Friday, October 31, 2008

I'm feeing a bit ghoulish today.

Happy Halloween! This is probably the first time in too many years that I haven't had a party to go to. To be honest, it's refreshing to not have the whole costume pressure. In the last few years, our costumes got lamer and lamer as I got busier. Last year we went as ghosts. Literally we wore white sheets with eye holes cut out. FAIL. The year before I went as Andy Warhol and Jeff was a soup can. That costume was put together about an hour before we were supposed to leave for the party. I was thinking back, WAY back, to some of my better costumes over the years and some of them were quite good. I think my best effort was the year I went as Reagan from The Exorcist. I wore a child's nightgown, long dark wig and I used this green makeup stuff that you mixed with pieces of toilet paper to give the effect that your skin was coming off. It was disturbing, to the point that several people at the party I was at refused to stay in the room with me and wouldn't really engage me in conversation. Well played, me. Jeff and I have gone as a duo for the last 8 years and during that time, in addition to the craptastic costumes I already listed, we have been Frankenstein and the bride of (Jeff was the bride), lightning bugs (glow sticks on the ass), Kelly and Jack Osbourne and Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia (again, Jeff was the lady). I also went as Jesus one year, which I'm sure was totally inappropriate but it was one of my better costumes. That same year, totally unbeknownst to me, my friend Brian showed up as a "plus-size She Devil," so we had many holy wars that night. Ahh, good times.

On another note, last night Jeff and I went to gun class. YEEE-HAW!! Jeff wants to be prepared in case of a disaster so he wanted us both to take a class before we made any further decisions. I wasn't exactly on board because I'm not really in to guns, but if it was going to be in our house, I wanted to know how to use it. It was fairly interesting and our instructor was exactly as I thought he would be but he was very nice to me and considerate of the fact that I had no experience with a gun. We actually got to go to the range and shoot 5 different guns and I did pretty well. My first few shots were kinda wayward but by the end I was shooting pretty much in the target area. I had no idea how heavy they were and how hard it is to actually use the thing. My arm was killing me by the end. I would not make a good criminal because I would be too lazy to have to hold it up. Suck it criminals!


Gwen said...

I've always admired the creativity in your costumes.

I used to shoot at a range all the time. I'd love to go with you guys sometime.

Amy and Jeff said...

REALLY??!! Jeff would love that, Gwen. I'm on the fence as to how much more I will do but we will totally let you know next time we go.

LM said...

I just reminisced with myself today about when you were Jesus, because at work we took the kids trick or treating in our building and at one point had to walk through the little chapel and while doing so I said aloud, "too bad no one is dressed as Jesus so we could get a picture at the altar". Everyone was silent except the one girl I knew would laugh. The year you were Reagan is the year I was a top-notch Jackie O. We actually paraded ourselves around downtown Clayton that night! Ah, to be young and foolish and wasting our time in Clayton. I also recall your face eventually started peeling off and then it was even scarier. I'm not going to comment on the gun thing, because you (or Jeff, anyway) won't like what I have to say. Good luck with that though. Maybe under those circumstances, Jeff should dress up as Ted Nugent or Charlton Heston and get his gun on.