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Pisces for November

LM was so kind as to refer me to this lady Susan Miller and her spookily accurate monthly horoscopes. It's veeeeeery long but her forecast is really freakily accurate based on my life right now. WEIRD THINGS KEEP HAPPENING. EEEK.

Pisces, November

Make no mistake about it: This is one of your best months of the year. Even if you should "lose" something you think you need materially, spiritually, or emotionally, or have a parting of the ways with a person you used to care about, later you will see the wisdom in the universe.
On November 4, Saturn and Uranus will be at loggerheads in a major aspect that the world has not seen since April 1965-January 1967. The opposition of these two planets is almost identical to the opposition of these two giants of our solar system - only this time, Uranus is in Pisces (last time it was in Virgo) and this year Saturn is in Virgo (in 1965-68 Saturn was in Virgo's opposite sign of Pisces.) This puts you in the center of all that is happening.
If there are any weak links in your life, you will find out now, for Saturn and Uranus will identify precisely where that weak link lies. These major planetary powerhouses will test and possibly break that weak link if it proves unreliable as well as unable to meet your future needs.
A close relationship will be under the microscope, whether business or personal in nature. Your other aspects are so sensational now that if something is taken away, you should take it as a sign that the universe has bigger plans for you. If after Uranus in Pisces and Saturn in Virgo deem your relationships and endeavors strong, not much will happen in early November, so either way you will win.
If you find you have to give something up, doing so will only free you to have something far better. Uranus in Pisces is stirring up fierce need within you to break old restraints and to truly become the person you were born to be. Your need to express artistic and creative ideas has never been stronger.
With the impressive momentum you've built and the passion and drive that you have been exhibiting, there is almost nothing that could impede your progress. Saturn will temper your impulsiveness in just the right way and not allow you to go too far afield. Just the right touch of practicality and balance will prevail, and you will find that you are in a good place.
Also this month, Neptune, your ruler, will go direct orbit on November 2 after being retrograde since the end of May, and Uranus, now traveling in Pisces, will go direct on November 27 after having been retrograde since the end of June.
The combination of these two planets turning from weak retrograde to powerful direct speed will have a positive effect on everything you do. These planets are writing your name in the sky, dear Pisces. Watch the days surrounding November 2 and 27 for extra-good news about something dearly important to you. You've had be patient and methodical in your planning, but now conditions are right for you to move ahead with great vigor. Hold on to your hat, dear Pisces!
Travel could easily make up a big part of your agenda in November. If you didn't travel a great distance in late October, you still might during the first ten days of November.
The new moon that arrived at the end of last month, October 28, will push you to see more of the world and open up wide vistas on so many levels. You will likely hop a jet plane soon, even if you have no plans to do so. This trend toward distant travel and powerful relationships with people based abroad will be strong for all Pisces, but doubly so if your birthday falls near February 25, plus or minus five days.
All sorts of new and very stimulating influences are coming into play now and you'll be feeling very alert, alive, and energetic about following up on those opportunities. Foreign people based abroad, or those who work in academia or in the spiritual realm, will have a role to play in your life now, too. If an opportunity should arise from one of these sectors, be sure to opt to investigate it, for it seems to carry extra weight and potential for your future. Additionally, publishing and broadcasting projects will shine brilliantly and you could gain more from one or both of those sectors, too.
If you are applying to colleges or grad school, everything goes well this month. Your meetings should go swimmingly and you may come away wondering why life couldn't always be this sweet.
By the full moon November 13, you may need to complete a project that will engage, and possibly display, your communication skills. You may be asked to write, lecture, edit, market, research, or sell, as some examples. This would be a grand time to launch an ad or publicity campaign; or to unveil a new or improved website or blog; or introduce a new software, game, or cell phone application. You may travel too within three days of this date, and it would be rewarding.
Your friends, both old and new, will have a very positive role to play in your life, too. Watch November 9 through 15 as outstandingly social days to enjoy your friends or to benefit from one in a very clear obvious way. Be grateful! These days are golden, worth four stars! Watch in particular the date November 10 when Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, sends shimmering beams to the Sun.
When Pluto enters your friends / contacts / acquaintances sector, you will begin to meet very powerful people. Pluto has never visited this part of your chart so far in your lifetime, as his orbit is slow. (The last time Pluto was in Capricorn it was the time of the American Revolution, 1762-1777!)
