Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I did my doody. I mean duty.

So I got called for jury duty yesterday. I swear, I am called for jury duty more than any other human. I moved to the city in 1997 and I've been called almost every year. I've only had to serve in a trial once because I've either been able to get out of it, which doesn't happen anymore, or I've postponed it or I've just not been picked. Either way, it's a pain in the ass and to make it more awesome, I realized as I was sitting waiting to have my number called that I had grabbed a sweater that had dried icing on it and despite my efforts to cover it with my jury badge, I still looked slightly homeless. I was certain I would be picked because after all the selection questions, they sent us outside and the bailiff guy came out and called specific people back in to talk directly to the judge and I was one of them. It was weird because I was so nervous even though I wasn't the one on trial. Thanks guilty conscience! When we reconvened, I wasn't on the list but a girl who opted to wear skintight leggings in lieu of pants was chosen so I guess they'd rather have that then a girl with dried icing on her shirt but I digress. It would have been an interesting case since it was criminal but it also might have been really disturbing because it was rape and kidnapping and stuff so I'm probably better off.

Our weekend was busy, as usual. I had a cake disaster on Saturday and Sunday we had a family dinner that kind of took up the whole day, so we didn't make much progress at home. Kimchi still has no bedroom but this weekend IT IS ON and I'm determined to have a freaking nursery set up my the time I go to bed on Sunday. Anyone interested in a twin mattress and box springs?? Free to good home?? Anyone?? You see, that's part of the problem. I have these beds that I've hauled around with me everywhere I've lived and it's time for them to go bye-bye so I can move in the stuff that I actually need. Whatever. We're down to 6 weeks before we need to be ready, which isn't that long and three of those weekends are already taken up with showers and Thanksgiving so it's hella crunch time. Why can't these things just happen in the night by MAGIC ELVES or some damn thing? WHY?

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Gwen said...

6 weeks!? Holy crappers! He's going to be here before we know it.

What is the date of your shower? I'm already booking in Nov and Dec and YOU, missy pants, are a priority.