Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lost Recap

So, no recap for a bit. Quite frankly I've been a little busy but last night warrants a recap. HOLY BALONEY SANDWICHES!! Not only does Kate have daddy issues, she has behbeh issues. Let's go lose our innocence together...........

-So, I find it very interesting that now our former friend Losties are now so deep into this experiment that they are now fighting against each other. I don't think Jin skipped a beat in ratting out Sayid, which means that whatever this experiment REALLY is, one thing they've accomplished is fully assimilating Sawyer, Juliette and Jin. Jin seems to have completely forgotten that Sun came back with them and eve though she's in a different time, I don't recall them ever telling him that. As far as they know, the other plane people are out there somewhere. I wonder if they hadn't come back, would Sawyer, Jin and Juliette just lived out their lives in the Dharma Experiment? Would they have perished in the purge? Have we seen evidence of them in earlier episodes but didn't know it was them?

-So now we know what Sawyer said. Well sorta. I still couldn't make it out even though I turned the TV up but I figured. I had an idea it had something to do with his kid but it also could have been "don't marry Jack" so I'm glad we know. I kinda liked Kate having a girlfriend, even if she was a grifter. Don't judge. I would imagine that living with that kind of secret would be very difficult and I would totally have to spill to someone at some point like she did. I do wonder why she didn't need the airline money and gave it to the chick? I assume she was with Jack at that point but jeez, who doesn't need a little extra cash, you know? Anyway, how cute is it that Aaron and Clementine play together? I can't hear her name without picturing tiny oranges but that's my problem, not yours. Anyway, so we know she told this woman the truth and that she did indeed help Clem. Good girl, Kate.

- So Sawyer puts Hurley, Jack and Kate on house arrest. Or as Miles said "you can leave, but I'll shoot you in the leg." CLASSIC! Clearly, Kate did not get the memo. The conversation between Hurley and Miles was one of the reasons I love this show so much. Thank you producers, for explaining and debunking things that have been debated ad nauseam on message boards all across the interwebs. I get what Miles said, but I also believe that Hurley's hole is valid and one of the main sticking points when I read this theory, that all of this stuff really is happening and that the future isn't being changed because this is what ALWAYS happened. My sister is a big Battlestar Gallactica fan and she was explaining the finale to me and **SPOILER ALERT** on that show, everything happens on an endless loop and no matter what, it just keeps happening over and over. They have a war, they flee, they find Earth but it's way back in time, they start over and then in the future they have a war, they flee, and so get the point. It makes sense to think that yes, the plane crash always happened and that Ben always turned the wheel and so on and so forth, which would then explain how nothing they do now effects the future because in the future, this stuff always happened. Their present is the same past that everyone else has. WHA?? The hole of course being that if Ben died, he would never be alive in the future to do all those things because this is his past and that's the part no one can figure out. My sister's theory is that this whole show is being shown out of order and in the end, we will see it all connected. That's a good theory.

-Regardless of theory, we now know how Ben came to join the others. I found it interesting because Jack seemed to know that it wasn't up to him to do anything to help and he was right. Had he helped Juliette, they never would have taken him to Richard and Roger seemed to have had a change of heart and perhaps had Ben stayed with Dharma, he and Roger would have had a better relationship and Ben wouldn't have been suck a dick. Woulda, coulda, shoulda. That right there to me, is a pivotal part of this saga. It proves that sometimes, things go awry for a reason even when we want them to be all nice and tidy and I imagine that by going awry, it facilitates something in the future that we cannot prevent from happening, good or bad. We also found out that in 1977, Charles Widmore and Elly are still there and based on what that unwashed dude said, have some degree of power even though Richard is all "STEP OFF. I GOT THIS." And say what you will, actor that plays Richard, but your luscious lashes and perfectly accented eyes are eyeliner-rific and I will never believe you that "it's natural." If that's the game we're playing, then this is my natural hair color. Check mate. Aside from his use of cosmetics, Richard can also apparently cure the dying by taking them to an overgrown temple. I was expecting Indiana Jones to run out with a boulder following. Is Jacob in the temple? Is Jacob even in play right now? What ever happened to Alvar Hanso? I will continue to ask that question even though it doesn't apply here. Did Richard turn Ben evil by saving his life? Is that what he meant by saying he'll never be the same and that his innocence will be lost? I would have to imagine that Ben is bound to them for saving his life and pretty much does whatever they tell him but I'm not going into this yet because we don't know anything. Based on the previews, Ben is going on a journey in the catacombs and he better hope that Indy is nearby to show him the ropes because it looked ancient and dark. I assume we'll learn more about Ben and why he does what he does next week. I also imagine that John Locke is gonna SMACK HIM DOWN because he looked pretty pissed hovering over him like that creepy dude from Phantasm and Ben looked pretty shocked to see John alive, which I find strange because I always assume that Ben knows all the secrets of the island so why would he be freaked out by zombie John Locke?

-Aaron. Poor little Aaron. At least we know that Kate sent him off with his granny and didn't sell him up the river or something. Clearly Kate looked at this trip back as one-way and has no intention of seeing Aaron again. That makes me sad but at the same time, we still don't' know what happened to Claire and if she is DEED, he should be with his granny and not some strange woman who washed ashore with Mommy. I totally shed a tear when she said goodbye because I cannot imagine saying goodbye to my own little bundle of farts and I thought it was a very well acted scene. I do wonder, however, why she told Jack to never mention Aaron again. It wasn't like she left him in a bad way but maybe the memory is too painful. I don't' know. Either way, I think she did the right thing and we'll see if it turns out that way in the end. Aaron not coming back could throw a huge wrench in things. UNLESS.......Kate is pregnant. I have thought she was since she and Jack bumped it before they went back. We won't know yet but if she was and they went back in time, could she have the baby? There doesn't seem to be the evil thing that kills the behbehs so maybe she will have it. Maybe she's not even pregnant and I need to shut up. Hmm.

So, that's what we know this week. I am hoping at some point we find out what happened to Rose and Benard because I'm becoming concerned about them and on a personal side note, I would totally sneak in and steal Kate's hair if it was possible. That woman has some gorgeous, gorgeous hair. I was mesmerized by it. Maybe her hair is Jacob because I'd do whatever it told me to do.


LM said...

I thought that was Jacob's cabin that Richard took Ben to. It looked like it, although we typically see it in the dark so it's hard to say. I also assumed that by Richard saving him, that it meant some sort of evil turn for Ben in some regard. Which would make sense because Ben turns out evil as we know. At least to some degree. I also thought it was weird he was surprised to see John.

Amy and Jeff said...

It looked more like that temple that Juliette and co. stumbled upon before John left the island. I actually think it's called the Temple. If I recall, I think that only those who can communicate with Jacob can see the cabin and I'm not convinced as to what role Richard Maybelline plays in all this. I'll check for sure.