Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Thundersnow sounds like He-Man's cat's name.

Yeesh. It's freaking snowing out. Like POURING down snow. Did they cancel my school? Of course not. I had to drag my ass up there only to be told an hour later that they had decided that they should cancel class. Well done, school. Is a blind person the one calling the shots up there because as of 7:30am, it was TOTALLY SNOWING. Clearly. No doubt about it. The weather people had been gushing about it since last night but what, you thought you'd just wait it out? Great plan. Wanna know how I know it was snowing at 7:30? Because I was up with my little sickey. We'd been up since about 5:45. She was having a lot of trouble breathing so I ended up taking her to the vet. They finally put her on heart medicine, which on a joyful side note will make her pee all the time, so we are hopeful things will settle down for a bit. Poor little thing.

I'm going to use my snow day like a good little girl and get the massive dump of homework I have accumulated back down to a wee pile. Stay classy San Diego.


jan the mom said...

Hi Amy, I really had fun at your birthday party on Saturday. Thank you for inviting me and I enjoyed seeing Gwen, Laura and Brian. You really have some nice friends. And of course Laura and Jeff. I can't believe you are 34 already.

Thanks again for the invite and the fun.

Gwen said...

Tag! You're it!