Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Everything is just wonderful, horoscope!

Pisces, October 14, 2008

Your outlook is genuinely hopeful, helpful and heart-warming. Here on Planet Earth, a lot of people are very concerned at the moment, about a lot of issues that seem to make no sense. Enormous sums of money appear to have vanished. Seemingly rock solid institutions keep dissolving like sugar in hot cappuccino. You're caught up in this - to some extent, at least - yet you also stand apart from it. There's nothing to fear, everything to play for and, most crucially, plenty to contribute. There's something now, that only you can do.

Well, isn't this jolly. I love super optimistic horoscopes, even when they aren't really true. See, I am genuinely hopeful! IT IS TRUE. I wonder what it is only I can do. I'm sure they mean me and not the other millions of Piceans out there. Totally.

Well, another week closer in the Great Baby Countdown of 2008. Not only me, but I have two close friends that are also about to welcome wee babies so it's baby fever, man. Our neighbor asked the other day if we were nesting and I was like what the hell is that, we're just putting the room together and making the house Kimchi-friendly and he's like "yeah, you're nesting." So I guess we're nesting. Maybe that's more of a "baby-in-your-belly" thing. Speaking of which, we went to BabiesRUs to register for stuff that we have no idea what to do with, and we bought some things for some people in our family that say "grandpa's little champ" or some shit and the lady at the register was like "is this how you're telling people?!" in this ridiculously cheerful tone and I was like "um, NO" and quickly paid and got the hell out. Being a non-pregnant mother-to-be is weird, especially when you go these places because I feel like if I happen to eat a burrito or something and have a food bulge in the belly area, they're thinking I'm pregnant. Next time I'm not wearing sweatpants. And I'm not eating a burrito before I go. And I might do some sit-ups. Maybe I'd be better off just eating the damn burrito and not caring what the lady at BabiesRUs thinks of my flab. That's a much better plan.

We also did a super parenty thing and bought a camcorder. Well, it's actually more kick ass than that, it's a Flip Ultra. Yeah, I bought it on looks but everyone seems to really like them so whatever. I'm behind in the times and since buying it learned that Oprah deemed this one of her favorite things and I have to agree. It's easy enough that the Geico caveman could use it. For real.

It's hard to tell but this thing is TINY. Like, it's as big as an iPod. It's freaking me out with its smallness. Maybe I'll take a video of something and post it. Maybe.


LM said...

"Nesting" doesn't necessarily have to mean anything to do with kids. You and Jeff have pretty much nested as long as I've known you to be together. That is not front-page news. The only difference is that your nest will soon involve a 3rd person. And speaking of nests, did you hear that THE BIRD IS THE WORD?!!?

Amy and Jeff said...

That's an interesting observation, LM. Are you aware of this?

Ba ba ooh maow maow baba oooh ma ma maow...

I thought I'd let you know.

jan the mom said...

Nesting is actually welcoming a new baby because the birds build nests for their young and when their young fly away they are empty nesters. Some quality information from the grandmom.