Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy Belated, Honey!

So, last Friday, Jeff turned the big 4-0. He is old. This was his expression when I reminded him of his age.
I keed, I keed. I am, or course MUCH younger then he is. Okay, not that much younger but 5 years is 5 years, ya dig? The vast majority of my friend's are all hitting this milestone this year so 2009 will be filled to the gills with parties. I remember the year everyone turned 30 and it seemed like every other weekend was some kind of trolly ride or sporting event or surprise party or something. I imagine this year will not disappoint. Jeff was pretty much "meh" about his birthday overall and didn't want a party or anything but I couldn't just sit by and do nothing so we got a babysitter, gathered a few friend and met out for drinks. I would showcase the awesome gift I got him but how exciting is a hoodie from Old Navy? I won't waste your time. Anyway, I did make him a super cool cake so that made up for the crap gift. His dream lotto car is an old Jaguar so that's what I attempted to make. It came out closer to an MG, but whatever. It still tasted delicious so suck it cake haters.
Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY 3 DAYS LATE, HONEY!! You are still a hot piece in my world even though you're old. Still, I keed.

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LM said...

I neglected to tell you Saturday that I managed to guess the car you were aiming for on the cake. My initial reaction was to ask "What kind of car is that?" but I hesitated out of fear of insulting your replica. Looking back, I realize it wouldn't have insulted you seeing as I don't know or care anything about cars. But later in talking to Liz I mentioned "I don't know what kind of car it's supposed to be, but it looks like an old Jaguar". Not kidding. Ask The Lizard.