Monday, November 17, 2008

I showered. Finally.

So last weekend, my friends LM and Liz, along with a little help from my sister, threw Jeff and I a shower at Van Goghz Martini Bar. As we know, I am not really so keen on showers because they make me uncomfortable but this one was different. It was mostly just a bunch of our friends getting together for cocktails at a cool little bar with some favors, cakes and presents added in. It turned out really great and I have to send a THANK YOU SHOUT OUT to my girls for throwing us such an awesome par-tay. Since I am the graphic designer, I opted to make my invitations and a few assorted other things. Here's the invitations, with a quickie photoshop jobber to mask any incriminating evidence like names and such:

Yeah, I said QUICKIE photoshop job. Anyway, a while back I decided to photoshop one of his pictures and make funny images from them showing him on his way to St. Louis, which ultimately turned into buttons that Liz made and gave to the party guests. I made four scenarios, none of which make much sense, but we thought they were hilarious. We are not right. Anyway, here they are:Here is surfing Kimchi. This is for when we move to Hawaii and he becomes a pro surfer. It could happen. Here's the next one, a more conventional fare, of Kimchi hopping a ride over on a big ol' jet plane:

This one REALLY makes no sense because he will not be coming here via Mexico but whatever.

Lastly, spaceman Kimchi. He has gone to great heights to get here. GET IT?

Poor kid. I'm gonna whip these out when he's about 16. He shall never forgive me.

Of course, I didn't bother to bring my camera so I have no pictures of the actual shower so you'll have to trust it was a lovely affair. We got some really cool stuff from our friends, including these awesome bibs and a boombox onesie from LM, a highchair from my sister and a playpen from Liz, which I am SO EXCITED to use and possibly try to get in myself. I cannot thank them enough for all they did but THANK YOU LADIES anyway. My friend Ken was there and it was also his partner's birthday so I made a special birthday cake for him in addition to the shower cakes I made for us. You can go to to see all the cakes. I'm too lazy to double post the pics. As our party was winding down, a huge ass bus load of students from Wash U invaded the bar for some young lawyers affair. They were all dressed fancy, or dressed as what you think is fancy when you're about 21 which meant that for the ladies, everything was short and tight and they teetered on heels so high it was laughable. They were trying SO hard and I remember being that age and wanting to be so grown up and not realizing how weird it all looks. Eh, hindsight. Anyway, they were loud and all over the place like ants and at one point broke into song for some reason but overall it was pretty funny. I did have to endure one drunken ass who chastised me for adopting my baby because he was under the impression that it was like a brothel and they lined the kids up and you got to pick out the cutest one and that he felt that wasn't fair to the ugly babies. WTF?! Liz and I schooled him very quickly on the error of his ways and I hope he felt like as big of an ass as he was behaving. This person will be a lawyer someday so that's great for us all. LOOK OUT JUSTICE SYSTEM.

So here we are. Showers are done. Room is ready except for sheets for the bed. All equipment is put together and waiting. It's almost time. For real. We can start to expect a call as early as, I SAID AS EARLY AS, this week. Holy shit. It's probably going to be a few more weeks, maybe 2-3 because there seems to be a lull in the travel calls right now, but it seriously can be any time. ANY TIME NOW. We are scared but we are ready. As ready as we can be.


LM said...

I wanted to kick that college kid in the teeth. But unfortunately, I think he was representative of the general inappropriateness of most people when it comes to a personal, sensitive situation. Sadly, a Wash U diploma won't give him couth and boundaries. You handled it well. After a few martinis, I would've totally understood it if you would've given that kid a talkin' to.

Delilah H. said...

Your shower invitations came out awesome! great job!

Anonymous said...

Amy and Jeff,
Sorry we could not make it. We had guests in from out of town that had been planned for months.
I am glad you got some great stuff, we have something for you and would love to get together sometime.
Erin and Chris