Pluto will remain with you for the coming 15 years, so this coming transit - one that will be so very beneficial for you - will be a fresh and very welcome development. Since 1995, Pluto has been in a challenging position, so having this major power player in your corner will be a big relief - and a help! From that point on you will meet very successful people socially, people who will come to know you on a personal level and be genuinely interested in seeing you advance. This is a big influence we will talk about together in future weeks and years, for now Pisces born at the start of the sign, in February, are starting to feel these rays.
Your career is about to enter a hugely important phase, too, where lots of praise and publicity will be heaped on you, beginning the date Mars enters Sagittarius, November 15, continuing until December 27.
This will be a terrific period for landing a new job or for raising your profile in the eyes of the industry. Even self-employed Pisces will find that they are moving up, up, up. It looks like this holiday season you'll be out and about, meeting with the press, or else in meetings with bigwigs about a much larger career role for you. It's a really exciting time - the promotion or public praise you get (or both) could be the best gift Santa gives you this season. You've seen nothing like this in two years!
You may hear gratifying news immediately, on November 15 through 17, when Mercury and Uranus will be perfectly positioned to help you. Send a proposal, meet with clients, or have an interview for a new job or a reporter.
Your career and reputation should take still ANOTHER leap up the ladder of success with opportunities that arise once the new moon appears, November 27, in your fame sector. You will have two weeks after that to launch important actions.
You don't have to actually close the deal at that time, but you do have to at least open talks in late November or early December. If you are interviewing for a major position, it could take several months to actually win it, but it surely would be a prestigious spot if you uncover the opportunity now. (You might land that position now - it all depends on the situation!)
I would like to end your report with a discussion about romance, but before I do, I need to warn you about a very angry full moon that is due next month, December 12. This full moon will have everyone on edge.
I had considered not saying anything about this full moon yet, but because it will affect mutable signs most, that is, Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, and Pisces, I felt I might be able to help you deal with this full moon. It will fall in Gemini at 21 degrees, so those Pisces born on March 11, plus or minus five days, are due to be affected. Since it will fall so close to Christmas and Hanukkah, I decided to try to help you head this off.
The part of your chart to be lit will be your fourth house of home and family. Something will reach a culmination, and it will require you to handle things immediately. All full moons have an area of influence of plus or minus four days, so that's the time you need to stay alert.
It's possible that an elderly family member will need your attention, or that a development in regard to your home will need an urgent response. Mars will be in harsh angle to Uranus, which could trigger an argument or a mishap. Don't burn your candles at both ends, for you will need to be strong and healthy in December to keep up with the month's demands.
All this tells me that you should not have a packed schedule near this date of December 12. Be smart and do your holiday shopping in November and have all gifts purchased and wrapped by December 9, not one day later. Once the news of this tense full moon hits, you will not be able to concentrate on your holiday tasks, and you will lose precious time.
I am putting my Christmas tree up early, by December 6, and will turn down the heat in my apartment so my tree stays fresh. I have never put up my tree so early, but I would never tell you to do something that I haven't done, too. Like you, I will get all my shopping done. This full moon, like all full moons, will be emotional, and that alone will make you feel distracted and unable to concentrate on normal things on your agenda.
I am so sorry to have to tell you this, but I want you to have a happy holiday, dear Pisces. If you don't have much on your schedule to do, you will be able to work on whatever you need to do at this home-related full moon. If you have children that are depending on you to call Santa, you wouldn't want to disappoint them, right? Actually take your children to see Santa early, over Thanksgiving weekend (November 27-30), so that you don't run out of time.
Everyone will feel the fallout of this full moon, and fortunately, most of us will be able to regain our footing by December 19 or 20. However, that's cutting things too close, don't you agree? We will talk more about this next month, dear Pisces. In the meantime, keep an eye on your elderly relatives, as Saturn's hard angle to the Sun could require you to jump in and help a parent or an aunt, for example.
Saturn also rules the structure of a building, so alternatively you could get a leaky roof or some other structural problem to fix. Remember, only certain March-born Pisces will likely feel this full moon, and if that's you, you will be able to rise to the occasion. Just don't be too busy!
Let's turn our attention back to November now.
