for the rest of the day after this.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Laugh it up.

So, over the weekend I took video of Max. What you get is 1 1/2 minutes of him laughing. Enjoy.

Monday, April 27, 2009

It was like bird jerky.

Oh yeah, I forgot this. Yesterday, we decided to venture out to run errands and when we got to the end of our street, we saw a golden retriever puppy in the middle of the road. We live in the city so runaway dogs scare me because people fly down the streets here and I've seen enough dead cats to know they don't stop for animals. Anyway, I recognized the dog and knew where it lived so Jeff pulled over and I got out to get it. It wasn't far from it's house and he came right to me but he had something in his mouth. My main concern was getting him and me out of the street so I didn't see what it was until I got him closer to the porch. It was also windy and my skirt kept flying up so I'm sure the neighbors also saw my ass. You're welcome. Anyway, the dog was VERY energetic and was like holding on to a lightening bolt and I finally dragged it to the porch and knocked. I heard someone come to the door but then no noise so I yelled "HEY, I have your dog" and knocked again harder. I finally heard louder footsteps and the door flung open and the dog owner lady was standing there with her mouth open. "OH MY GOD, where was he?? He was supposed to be in the yard? How did he get out?" I had no answers but I did say "um, I think he has something in his mouth" and then she saw it and I helped her hold the dog so she could go down it's throat and retrieve whatever it was. Well, IT was a goddamn DEAD BIRD that the dog was chewing on the whole time. SICK SICK SICK SICK. It had been run over so it was all flat but you could still tell it was a bird and the dog was all "YUMMY" and the poor lady had to go in and grab it and pull it out, along with some throw up. At this point I was totally grossed out and was all "okay, see ya" and ran back to the car.

That dog knew the bird was the word.

Insert Title Here.

Pisces, Monday, 27 April 2009
Welcome to a special time. A very special, very significant, very magical time. Please don't assume, from this, that everything will work out as you want. It may do. Or it may not. That doesn't matter. Truly it doesn't. What matters is that you are learning something now about how you really feel - and who you truly are. In the long run (and, actually, in the short run too) this enlightening discovery that you are about to make will be worth far more than any exciting but temporary worldly success.

I haven't posted a horoscope in a while because they have sucked but this one I approve of. I love the vagueness of this. Meh, things might be great, they might be shit but no worry, you'll be all the better no matter what. FANTASTIC!

So, we decided that since I've had a couple of cake-free weekends, we would try to take advantage of the nice weather with Kimchi so we decided to take our first official trip to the zoo. We went on Saturday morning and got there as soon as they opened. We live about 5 minutes from the zoo but that didn't stop me from panicking that we would not beat the crowds. I had nothing to fear, however, since we ended up scoring a kick-ass parking spot on the street, which translates to FREE PARKING. The zoo wants $11 to park in their lot. Now, we are so fortunate to have a world-class zoo that is free to get in, so I guess they have to make their jack somehow but I was still glad to say eff-you to $11 parking. We made a beeline to the children's zoo and when we got there and went up to pay our $4 admission, we saw that we were so early they weren't even charging yet! SCORE AGAIN. Luckily it wasn't very crowded yet but the goats in the petting area were still waking up so they mostly laid around seemed generally annoyed we were there. Kimchi was not sure what to make of them so I kept saying "BIG PUPPIES!" He was clinging to me like a chimp and wanted nothing to do with the goats. I finally got him relaxed and he allowed me to put him down so he could pet them.

This goat was not playing and he is giving us the side-eye.


That's en elephant way off in the distance. He is clearly more interested in what's going on over there.

The monkeys were also not interesting to him. Suck it, lemur.

