Monday, October 27, 2008

Test pattern

So here's the deal. Remember the fancy schmancy video camera I was going on about before? Well, I decided to take some video to see how hard it's going to be to put here. I am not the most technical person on the planet so this may or may not work. My test video is a riveting tale of two shih-tzus, an epic tale of loss and redemption. Let's see how this goes:

Our plan is to upload video from Korea so we can share our freaking out with all you fine folks.

Editor's Note: I know it looks like Zoey is licking her lady parts, which wouldn't be totally unusual, but I assure you that here, she is chewing on her leg. She tends to chew and bark at her own leg and/or tail. She is not right.


jan the mom said...

The girls are so cute in the video. I haven't seen them in so long I need to bring their cousin Gracie over to play. Won't they love that one!

LM said...

Riveting film! The quality seems good on that little camera.

Amy and Jeff said...

I smell OSCAR!