Thursday, October 2, 2008

weekly wrap up

So.....a lag in posts. Sorry about that, reader. I've been kind of busy so I'm presenting a weekly wrap-up for you. Honestly, this is more so my mom understand why I haven't called her back much this week. Yeah, sorry about that, Jan.

- So Monday we had to bid a fond fare-thee-well to the Ford Windstar. We returned her after work and then went to Trader Joe's. I know, BREAKING NEWS. When we got into Jeff's Civic, I felt like I was in an episode of "Honey, I Blew Up The Kids" or something because everything was so small and jammed in there and it wasn't like the nice, spacious interior of the Windstar. It even had doors that automatically opened and closed. I know that's old hat for regular drivers but I felt like I was in a magical land. Anyways..
-Tuesday night I met with my freelance graphic design client. She practices a type of energy healing therapy and offered me a session to see what she. It was oddly soothing. They touch you, but it's not massage, it's more like the just hold their hands on your arm or something. All I know is that it made me sleep better that night so well done. When I got home from work, the FedEx man brought this giant box to the door and I was like "wha?" and it was a big box of baby stuff from my sister-in-law. Well, it was from her girls to Kimchi rather. Either way it had some seriously cute shit in there. This was my favorite:
She also gave us these adorable burp cloths things that have his name on them and this pod thing that you can put them in and the sit there and they can't escape. It's really cool. Thanks, K.

-Wednesday I made cake. Thrilling.

-Thursday. Ooh, that today, right. Well, today we did something exciting, we went and filed the last bit of Kimchi's paperwork! We have a 2-6 week wait for our approval and once that happens, Korea can issue his visa to travel. I'm still not counting on anything happening quickly because the paperwork situation was dodgy and we has some "issues" but I have to say that as much as I have bitched about the immigration office being inept, the woman today could not have been nicer or more helpful. Still, don't count on it.
Check back over the weekend for a cake sighting.


jan the mom said...

Finally a posting and you are forgiven but I was starting to get a complex. I love the little elephant for Max from his cousins.

I am sure it will make the time pass quicker and you will be getting the call to travel before you know it. Love, Jan

Gwen said...

Hey! Glad to see you're back. I'm getting very excited for Max's arrival.

Let's get together sometime soon. I miss you two.