After that, we wandered around for a while but he really wasn't too interested in any of the animals. We would point to things but he would just look at our hands making the pointy motion and not at what were pointing at. He liked the giraffe but only because it was close and he could see all of it. By the end, he was getting really fussy and the crowds had come and it was getting hot so we decided to get the hell out. It was nice to look at the clock and see it was only 11am and we had already gone to the zoo. I hate mornings more than I can express but there is something to be said for getting a crapload of stuff done before noon. We went home and put the little prince down for a nap and we vegged out on the couch for a bit. We decided he's probably still too little to really enjoy this stuff so we're going to put our trip to Disneyworld on hold. I KEED, I KEED.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Sliiiiiide to the left, sliiiiiiide to the right

So, Jeff and I took Kimchi to the park yesterday. There's really only one thing he can play on at this point, which is the slide. Jeff took pics of him last time but we actually remembered the video camera this time. PARENTING WIN! You would think that since I made a point to buy the tiniest camera I could find, I would just carry it around in case something awesome happens but that does not appear to be the case. If I could remember the camera I might also do something crazy like remember to bring my own bags to the grocery store but again I fail. Sorry earth, better luck next time. Where was I? Oh yeah, the park. So we got there and there were some older kids playing kind of wild (listen to me. I have tuned into my grandma) so we kept to the slide the whole time. Here's what happened the first time he went down:

Huh. Not so much. We worked on it a few times and finally by the end he was rocking this

Nice! He is a slide genius. Of course he is.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Can I get the gas next time?

So, I went to the dentist today. It was my second visit this week, the first being Tuesday. Jeff has been bugging me to go for months because the only time I've gone in the last, um, let's just say many years has been for an emergency root canal but that's a story for another day. Actually it isn't. Cracked tooth on bagel. Went to dentist. Drilled out tooth and put on cap. End of story. Anyway, I had been experiencing some sensitivity in the teeth recently so I decided to make Jeff happy and go in for a check-up/cleaning. I was nervous because nothing good happens at the dentist and I have horrid memories of my last visit, pre root-canal. Well, they took a bunch of x-rays and the lady was like "um, how long has it been since your last cleaning?" and I was like "what year is this?" but she wasn't laughing so I told her it's been a very, very long time BUT I brush all the time. She said I had a lot of tarter under the gum line, and she stressed A LOT and not only would I need to sit there for the initial cleaning, but I was going to have to come back for "under the gum scraping." The hell I will. She convinced me that if I did this, I would have the gums of a 20 year old and I'm a sucker so back I went today for said scraping.

Personally, I think these dentists need to think of kinder words for the things they do to your mouth, especially when they call and ask you to come in 30 minutes early so that the tech will have PLENTY of time to get in all the scraping necessary. Anyway, they told me I would be numbed for this occasion, thank you jesus, but I might experience some "discomfort." Super. They gave me the Novocaine and a Woman's Day magazine and while I learned the secrets of saving money at the grocery store (SPOILER ALERT! Buy cheaper shit.), the right side of my face began to numb. Yes, I said right side and face. You see, they only do one side at a time so I have to GO BACK and get the left side done and the massive amount of Novocaine they gave me numbed me from my eyeball to my chin. Unfortunately, it did not completely numb th inside part of my upper teeth but I decided I didn't want another shot so I suffered through. She started with some kind of mouth jackhammer and chipped off all the tarter under my gums, which felt AWESOME (not) and followed that up with some hand scraping. For that, she used a pointy hook thing that looked like it could kill someone and she proceeded to scrape my teeth with such force I thought either they were going to fly out of my head or I was going to be flung across the room into the wall. This lady had some serious strength and she was not playing. The best part is that the whole time she was chatting me up and all I could do was grunt and nod. I had a line of drool going down each side of my mouth and my lips had dried so badly they were stuck to my front teeth and I couldn't free them. It was a good look. She got all the crap chipped off, gave them a polish and off I went. Overall the pain wasn't too bad and I'm glad it was done.


The Novocaine had left me completely numb still on the ENTIRE RIGHT SIDE OF MY FACE. I had to go pick up Kimchi from Liz, who had been so kind to watch him during my dental trials and tribulations this week and when I called to tell her I was on my way, it came out sounding like Quasimodo. If you watch Family Guy, there is an episode where Peter has a stroke and he is left paralyzed on one side and he calls it his stroke side. Well, I felt like I had stroke face. My right nostril was even drawn down and I looked like half of a Salvador Dali painting. I got to Liz's house and we all found vast amusement from this. I tried to drink from a straw but it would just run out so I gave up. I had to stop for gas and I could barely utter "pump 2, please" because I could not form the words. It took a good 3 hours for this shit to wear off and now I'm left with extreme jaw pain from the shot and from holding my mouth open for that long. I was going to make a prostitute joke here but I won't. ANYWAYS, that's my story. I have a month break before the next round. Tune in again.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lost Recap

So, I'm going to give a very brief Lost recap. I say brief and I MEAN IT. I have only a precious few minutes before the dogs get pelted by cheerios. I can see for miles and miles and miles......

