Monday, December 3, 2007

My Mii looks like me. Really.

Tonight is the grand finale for my cake class. I have spent the past week mulling around different designs in my head and I finally decided on branches with pink blossoms and a pink bow around the sides. I wanted to forgo a bow entirely because I'm not really a bow kinda girl, but it's good to practice and I think I can make it work. I'm a little nervous because I think that the ladies are gonna pull out all the stops tonight and I don't want to get laughed out of class. I'll post a picture tomorrow of the final project.

We had a pretty good weekend despite the crap weather we had. We had to order edging for our countertop and it hasn't come so we haven't been able to make much progress on the kitchen. I'm hoping it comes this week because I have two weeks of school left and then I'm on a mission to get the house put back together. I have a ginormous list of all the stuff I want to do but we'll see how much of it actually gets done. I have high expectations for myself but alas, the call of the couch is deafening.

My sister got her Wii on Saturday so we went over there to play and HOLY LORD IT WAS SO FUN. We played tennis and bowling first and then my sister and I went to town with Guitar Hero. Jesus H. Christ, that is an AWESOME game. I've never been into video games aside from the Atari I played when I was a kid but I might be a convert at this point. I'm hoping Santa can find a Wii in his bag for us, too. I feel like a rock god playing guitar hero and I'm only on the practice mode which is only like three notes and I played Foghat over and over. It was SWEET.

To Liz, I understand now.

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