Saturday, March 15, 2008

Lost Recap

Sheesh LM. I didn't watch it until last night. Here ya go...........

-Okay, as I suspected, Michael is the mole. Or should I say Kevin Johnson. It was actually kinda just "meh" for me since I think we all suspected it was him and they went nowhere with it. Where's Walt? Maybe Ben sent him to another time and won't bring him back until Michael does what he wants. Since they obviously didn't REALLY get off the island, what the hell happened? I suspect another deal, right? What was his deal? WHAT ARE THE DEALS THEY ARE MAKING?? And why was the captain so forthcoming? He seemed to tell the truth as we know it but then we are told not to trust him. Does Penny know it's her father's boat because she told Charlie she didn't know about it? Does she know about her father's activities or is she in the dark?

-So Sun is the last one. I figured it would be her or Jin. They are both kinda boring so I don't care about them other than the fact that they are Korean and I got to see a little Korean baby and that made me happy. I thought that is was clever of them to intertwine both the past and the future to throw us off. I knew something was up but it took a minute. I was however, totally expecting them to snatch that baby away and send it off to the Dharma labs or whatever so I was surprised that didn't happen. I also have a totally weird theory that Jin could somehow see Sun and the baby at the grave site. Maybe there was a little camera in the tombstone or something, I don't know. I think this because I don't think they're dead on the island AT ALL and the date of death on his grave was the day of the crash so it's just all part of the charade and Juliette could see her sister that time so it's possible, right? I don't believe that baby is "normal" though. Something just has to be awry. week looks good. We don't have many more episodes before it goes away again so they'd better give us SOMETHING. I want to know where all the other's have gone, like Richard and gang. I think they can all time jump or whatever but I want HARD PROOF! Bring it, Lost.

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