-Miles-centric episode. Great. We needed it. We knew he was Chung's son, we knew he talked to the deed, we knew he was born on the island. We learned he lived with his mother only because his father abandoned them (I assume being dead from the purge makes it hard to visit), he was a cute little punker as a youngster and that he made a living as one of Dionne Warwick's psychic friends, talking to dead people for cold hard cash. So Naomi, working for Widdy who is fond of Miles' unusual talent, offers him $1.6 mil for going to the island to get info out of some corpses. He says sure but before he goes he is semi-kidnapped by some dudes and asked "what lies in the shadow of the statue?" which we also heard from Ileana. He says "?" and they tell him he's not ready to go to the island. They also tell him he's working for the wrong side and that if he wants to fill his emotional void that he needs to join them and they will help him. He says pay me double and you're on, they say we don't pay anyone and toss him out.

-He sees Daddy on the island, tells Hurley all about it but gets mad when Hurley teases him. He says he had no relationship with daddy and Hurley says he may not have HAD one, but he can HAVE one now. Interesting perspective. He also sees that daddy is a douchebag but then he sees him cuddling and reading to is infant self and he starts to realize that maybe he loved him after all. This confirms to us that yes, you can interact with your past self, which blows A LOT of theories out of the water. It also begs the question of whether the island is there as a form of redemption. It's been discussed but this makes me think yes. Jack seems to have "fixed" his desire to fix everything knowing nothing he does will change anything. What a relief that must be to him. Sawyer finally got the chance to be in charge and respected. Who knows.

- Sawyer is in deep doo doo after the tape of him bringing Ben to the others fell into the wrong hands. Uh oh.

- Back to Miles, when they asked him the question, they told him he wasn't ready. When they kicked him out, he asked who they were working for and they said the side that's gonna win, right? Well, if they are working for Ben, which we sorta have to assume for now since they DON'T want him working for Widdy, why didn't Ileana know who Ben was? If that question is the marker for those people, she would have known her own boss was right there, right? Methinks that there might be a third party here at work. Maybe it's Dharma, maybe it's Hanso. I don't know yet. Are the dead bodies Widdy wanted to talk to the purged Dharma peeps or someone else?

Think amongst yourselves. I gotta go pick up cheerios.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Communication Breakdown

So, you know how people talk about the terrible two's? Well, consider this a public service when I tell you that's a bunch of crap. The terrible TWO's is a misnomer. Max is all of 1 year and a couple weeks and folks, we have hit the terrible two's. I noticed his behaviour changing over the last couple of days but he has been sick so I attributed his whining and crying to that and didn't pay too much attention until yesterday. Yesterday. Yesterday was a day that I had talked about before we got him and had prepared myself for, just not quite this soon. Here's what happened.

We went to the grocery store yesterday and yes, we went fairly close to nap time but still with a reasonable amount of time to get the job done before sleepy time. Anyway, he was doing fine at the start but about 10 minutes into it, he started to get fussy. Nothing major, just squirming in the cart and some random whining. I had given him a bottle of soda to play with (before you call child services and tell them I give my kid soda, it was UNOPENED)and he seemed to be fine with this. Well, I had turned to get a can of beans off the shelf and out of the corner of my eye I see my bottle of Diet A&W go flying down the aisle. I ran to get it and instead of giving it back for me to go fetch again, I put it in the cart. This did not please him. He started to squirm a lot more and he was getting louder in his fussing. I figured that hauling my ass through this place as fast as possible was a really good idea so I picked up the pace. Suddenly he busted out of the cart seat belt. That's not good. I buckled him back in and within 3 seconds, mini Houdini was out again and this time, he had worked both legs into one side of the cart leg opening and was trying to slide to freedom. At this point I knew I was screwed so I got him back in and tried to hold him in place while I RAN through the aisles throwing shit in my cart. What did I buy? Who the hell knows. I grabbed a box of mac n cheese and threw it in, which he promptly reached back and picked up. This magic box suddenly shut him up so I slowed down and kept shopping until I looked over to see his lips covered in the blue cardboard that he was chewing off. I grabbed the box, threw it back in the cart and wiped the blue from his lips. That's when it happened.

