Monday, September 29, 2008

I've got a case of the Mondays!

Pisces, September 29

You don't have time to sit reading zodiac forecasts today. You need to get a move on. Run a little faster. Try a little harder. Worry a little more. Relax a little less. Or rather, don't. Don't succumb to the pressure. Don't let yourself be wound up into a frenzy. Don't panic, don't overreact, don't try to control a chaotic situation. And don't fall for that old trick of having no time left. Your 'deadline' is more flexible than you think. Take all the time you want, and more. The slower you go, the more you'll get right.

Okay, now this is just freaky. Right before I read this, I was making a rather long list of all the shit I have to do in the next few weeks and realizing that I will have to give up sleeping to accomplish it all. Right now we're still on track to be ready for our travel call starting December 1, although that won't actually happen EXACTLY on that day, although we do have a bet as to whether we will have gotten the call by December 5th. I say no and Jeff says yes and what the winner gets is none of your beezwax. We bought pretty much all of IKEA this weekend. Okay, not really but we got a LOT of stuff. The van served us well during our journey. It was nicer than the last one we borrowed and it held a ton of stuff. We spent a whopping 4 1/2 hours in IKEA, which is not unusual for us. The store in Schaumburg is huge and it takes a long time to meander through the whole thing. I lost focus about 3 hours into it so we left minus a few things I had wanted. We made our Culver's stop in the way up and when we got into the place, there were about 20 ladies from the Webster University soccer team clogging up the register so our stop was longer than we had planned. We finally rolled in a little after 11PM and we were home by 10:15 on Saturday night. It was fast.

Now we just have to totally clean out all our drawers and closets, put the new furniture together, put the crap back in, rearrange our bedroom, put in our new ceiling fan, assemble and install the new vanity we bought for Max's bathroom, install his lighting, put the daybed together and install in his room, paint all the furniture going in his room, finish the art for his walls, hang the curtains, blah, blah, blah........DANG. There is so much to do but I guess my horoscope is going to do it all for me since it says don't worry and don't rush. That's awfully nice of it to do, isn't it?

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Gwen said...

Can I borrow your horoscope? I have a few things I need to get done slowly.