Thursday, October 9, 2008

Project Fugway

As some of you regular readers remember, and by regular readers I mean all two of you including my mom, I sometimes will post recaps of shows I watch, you know real highbrow shit like "Rock of Love" and "Rock of Love II." You may have noticed an absence of such a thing. You are not seeing things, I have not done this recently because there hasn't been anything on I've HAD to watch but today I want to post a little Project Runway recap. Overall I have not been too enthused about this seasons crop of designers. Many of them are whiny and most of the clothing looked like art projects from 4th grade summer camp. Last night was part one of a two part finale and I have to say that I'm pretty happy with the last designers standing, save for one. Let's take a look at them:

Leann - I was on the fence with her for a long time but I've finally warmed up after the last few challenges she won. Her dresses have been steadily getting more beautiful and she has shown more confidence in her designs. Even last week's during last week's disastrous "nature inspired" challenge, when the other designers showed pure pieces of crap, her lavender gown was beautiful and flowy. Well, from the front. The back was not good but it was still way better than the other stuff. Her wedding gown and bridesmaid dress combo from last night was gorgeous. I was skeptical when I first saw all those weird wavy layers but seeing it go down the runway was spectacular. It was exactly as Michael Kors said, chic, modern, architectural and still Leann. Well done. I'm excited to see her show at Bryant Park.

Korto - I've loved Korto's stuff all season. It's beautiful without being foofy and the structure and quality of her work is amazing. I also love her as a person because she just seems really cool. From what we saw during Tim's visit, I'm pretty sure I'll like her collection. It looks modern and earthy, which is a hard combo to pull off. Her wedding dress however, was a disaster. I know she slaved over it and it looked like it took a lot of work but it was butt ugly. The color was not good and the whole shape was bad and it was just too much of everything. The bridesmaid dress isn't even worth mentioning because it made me fall asleep. I hope she does well at Bryant Park.

Kenley - Oh, Kenley. Kenley, Kenley , Kenley. Why are you so nasty? Seriously. I'm shocked you are still in this. The last few challenges showed us nothing good from Kenley, especially her hideous scale dress. I get that she's this modern pin-up girl and there's definitely a market for that type of look but that's ALL we see from her. At least when Terri showed us pant after pant, she did them well, but Kenley seems to have no taste where pattern is concerned. Maybe I would cut her more slack i she wasn't such a raging be-yotch, but MAN, she is just not nice. I know it's about talent and not personality but I am just really tired of jerks and I don't think that people should be rewarded for being argumentative and snotty and bratty. She can take zero criticism and I understand he need to defend your designs, but you also have to be open to the notion that your design can be improved upon and that not everything you produce is AWESOME. All that being said, I thought her wedding dress was SPECTACULAR. It was feathers and tulle and ridiculous but it was showstopping and I would totally wear the shit out of it if I lived on a different planet. Her bridesmaids dress wasn't so great. I know Michael Kors loved it but I thought it didn't really relate that well to the wedding dress and it was way too short. I'm pissed she made it to Bryant Park but I got to give her props for that dress. Even if she stole it from Alexander McQueen but whatevs.

Jerell - Oh baby, I'll miss you and your overly bedazzled outfits and jaunty hats. Jerrell has been weird for me because he's hilarious but I just couldn't get into his designs. They just all seemed heavy and ornate and overdone. I wished he was going instead of Kenley but her wedding dress was far superior to his so I suppose it was fair. Well, sort of fair.

As far as an overall winner, I'm pulling for either Leann or Korto. I'm thinking that since they barely showed any of Kenley's collection last night, she might just win. I hate that the lesson is no matter how much of a jerk you are to other people, you can still win. Why is this world like that? for those who care, I'll have a finale wrap up next week.

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Gwen said...

I hadn't watched it yet but wasn't enthused to do so - this recap was perfect and all I really needed. Go Korto!