He looked at me and all of a sudden his bottom lip came out, his eyes got all squinty and his face began to turn beet red. He made no sound. NO SOUND. That is the harbinger of disaster. No sound means only one thing. He is breathing in to get as much air so he can scream as loud as humanly possible. I braced for impact and he did not disappoint. He let loose as loud as I have ever heard him, all because I took the box away from him. I was running down the aisle trying to finish and he was at Defcon 5 so I said "EFF THIS" and ran to the front to ABORT MISSION. Of course, all the lines were long so I had to wait because we were seriously out of everything and finally had to pick him up because he was breaking out of his cart prison again so I'm standing there, holding a screaming toddler who now is trying to pull down the gum rack and I hear the guy in front of me say he needs to make a call to his dad about his total. ARE YOU SEROUS, DUDE? We live near a major university and all the kids shop at my grocery store with their parent's credit card and this kid needs to get permission to buy his freaking Powerade RIGHT NOW?? I've managed to throw all my crap on the belt by now and the guy finally leaves and I'm on. I go to the end and start bagging my own stuff. I shoved everything I could into the bags while trying to prevent him from banging on the credit card machine which he was intent on doing. He is VERY LOUD right now and every one is staring at us, or at least I feel like they are. He isn't crying as much but every time I deny him, he screams. I get all my stuff bagged and get the hell out of there. I walk outside and what's happening?? IT'S RAINING. Of course it is.

We run through the rain, me holding him and trying to push a big cart with one hand which is not easy to do and what is he doing?? LAUGHING HIS BRAINS OUT. This is so fun for him. YIPPEE! Fantastic. I spent the ride home explaining how much I disliked his behaviour, all of which I'm sure sounded like the teacher from the Peanuts to him and as soon as we got him, he was in the crib. Before he could break into his crying routine again, I told him I didn't want to hear a peep out of him and I think he knew he had reached my limit because he made not a sound for over an hour. So, my point of this is, why am I getting the terrible two's at age one? Huh? Why? I should have at least 6 more months of bliss, right? No. He's hit it and now I'm on brat patrol. It's on kid, BRING IT.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cake Alert!

So, I just delivered a cake to Max's buddy Louie, who is also from Korea and also turning the big 0-1. We were supposed to go and partake in the festivities, but Max has been battling a double ear infection this week and we were up with him until 3am last night because he was having major ear pain and the remedy was apparently screaming bloody murder so I decided that thrusting this bag of fun on a house of unsuspecting people wasn't the neighborly thing to do. He has also developed a nasty rash on his face and we are waiting to hear back from the doctor as to what the hell it is. Please don't be a pox of some sort. That's never good.

Anyway, back to the cake. It's a stack of gifts, which are all individually decorated cakes with a big cake core in the center. It was pretty freaking adorable! I threw in a couple of Easter eggs since, you know, it's Easter. Here's a sneak peak:

Check out the rest of the pics at......... wait for it.......

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lost Recap

So, I'm picking up the little blobs of brain that are all over my living room after last night's episode caused it to explode. It's a messy job, people. I sat with my mouth agape for the entire last 15 minutes. HOLY LORD! Oh Ben, you are something. This is gonna be short but let's see what happened.........

-We start with Boy Ben in the Other's camp post-healing. He gets a visit from Constantine from American Idol. No wait, that was Charles Widmore! Of course it was! He tells Ben, who is protesting his return to Dharma, that going back means he can still be "one of them," only from a different location. A child spy? Probably. Future Ben wakes up to see who? Zombie Locke! They are finally face to face post strangulation and I was hoping for an epic smackdown but Zombie Locke has some weird serenity about him and he wasn't having any fighting. Zombie Locke asks why he is so surprised to see him and we learn that Ben didn't really know he would come back to life but he had a hunch. He tells Zombie that he came back to be judged by the smoke monster for breaking the rules (coming back to the island), which we now are being led to believe is some sort of judging deity. Interesting.

