Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ring, ring.....nope, nobody home.

So yeah, in the vast complicated process known as adoption paperwork, you get to a point where you need just one more approval. JUST ONE MORE. One freaking approval and then you get your travel call and everyone yells "HOORAY" and off we go on the plane and blahblahblah, life is great. Well, we have been patiently, PATIENTLY awaiting this last approval for 2 weeks and it's now driving me totally INSANE. Basically what is happening is that our agency is going to schedule a visa interview, at which time the state department issues the visa to allow Little Kimchi to come here. It's a one way visa and we only have a 14 day window to use it. Typically, when this interview happens, you get your call anytime between that day and 3 days later, depending on the agency and what have you. This is where we are, people. We are waiting for this freaking appt to happen and I've been calling every day to see if it's been scheduled and what happens when I call today, you ask? I'll tell you. THEY ARE CLOSED. WTF?! It's not a holiday and last time I checked, Wednesday falls within their Monday through Friday schedule. Someone said that they have meetings on Wednesdays or some crap and I don't want to hear that malarky. Someone needs to answer the damn phone and tell me that they haven't gotten the interview date yet so I can do on about my day, mmmkay? What would REALLY be great is if instead they said "yes nice lady who's been waiting so patiently which we all know is not one of your strong suits, we have your interview scheduled for TODAY so rev up those diapers because the kid's comin' home!" to which I say "THANK YOU AND GOOD DAY FINE SIR" and promptly have a complete freak out. Really, I just want them to answer the goddman phone. COME ON.

UPDATE*** - I am ON HOLD!!!!! They must now be open because I didn't get the nasty "office is closed message." KICK ASS. Hang know, they must have known they made me mad. Clearly......

ANOTHER UPDATE****- You know the noise they play on games shows when they get the question wrong, the wah-wah, noise? Well play that shit in your head while I tell you that they have not scheduled his visa appt. yet. DANGIT. What is the freaking hold up I ASK YOU?


LM said...

I know it's hard to be patient, but unfortunately you don't have a choice. It will happen! My prediction is you get a call by the end of the first week of December at the latest. Don't ask me why.

Gwen said...

GAH! The waiting! The infernal waiting!