Monday, April 27, 2009

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Pisces, Monday, 27 April 2009
Welcome to a special time. A very special, very significant, very magical time. Please don't assume, from this, that everything will work out as you want. It may do. Or it may not. That doesn't matter. Truly it doesn't. What matters is that you are learning something now about how you really feel - and who you truly are. In the long run (and, actually, in the short run too) this enlightening discovery that you are about to make will be worth far more than any exciting but temporary worldly success.

I haven't posted a horoscope in a while because they have sucked but this one I approve of. I love the vagueness of this. Meh, things might be great, they might be shit but no worry, you'll be all the better no matter what. FANTASTIC!

So, we decided that since I've had a couple of cake-free weekends, we would try to take advantage of the nice weather with Kimchi so we decided to take our first official trip to the zoo. We went on Saturday morning and got there as soon as they opened. We live about 5 minutes from the zoo but that didn't stop me from panicking that we would not beat the crowds. I had nothing to fear, however, since we ended up scoring a kick-ass parking spot on the street, which translates to FREE PARKING. The zoo wants $11 to park in their lot. Now, we are so fortunate to have a world-class zoo that is free to get in, so I guess they have to make their jack somehow but I was still glad to say eff-you to $11 parking. We made a beeline to the children's zoo and when we got there and went up to pay our $4 admission, we saw that we were so early they weren't even charging yet! SCORE AGAIN. Luckily it wasn't very crowded yet but the goats in the petting area were still waking up so they mostly laid around seemed generally annoyed we were there. Kimchi was not sure what to make of them so I kept saying "BIG PUPPIES!" He was clinging to me like a chimp and wanted nothing to do with the goats. I finally got him relaxed and he allowed me to put him down so he could pet them.

This goat was not playing and he is giving us the side-eye.


That's en elephant way off in the distance. He is clearly more interested in what's going on over there.

The monkeys were also not interesting to him. Suck it, lemur.

After that, we wandered around for a while but he really wasn't too interested in any of the animals. We would point to things but he would just look at our hands making the pointy motion and not at what were pointing at. He liked the giraffe but only because it was close and he could see all of it. By the end, he was getting really fussy and the crowds had come and it was getting hot so we decided to get the hell out. It was nice to look at the clock and see it was only 11am and we had already gone to the zoo. I hate mornings more than I can express but there is something to be said for getting a crapload of stuff done before noon. We went home and put the little prince down for a nap and we vegged out on the couch for a bit. We decided he's probably still too little to really enjoy this stuff so we're going to put our trip to Disneyworld on hold. I KEED, I KEED.

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