-Back on the beach with the NEW losties, who I will call newsies, and Ben decided to throw suspicion on Zombie by egging on Caesar and making him think John was already on the island. Caesar doesn't look too smart so he believes this. In a flashback, we see that a slightly older Ben and a young Ethan were ordered to kill Danielle and Alex, who had been living on the beach since they wrecked there. Ben goes to kill her but sees the baby and rethinks it. Instead he takes the baby and tells Danielle that if she wants her to live, she should NEVER try to find her and that if she is out and hears whispers to RUN LIKE HELL. This effectively keeps Danielle insane and afraid and at bay for the next 16 years. He brings the baby back to camp where Widmore appears to be in charge, even though Richard is right there. Widdy is pissed that he didn't kill them and so Ben gives him the baby to kill but Widdy takes a pass and Ben takes the baby for himself. Widdy makes a claim that everything he does, including killing, is done for the sake of the island. Hmmm....where have we heard that before? Back in the present, Ben and Zombie Locke are in Ben's old office and John finally asks Ben why he killed him. Ben said it was the only way to get everyone back and John asks why he didn't just let him kill himself and Ben says that he needed to pump info out of him and dead bodies don't talk and after that, he didn't have time to convince him to re-hang himself so he took a shortcut. I do not believe any of this except for the pumping info part.

-Back on the island, Ben and John are attempting to take a boat to the main island but Caesar stops them. Ben makes eyes at him, furthering his suspicion of John, Caesar is all "I'M IN CHARGE HERE" and when he goes to pull a gun on Locke to stop him, Ben shoots him DEED! Ouch. Bye, Caesar. Ben tells John that was his apology for killing him. This whole scene was sketchy to me. They get to the dock, Ben is all "home sweet home" and John says he thinks Ben is lying and that he is there to atone for killing Alex, not for returning to the island. Ben doesn't like hearing this but I suspect he is right. They go to Ben's old house where we see Sun and Frank, who have been told by Christian to wait there for John, who they think is dead. When Ben comes in and they see John is alive, they are freaked out, but explain why THEY are there, which is to find the people that are stuck in 1977. Frank is all "I quit this crazy bitch. See you on the beach" and takes off while Ben tried to conjure the smoke monster by flushing an ancient toilet in a secret passageway in his home. That was weird. He waits outside for Smokey, who doesn't come, so John tells him he will take him to it. Ben is alarmed that John knows more than he does. So are we. Off they go to the temple.

-Back to past Ben, who is seeing off Widdy as he is being banished from the island for leaving too often, having Penny with an outsider and generally being a jerk with a bad wig. I made that last part up but it's probably true. Widdy tells him that things are gonna happen whether Ben likes it or not, namely Alex WILL die, and that Ben will be banished himself at some point. Ben tells him that no he won't, he will do it right and succeed. Now we know the connection. Widdy wants back on the island, which has banished him for screwing up knowing Ben wants to get back as well for the same reasons. Why does he want to go back? What is is that they are going back for?

-Sun, Ben and Zombie Locke go to the temple, but as they're walking Ben realized he hates that John knows what's going on and he doesn't. ZING! Welcome to John's world, Benny. In a future flash, we see that Ben did indeed try to kill Penny before they went back but stopped when he saw little Charlie and then Desmond, who somehow was unaffected by Ben's GUN SHOT TO THE CHEST, beats the crap out of him and pushes him into the water. I don't think that was the end of that but that's all we saw. Widdy knows he did this and I'm guessing he isn't too thrilled. Meanwhile, they make it to the temple and John tells him they are going under it to find Smokey. Ben tells Sun to tell Desmond he is sorry (see, it ain't over yet). Ben goes in with John and finds Smokey's place. It should be noted that there is a hieroglyphic on the wall above it that shows Anubis, which was the ancient Egyptian figure who brought the dead to the afterlife. That is VERY IMPORTANT. Smokey comes out, wraps around Ben, much like Dorothy was enveloped by the twister in The Wizard of Oz (make the connection, people) and sees his life with Alex, including her death. After it goes away, Alex appears and gives him a verbal smackdown, telling him to listen and follow everything Zombie Locke tells him to do. We finally see Ben as a vulnerable and emotional man and it was glorious. Alex was NOT nice to him and rightfully so.

