Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lost Recap

So, I'm going to give a very brief Lost recap. I say brief and I MEAN IT. I have only a precious few minutes before the dogs get pelted by cheerios. I can see for miles and miles and miles......

-Miles-centric episode. Great. We needed it. We knew he was Chung's son, we knew he talked to the deed, we knew he was born on the island. We learned he lived with his mother only because his father abandoned them (I assume being dead from the purge makes it hard to visit), he was a cute little punker as a youngster and that he made a living as one of Dionne Warwick's psychic friends, talking to dead people for cold hard cash. So Naomi, working for Widdy who is fond of Miles' unusual talent, offers him $1.6 mil for going to the island to get info out of some corpses. He says sure but before he goes he is semi-kidnapped by some dudes and asked "what lies in the shadow of the statue?" which we also heard from Ileana. He says "?" and they tell him he's not ready to go to the island. They also tell him he's working for the wrong side and that if he wants to fill his emotional void that he needs to join them and they will help him. He says pay me double and you're on, they say we don't pay anyone and toss him out.

-He sees Daddy on the island, tells Hurley all about it but gets mad when Hurley teases him. He says he had no relationship with daddy and Hurley says he may not have HAD one, but he can HAVE one now. Interesting perspective. He also sees that daddy is a douchebag but then he sees him cuddling and reading to is infant self and he starts to realize that maybe he loved him after all. This confirms to us that yes, you can interact with your past self, which blows A LOT of theories out of the water. It also begs the question of whether the island is there as a form of redemption. It's been discussed but this makes me think yes. Jack seems to have "fixed" his desire to fix everything knowing nothing he does will change anything. What a relief that must be to him. Sawyer finally got the chance to be in charge and respected. Who knows.

- Sawyer is in deep doo doo after the tape of him bringing Ben to the others fell into the wrong hands. Uh oh.

- Back to Miles, when they asked him the question, they told him he wasn't ready. When they kicked him out, he asked who they were working for and they said the side that's gonna win, right? Well, if they are working for Ben, which we sorta have to assume for now since they DON'T want him working for Widdy, why didn't Ileana know who Ben was? If that question is the marker for those people, she would have known her own boss was right there, right? Methinks that there might be a third party here at work. Maybe it's Dharma, maybe it's Hanso. I don't know yet. Are the dead bodies Widdy wanted to talk to the purged Dharma peeps or someone else?

Think amongst yourselves. I gotta go pick up cheerios.

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cyrollan said...

Hi, my name is Dustin, and Jenny B. told me to check out your site. I'm a LOST fan, and your recaps are fun!