Romantically, the move of Venus to Capricorn is great news. Even if you say you rarely get invited to parties, I think you will this year! Your social life is going to start to start cranking up from mid-November and get even busier as you go thorough the month of December.
One of your biggest social days of the month will fall at month's end, between November 29-December 1. That's when Venus will conjoin Jupiter, a wow of a moment because these two benefic planets only meet up once a year and always meet in different parts of your chart. This year they will meet in your house of friends, fun, parties, new people, and events. Whatever you do will have a pampering, luxurious atmosphere - a "must" to do!
Your romantic life will be best on: November 7-8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15-16, 29-30, and December 1.
This will be a great month, for the Sun will move through fellow water sign Scorpio, a place that blends beautifully with Pisces. You'll be feeling in your element, and honestly, your chart will be very powerful!
When Neptune moves direct speed (from retrograde) on November 2, and Uranus moves direct from November 27 onward, you will see a whole new environment shape up - one that supports your deepest desires!
Over the past few months, no matter how hard you tried, you had problems making progress on the projects and relationships dearest to you. Now, when Neptune, your ruler, turns direct on November 2, you will see heartening progress. Even more good news will occur on November 27 when Uranus in Pisces turns from sleepy retrograde to direct. Exciting days are due, dear Pisces - just you wait and see!
Travel may take up the first half of the month, and rightly so. Your reputation apparently precedes you and your services will be in high demand. If you don't travel you may get a chance to export your work abroad. Travel this month will bring on an exhilarating growth experience. You'll be communicating with people in foreign countries and opportunities to work together will bring you stimulating ideas.
Publishing and broadcasting areas may bring awesome opportunities too, as well as plenty of good news, as will anything having to do with academia.
A writing project, a trip, or an invitation to appear before many people may culminate at the full moon, November 13. With Jupiter in perfect angle to Uranus, all sorts of groups, communities, charities, and clubs will be excellent for you and help you advance your goals. Some sort of superb publicity is likely to come up too near November 13.
When Mars enters your tenth house of fame on November 16, your career progress will begin to accelerate in an exciting way. Mars will remain in this lofty place in your chart until December 26.
On top of this, the new moon that arrives only eleven days after Mars arrives, on November 27, will propel you even further up the ladder of success.
Dear Pisces, did you assume that you could not possibly land a new job or see your status rise at holiday time? It can and it will! This is YOUR time to shine, the best and most impressive professional advancement you've made in two years.
Romantically, you will have fun and be invited to more events than you ever have in the past. Venus is about to move though your friendship sector, so pals will look after you - they want you at all their A-list events.
If you are in an established relationship that has not been happy, the coming dialog between Saturn and Uranus that will start on November 4 and continue through 2009 and 2010 will help you decide what major changes you need to make. If your relationship is strong, you will sail through this easily. If it's fatally flawed, you will see the truth of this and have the option to try to fix it or leave. There's no rush here - as mentioned, this will be the start of a long meditation that will take you into 2010.
Your chart is so strong as to be unstoppable, so don't let anyone tell you that you can't to do this or you can't do that. This is your time, dear Pisces. You get to write the script exactly as you want it to be!
Key dates to remember:
Travel a far distance: October 29-November 15.
Watch the date of November 10, for a proposal or offer may come to you that may amaze and thrill you.
Writing, speaking, lecturing, editing, or being involved in any of the communication arts will also come to a big crescendo on the positive full moon November 13.
Old and new friends will be angels, for they will look out for your welfare: November 9-15.
Your career will now climb to new heights: November 16-into most of December.
Pluto's permanent move into Capricorn for the coming 15 years will put you in contact with many new people, and they'll be successful. In coming years your Rolodex will expand with your growing reputation - you'll love mixing with people just as successful as you are.
Within that period, November 27-December 10 will be critical for big career successes. Plant seeds for new opportunities!
Romance will be best on: November 7-8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15-16, and 29-30.

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Wow. That's just weird.

"A writing project, a trip, or an invitation to appear before many people may culminate at the full moon, November 13. With Jupiter in perfect angle to Uranus, all sorts of groups, communities, charities, and clubs will be excellent for you and help you advance your goals. Some sort of superb publicity is likely to come up too near November 13."

I was on TV talking about my website on Nov. 13th.