Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hmmm...maybe I should turn this Diet Mountain Dew into wine.

It's only Wednesday. How many more miracles do you feel you need to work before the week is through? Considering all that you have done, are you not now entitled to put your feet up and take it easy? Perhaps so, but there are calls you ought to make, promises you would like to honour and processes that you feel you must get underway. In the process of pursuing these objectives, you will work more miracles - and that's exactly how it should be. The New Moon speaks of your chance to rise to a position of great power.

Whoa people. Stop begging me to perform more miracles, jeez. Enough is enough. Seriously, I have no idea what the hell this horoscope means. I have performed no miracles this week, unless you count the fact that I got to work on time today as a miracle, which it is, so let's count it. DONE.

So tomorrow is Thanksgiving, the day elastic was made for. This is a weird year for us. We generally have the obligatory family dinner followed by a food coma and then more eating, capped off with too much wine and then a nice pass out on the couch. This year, due to the fact that Jeff and I are on BABY ALERT LEVEL ORANGE, we opted to make things easy on everyone and we're going out. Yes out. As in a restaurant is going to cook my dinner and I'm going to go there and not have to clean up shit. This is a first for us and I have to say I'm looking forward to it. Not to say that I don't enjoy a good holiday dinner with the family, and it's not like they won't be there too, but change is good and brunch is better. Since tomorrow I'll be busy eating and then coming home, making a cake, eating more, maybe a nap, more food and then sleepy time, I'm going to post my What I Am Thankful For post today. Ahem.....

-Normally I would say I'm thankful for family, and friends and unicorns and rainbows and blahblahblah, and OF COURSE I'm thankful for them and would be lost without their love and support, especially the unicorns, but this year I want to really thank one person. That person is my hubs, Jeff. I'm sure you don't want to hear the details about how awesome he is and how hot he is and all that crap, so I'm just going to say that I would never, in a million years, be in the position I am in right now if it weren't for him, and I have never been in a more optimistic and exciting place in my life ever. He is there for me 1000000% and knowing that gives me everything I need to get through this world. Babe, I love you so much it hurts and I love you more every single day. I can't wait for us to have our family because the thought of you as a dad makes me cry happy tears. I really believe we were meant to be together. For real.

That's enough sap. Alright people, I probably won't post again until next week unless something dramatic happens or if I perform some miracle that actually means something. So adios for now, have a great holiday and make sure the bird isn't the only thing stuffed.



LM said...

I'm thankful for all y'all. You are family to me. I love my blood relatives too, but they are far away and I don't see them much so you and some select others around these parts are fine substitutes. And I couldn't ask for a better emergency contact(s). Thank you. I'm also thankful for stuffing. I love stuffing.

Amy and Jeff said...

Aww, LM, we love you and I'm proud to be your friend and your emergency contact although I hope I am never called into action.

I am also thankful for stuffing. Except not with giblets or whatever the hell they're called. That's sick.

Jeff or Amy and Jeff fame said...

Baby, you are so sweet, me loves you bunches.
Thank You.

And I agree with LM, stuffing is good too!

And cake!