Wednesday, October 29, 2008

AAARRGGGHH - The Epilogue

I just returned from the immigration office with a bright, shiny new I600 form!!!!!! When I got to the window the lady informed me that the woman that does the adoptions was off today and I don't know if it was the tears or what, but she called down to another office and an hour later I was walking out with the problem solved. This is not typical of the INS office and the woman was so kind to help me. It looks like they mixed our file up with someone else so we had half the stuff right and half wrong. Thankfully my blood pressure has now returned to normal levels.

Carry on about your day.


Gwen said...

I KNEW you'd get it worked out. Sorry you had to resort to tears but glad it worked!

LM said...

Jesus Christ - they mixed your file up with someone else's? Good grief, is no one there organized?!? Still, it appears you got it all worked out so kudos to that. Phew. Crisis avoided.

jan the mom said...

Something to tell your grandchildren someday!