-On top of all this craziness, we end back at the beach, where Frank has returned to some chaos. Illeana and some other men have decided to take over but we soon find out that things are not what they seem. Frank approaches her and she demands, at gunpoint, to know "what lies in the shadow of the statue?" Frank is like WHA? and has no clue. She persists and when he doesn't give it up, she clocks him out cold. This was the weirdest part of the episode. This lady wasn't just taking Sayid to Guam. She is someone and knows something. She is not who she seems and I think that there are others like her.

Okay, so this wasn't short but this was the best I could do. I am still working through the info and I don't have much else to add except that I'm glad we know why Ben and Widmore hate each other and we now know that the smoke monster can take the form of people whose dead bodies reside on the island. Yemmi, Christian, Alex, etc. Does this mean it can go off island ala Ana Lucia and Hurley? Next week looks BANANAS and we only have 4 episodes or so to go so things are going to get more complicated before they get clear.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Kortalian or Itarean?

So, I thought it would be fun for Kimchi to try new foods. Last night was ravioli. I've been eating pasta of some sort since I was a baby because I am half EYE-talian and that's just what you do. I decided to pass this tradition of carb loving on to my child. He would have been eating rice at every meal so what's the difference, right?

Perhaps I should have thought this through a little more.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Cake Alert!!

You know where to go.

This weekend brought a baby shower and a cake for my old man. Enjoy.

Happy Belated, Honey!

So, last Friday, Jeff turned the big 4-0. He is old. This was his expression when I reminded him of his age.
I keed, I keed. I am, or course MUCH younger then he is. Okay, not that much younger but 5 years is 5 years, ya dig? The vast majority of my friend's are all hitting this milestone this year so 2009 will be filled to the gills with parties. I remember the year everyone turned 30 and it seemed like every other weekend was some kind of trolly ride or sporting event or surprise party or something. I imagine this year will not disappoint. Jeff was pretty much "meh" about his birthday overall and didn't want a party or anything but I couldn't just sit by and do nothing so we got a babysitter, gathered a few friend and met out for drinks. I would showcase the awesome gift I got him but how exciting is a hoodie from Old Navy? I won't waste your time. Anyway, I did make him a super cool cake so that made up for the crap gift. His dream lotto car is an old Jaguar so that's what I attempted to make. It came out closer to an MG, but whatever. It still tasted delicious so suck it cake haters.
Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY 3 DAYS LATE, HONEY!! You are still a hot piece in my world even though you're old. Still, I keed.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lost Recap

So, no recap for a bit. Quite frankly I've been a little busy but last night warrants a recap. HOLY BALONEY SANDWICHES!! Not only does Kate have daddy issues, she has behbeh issues. Let's go lose our innocence together...........

-So, I find it very interesting that now our former friend Losties are now so deep into this experiment that they are now fighting against each other. I don't think Jin skipped a beat in ratting out Sayid, which means that whatever this experiment REALLY is, one thing they've accomplished is fully assimilating Sawyer, Juliette and Jin. Jin seems to have completely forgotten that Sun came back with them and eve though she's in a different time, I don't recall them ever telling him that. As far as they know, the other plane people are out there somewhere. I wonder if they hadn't come back, would Sawyer, Jin and Juliette just lived out their lives in the Dharma Experiment? Would they have perished in the purge? Have we seen evidence of them in earlier episodes but didn't know it was them?

-So now we know what Sawyer said. Well sorta. I still couldn't make it out even though I turned the TV up but I figured. I had an idea it had something to do with his kid but it also could have been "don't marry Jack" so I'm glad we know. I kinda liked Kate having a girlfriend, even if she was a grifter. Don't judge. I would imagine that living with that kind of secret would be very difficult and I would totally have to spill to someone at some point like she did. I do wonder why she didn't need the airline money and gave it to the chick? I assume she was with Jack at that point but jeez, who doesn't need a little extra cash, you know? Anyway, how cute is it that Aaron and Clementine play together? I can't hear her name without picturing tiny oranges but that's my problem, not yours. Anyway, so we know she told this woman the truth and that she did indeed help Clem. Good girl, Kate.

