Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's all rainbows and sparkles in my world.

Pisces October 16, 2008
Don't give up. Don't succumb to doom, gloom, doubt, despair or any of the other miserable moods that are now so fashionable, thanks to the Credit Crunch and the great shock it has delivered to optimists, everywhere. The happy folk will be back before you know it. Twice as bright and breezy because they will be saying, 'Hey, look, we survived that, so we can survive anything, can't we?' They will be right. If you reach now, for the brightest view in a dark situation, you will be right too.

Oh sure horoscope, easy for you to say. DON'T WORRY, BE HAPPY, right? Well, fine then. I'll be happy. You win.

Two things, first the debate. I'm kind of done with this shit so all I'm gonna say is that if you're STILL undecided, what the hell is your problem? This has been going on for 2 years and you've had plenty of time to make a decision so do it or don't. My take on the debate, which I only watched a portion of, was that Obama kept his cool and defended himself well and McCain looked like an angry old man who apparently has absolutely no moral conflict in lying directly to the American people. Not to say they both haven't lied because they have, but when I heard McCain first play the sympathy card with his comparison to George Wallace and then to say that he refuted EVERY negative attack on Obama from his supporters, even though there is a myriad of VIDEO proof that shows both he and Palin smiling along as their supporters shouted things like "TERRORIST" and "KILL HIM" in response to Obama's name being uttered. Sigh. That's when I couldn't watch anymore. I'm just done with the lying and done with the Ayres talk (I don't give a crap and neither should you since McCain has palled around with far more nefarious creatures than Ayres. He's friends with Karl Rove for pete's sake!) and I'm certainly done with Palin and her shenanigans.

On a far more fun and flirty note, the Project Runway finale was last night and SPOILER ALERT....................................................Seriously, I'm going to say who won...................................................If you don't wanna know, stop reading now...............

Leann won! I was actually pulling for Korto, but I really could have gone either way. Both of them showed gorgeous collections they should be proud of. Kenley on the other hand, while not overly annoying this episode, showed some pretty ugly stuff. No offense girl, but that was not cute. The painting was so 80s and the silhouettes were ridiculous, save for the wedding dress and a pink and black tulle number. She has an aesthetic and her craftsmanship is spot on but her taste is very questionable. No it's not just questionable, it's bad. Anyway, good on Leann, although I would never be able to wear her clothes nor could I probably afford them but they were beautiful.

That's all I got. I'm making Hello Kitty cake this week so check the other blog this weekend for pictures.


LM said...

That debate was, by far, the hardest to watch. VERY HARD. I really, really wanted to reach into my TV and hurt McCain. BADLY. I realized last night I have become my mother, as I shouted things such as "McCain, you're a lying cocksucker!" non-stop at my TV. She would be proud. He really put on a show last night, no? He didn't even acknowledge, much less apologize, for his negative campaign. HELLO? Your baffoon of a running mate said Obama "pals around with terrorists". Be a "man", as you would say McCain, and fucking admit it! Does he think we are deaf and blind? Asshole. He showed so much composure and restraint when he INTERRUPTED Obama on just about every question. And I agree with you that he came across as explosive last night. He has serious control issues. As do I having to listen to him spew lie after lie. I also like the other 'sympathy card' played multiple times regarding "special needs children". Whatever, McLame. Grasp for straws all you want. And in addition, I don't even know if Palin's baby is real, considering I have NEVER seen that boy awake one time. I think he's a plant for votes. Considering I could barely stand to watch that poorly-acted drama last night, I couldn't help but think about the possibility of dealing with that for 4 years. If my blood pressure rose to dangerous levels during a debate, there's no way I could cope. Which only confirmed my plans to leave the country. But let's hope that doesn't happen because otherwise this country will dig itself a deeper grave.

Amy and Jeff said...

I agree LM. That's why I had to turn it off. My sister lectured me on not being informed but I explained that I'm NOT being informed, I'm being lied to and I don't have the time to give. McCain showed his true colors last night and at several points I thought he was literally going to explode. Like in "Scanners." I really cannot believe that there are people in this country who think he should be in office. I am seriously afraid for myself, my family and my country because this is getting scary and McPalin should be ashamed of themselves for this climate of hate that they have fostered. I also agree that the baby is suspicious and it has Down's McCain, not autism but why bother learning facts now, eh? My sister's theory is that the baby is really the daughter's since no one on earth knew Palin was pregnant when she claims she was, even though all of her other pregnancies were very obvious but I digress. I hope I can find a job in Vancouver when we have to move.

Gwen said...

I've always suspected the baby is the daughter's.

About Runway, I read the spoiler. I stopped watching weeks ago - got bored this season - but was glad to know who won. Didn't care who, as long as it wasn't Kenley.