Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cake Alert!

So, I just delivered a cake to Max's buddy Louie, who is also from Korea and also turning the big 0-1. We were supposed to go and partake in the festivities, but Max has been battling a double ear infection this week and we were up with him until 3am last night because he was having major ear pain and the remedy was apparently screaming bloody murder so I decided that thrusting this bag of fun on a house of unsuspecting people wasn't the neighborly thing to do. He has also developed a nasty rash on his face and we are waiting to hear back from the doctor as to what the hell it is. Please don't be a pox of some sort. That's never good.

Anyway, back to the cake. It's a stack of gifts, which are all individually decorated cakes with a big cake core in the center. It was pretty freaking adorable! I threw in a couple of Easter eggs since, you know, it's Easter. Here's a sneak peak:

Check out the rest of the pics at......... wait for it.......


LM said...

That is freaking awesome. Love it!

Connie said...

You bet it was freaking awesome! It was for my son's party and it was a big hit. Deeeelish, too! Thanks AMY! Next bday comin' up in December!