Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I am so fucking pissed right now. You now I'm mad if I'm dropping the F-bomb here because I usually try to spare your fragile eardrums but today you get to share in my ire. You see, we got a MAJOR adoption approval last week. It was actually our final approval from our immigration office and the form which allows Kimchi's visa to be issued. Well, we were so excited when we got it in the mail and rushed it off to our agency who informed us this morning that the immigration office spelled his name wrong on the form. WHA?! All our paperwork is correct so it looks like it was user error on their part but it took us 4 weeks to get this approval and we're concerned that it will take 4 more, which will pretty much sink any hopes of having him here for Christmas. THIS SUCKS. The best part is that you can't actually just call up the office and be like "hey, can I get some help on this urgent matter?" Nooooooo. That doesn't work. You have to call the national office, like I did this morning, have some asshole not care and tell you to make an appointment to go talk to someone because he CANNOT possibly help you himself because he is far too busy being a dick. So, I tried to make an appt., but the earliest I can go is Friday, which means that nothing will probably get done until Monday or later. This is all a big pot of crap stew. I'll update as I get more info.

UPDATE-Those goddamn ass wipes. Jeff just called from home, where he went to get the form for me to march up to the INS office in two hours with and the name is not misspelled. IT'S TOTALLY THE WRONG EFFING NAME. What the bloody hell? They had to have transposed the name from someone else's paperwork. This is SUPER. I have a 2:30 appt so I'll update what they can do. I hope they can just say "oh no problem nice lady, let me fix that for you" and then I'll be on my way but clearly we are dealing with geniuses here so who knows.


Gwen said...

Upsetting indeed, but hang in there.

LM said...

Having worked in the field of immigration law for a couple of years after college, I cannot say I'm surprised by the incompetence of the INS. In fact, incompetence is their specialty from my experience. It does suck, but don't assume the worst that it will hold things up for 4 more weeks. Maybe it won't. Still, what a bunch of jerks.