- So Sawyer puts Hurley, Jack and Kate on house arrest. Or as Miles said "you can leave, but I'll shoot you in the leg." CLASSIC! Clearly, Kate did not get the memo. The conversation between Hurley and Miles was one of the reasons I love this show so much. Thank you producers, for explaining and debunking things that have been debated ad nauseam on message boards all across the interwebs. I get what Miles said, but I also believe that Hurley's hole is valid and one of the main sticking points when I read this theory, that all of this stuff really is happening and that the future isn't being changed because this is what ALWAYS happened. My sister is a big Battlestar Gallactica fan and she was explaining the finale to me and **SPOILER ALERT** on that show, everything happens on an endless loop and no matter what, it just keeps happening over and over. They have a war, they flee, they find Earth but it's way back in time, they start over and then in the future they have a war, they flee, and so get the point. It makes sense to think that yes, the plane crash always happened and that Ben always turned the wheel and so on and so forth, which would then explain how nothing they do now effects the future because in the future, this stuff always happened. Their present is the same past that everyone else has. WHA?? The hole of course being that if Ben died, he would never be alive in the future to do all those things because this is his past and that's the part no one can figure out. My sister's theory is that this whole show is being shown out of order and in the end, we will see it all connected. That's a good theory.

-Regardless of theory, we now know how Ben came to join the others. I found it interesting because Jack seemed to know that it wasn't up to him to do anything to help and he was right. Had he helped Juliette, they never would have taken him to Richard and Roger seemed to have had a change of heart and perhaps had Ben stayed with Dharma, he and Roger would have had a better relationship and Ben wouldn't have been suck a dick. Woulda, coulda, shoulda. That right there to me, is a pivotal part of this saga. It proves that sometimes, things go awry for a reason even when we want them to be all nice and tidy and I imagine that by going awry, it facilitates something in the future that we cannot prevent from happening, good or bad. We also found out that in 1977, Charles Widmore and Elly are still there and based on what that unwashed dude said, have some degree of power even though Richard is all "STEP OFF. I GOT THIS." And say what you will, actor that plays Richard, but your luscious lashes and perfectly accented eyes are eyeliner-rific and I will never believe you that "it's natural." If that's the game we're playing, then this is my natural hair color. Check mate. Aside from his use of cosmetics, Richard can also apparently cure the dying by taking them to an overgrown temple. I was expecting Indiana Jones to run out with a boulder following. Is Jacob in the temple? Is Jacob even in play right now? What ever happened to Alvar Hanso? I will continue to ask that question even though it doesn't apply here. Did Richard turn Ben evil by saving his life? Is that what he meant by saying he'll never be the same and that his innocence will be lost? I would have to imagine that Ben is bound to them for saving his life and pretty much does whatever they tell him but I'm not going into this yet because we don't know anything. Based on the previews, Ben is going on a journey in the catacombs and he better hope that Indy is nearby to show him the ropes because it looked ancient and dark. I assume we'll learn more about Ben and why he does what he does next week. I also imagine that John Locke is gonna SMACK HIM DOWN because he looked pretty pissed hovering over him like that creepy dude from Phantasm and Ben looked pretty shocked to see John alive, which I find strange because I always assume that Ben knows all the secrets of the island so why would he be freaked out by zombie John Locke?

-Aaron. Poor little Aaron. At least we know that Kate sent him off with his granny and didn't sell him up the river or something. Clearly Kate looked at this trip back as one-way and has no intention of seeing Aaron again. That makes me sad but at the same time, we still don't' know what happened to Claire and if she is DEED, he should be with his granny and not some strange woman who washed ashore with Mommy. I totally shed a tear when she said goodbye because I cannot imagine saying goodbye to my own little bundle of farts and I thought it was a very well acted scene. I do wonder, however, why she told Jack to never mention Aaron again. It wasn't like she left him in a bad way but maybe the memory is too painful. I don't' know. Either way, I think she did the right thing and we'll see if it turns out that way in the end. Aaron not coming back could throw a huge wrench in things. UNLESS.......Kate is pregnant. I have thought she was since she and Jack bumped it before they went back. We won't know yet but if she was and they went back in time, could she have the baby? There doesn't seem to be the evil thing that kills the behbehs so maybe she will have it. Maybe she's not even pregnant and I need to shut up. Hmm.

So, that's what we know this week. I am hoping at some point we find out what happened to Rose and Benard because I'm becoming concerned about them and on a personal side note, I would totally sneak in and steal Kate's hair if it was possible. That woman has some gorgeous, gorgeous hair. I was mesmerized by it. Maybe her hair is Jacob because I'd do whatever it told me to do.