Monday, November 24, 2008

Holiday weeks are super awesome.

Your Week Ahead: The stakes are not so much being gently raised as dramatically elevated. The ante is being well and truly upped - about as fast as the chips are coming down. Put another way, it's all getting very real and rather tense. So it's just as well that there are two sides to your personality. You do a great impression of a casual drifter who meanders aimlessly along... till the universe needs you to be strong. At which point you reveal yourself, every time, to be truly invincible. It's time to don your cape and costume. Step out, rise up to your challenge and you'll make miracles happen this week.
Week Ahead Part Two: Think of the things you have done for certain people. The sacrifices you have made. The kindness you have shown. Actually, don't think about it. It's slightly painful to suspect that not all of it has been as appreciated as it ought to have been. You did what you did out of the goodness of your heart, not because you wanted reward or recognition. This week's generous deeds will be performed on a similar basis. Won't they? In giving, the giver gets the best gift. Hang on, this week, only to positive ideas and good opinions of others. It's only through being big that you're ever going to open an exciting door of opportunity.

Wow. I suddenly feel a lot of pressure this week. So much for a leisurely holiday week, eh? DANGIT!

I can't describe how much I love a holiday week. Seriously. A three day work week should be standard. Sometimes though, it drags on like a bad date and I'm hoping that does not happen now. I've got three days to call the NVC, of course, so maybe we'll get some good news. Eh, maybe. The room is DONE, sheets are on the bed, crib is all ready with plastic-backed sheets for any peeing and/or pooping, diapers are on the ready, etc. so we are a go. I spent a while in there in the pseudo-rocker watching TV, getting a feel for the room. Even though I've lived there since 2001, I have never really spent much time in that room. It was my art room for a while, but I was too messy and had to move downstairs. Then it was a spare bedroom but we never have any guests so it never got used and quickly became the place we dumped our crap. Now it's our cute little nursery and I love it.

We were only slightly productive this weekend aside from that. We spent a sad amount of time in bed watching The Fast and the Furious, both I and II. Why, you ask? I have no idea. We watch about 3 movies a year and somehow we got sucked in to those steaming piles and now I can't erase them from my brain, nor will I ever get that time back. Otherwise we had a lovely time puttering around the house, doing little projects, eating, laying around, eating again. was a great weekend.

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