Monday, November 3, 2008

Who decided Monday would be the first day of the week? Why isn't the work week, say, Tuesday thru Saturday? Who makes these rules?

PISCES 11/3/08
There is a seemingly easy way to sort out your current difficulty. All you need is one specific resource. The only trouble is, it is not a resource that you seem to have access to. So, you feel frustrated. You can see no further than your need - and your desire to meet it by hook or by crook. You really must, though, force yourself to see further than that. There's another, less obvious way to get round your problem. It calls for more effort and ingenuity - but it offers one great advantage. Ultimately, 'plan B' is a lot more feasible.

What kind of pile of poo is this? I didn't realize I had a difficulty. Do I? Maybe I do and I don't know it. Dammit horoscope, now you're just messing with me. NOT COOL.

How awesome was yesterday? Seriously. I woke up at 8:50am, looked at the clock and realized that no, it's only 7:50 silly and I went back to sleep. I would marry daylight savings time because I am in love with sleeping and yesterday I slept in and still had time to do a buttload of stuff. We were busy little beavers this weekend. We had many little projects left over from our renovation last year that we needed to finish, including most of our groovy new lighting. Jeff is so very handy and he installed sensors in the basement so when I have to go down the stairs with the laundry basket, oh it's no problem, the lights come on AUTOMATICALLY for me. It is really sweet. He also installed fancy new lights to highlight some of my paintings, over-cabinet lights in the kitchen and track lighting over the bar. Look at how cool it looks:

Look at Jeff. He's very serious. This picture doesn't really do it justice because the lighting looks really cool. While he was doing that, I was finishing Kimchi's bedroom. It's not totally done yet, but it's close. Here's how it looks thus far:
The red light fixture is my favorite thing. You can see one of the paintings I did for him in the background. I also have a robot and some sheep. Don't know why, but I just like sheep. Obviously there won't be as much crap everywhere but I ran out of steam last night and this was as far as I got. Here's the furniture I painted for him.

I know it's not really "baby" but screw that. I hate all that crap and I didn't want bunnies and trains and whatever else they tell you you're supposed to have. VIVA LA REVOLUTION!

Okay, one last push. GO VOTE TOMORROW. Now, we all know I ja'dore Obama but even if you are lame and want Grandpa Munster, suck it up, wait in line and vote. People have died for your right to vote. Well, unless you're a rich white guy. Everyone else, people have died for your right to vote so DO IT!


LM said...

Wow, the house is looking great. I not sure I believe that Kimchi's room is your old "craft" room. Quite a difference. And I love the purple monster picture. I'm excited yet nervous for tomorrow. I have a bottle of wine ready so I can try to relax during the results. I'm sure we'll chat here and there throughout tomorrow night.

LM said...

By the way, after reading your post earlier and therefore thinking about how I, too, have a fondness for "falling back" clock-wise each Fall, I realized something. What we actually love is technically STANDARD TIME, as that is what we have changed back to this weekend. If it was Daylight savings time we loved, then we'd actually not be happy about this weekend's change and the loss of daylight. I think this was generally understood, yet we're just using the wrong wording. And if I've thought this much about the clock change today, I need more to do here at work.

Amy and Jeff said...

I thank you for the clarification, LM. Duly noted and I do love standard time.

Allie said...

I love Kimchi's room! And that monster painting is incredible! I never got the whole baby decor thing. Baby's can't even see pastels very well anyway, right?