Friday, November 7, 2008

Oh Friday, what took you so long?

Pisces 11/7/08

'Born in the USA...' so goes the great Bruce Springsteen anthem. What really matters in life, though, is not where we started out, it is where we are intending to end up. There is now too much emphasis being placed on a beginning. Never mind what caused a set of circumstances to come about, focus now on your ability to alter and influence the current situation. A great deal of fuss is being made, but most of the talk is empty and most of the problems that you face, are flimsy. Look forward and you will get ahead.

It's been quite a week, huh? We laughed, we cried, we shared. Whatever. There IS a great deal of fuss around me and I'm just done with it. I for one, AM going to look forward, forward to my BABY SHOWER tomorrow! Yeehaw! Well, one of them anyway. This is the lady shower, as Liz and I call it, and my sister in law has been so kind to throw it with some help from my mom. I never really ever thought I would have a baby shower or a baby anything and it's making all this stuff seem more real. Since I'm not pregnant, it's been a surreal experience going through the adoption. It's not like when you're pregs and the baby is RIGHT THERE kicking you in the spleen or wherever the hell they kick you, it's much more detached. We have been told by the agency to "prepare to travel," which is NOT the same as the travel call, which is going to be the day that I officially lose my shit. We're currently awaiting word on our emigration permit approval, which is one of the last steps necessary for little Kimchi's travel visa to be issued. We have one more approval and then we should be getting our call, which if the time frames are correct, should come in 3-4 weeks. Yes people, I said 3-4 weeks. It's countdown time. I think back to the olden days of yore when I looked at Jeff and said "hey babe, let's have a kid!" and figured we'd do the deed and then bingo, presto, we'd be pregnant but alas, that did not happen. There was a lot of deed-doing but no behbeh so then we were like "hey, we'll adopt!" but then you go there and you're like "yay, we're adopting" but then it takes for freaking ever to happen and then you're like "this will never happen. I'm so pissed" and you get sad and mad and then one day they call and say "we have a behbeh for you, lady" and then you're like "WOO HOO" and then you have to wait EVEN MORE and you freak out because he's there and we're here and then you finally get to this point and here we are. It's down to weeks, not years or months, and soon it'll be days and then we'll be on a plane going to get him. YIKES! Hold me.

Of course I'm making my own cake so check back on Sunday if you care and I'll have a cake alert.

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Gwen said...

Who's fussing? Tell them you're expecting and to leave you alone.

3-4 weeks. Wow! So excited!