Friday, October 24, 2008

Give that kid some corn on the cob!

We just got a Kimchi update and the little bugger is 2.2 feet long and 17 lbs. He's gained 3 lbs since his last checkup and he's being assessed at his normal age now. He also has two little teefs on the bottom. Awww....good thing I registered for those things you give them to chew on. For those who care, he's in 6-12 months clothes now. I've taken the liberty of showing you an artists rendition of what the child looks like now As you can see, he is hardly recognizable.

UPDATE: Apparently I have MAD photoshop skills because no one noticed that this is the SAME picture with teeth added in. You people need to pay some damn attention.


Gwen said...

Can't get here soon enough.

jan the mom said...

Ditto to Gwen!!!!