Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Don't call it a tat, please. I hate that.

No matter how many mountains you climb, there will always be another mountain, higher than the last, standing before you, challenging you to make yet another ascent. Life would be pretty dull if it failed to provide us with an endless succession of fresh mountains to climb. There are times, though, when we can tire of the apparent relentlessness of it all. Right now, you need a change... and a rest. You can have both, for a while, just as soon as you get to the top of the mountain you are now climbing.

Aww, come ON. Seriously? What the hell mountain am I climbing now? Adoption Point? Mount Cakeshop? Hells bells horoscope man, tell me something good. I do need a damn rest. I'm tired.

So last night Jeff and I FINALLY got our tattoos. YES! It only took 4 trips to the tattoo parlor before we got it done. We went to Allstar here in St. Louis for those of you looking for a good place, and they did not disappoint. Rob, our tattoo artist was very AWESOME and he was so nice and didn't laugh at me when I told him I was nervous. I totally love my tattoo. Jeff got one as well on his bicep and it's totally kick ass and HOT. I was brazen and got mine on my wrist so there's no hiding it really. Screw The Man. While we were there, a gaggle of US Weekly types came in with their hair extended and their Uggs and skinny jeans and one of them watched intently as I got mine done. When he finished and I went to swap out chairs with Jeff, she came over and asked if it hurt and I told her, yes, it does and she was like "don't tell me that" and then they all went "OHMYGODSTILLDOIT!!!" and screached and then one of the girls went in to get her nose pierced and the looker went and apparently got the world's smallest tattoo since it took all of about 3 minutes Now mine is small and it took at least 15 so this was probably a dot or something. They were pretty funny. You get a bit of a charge when you're done so we were kinda jacked up for the rest of the night. My wrist is a little sore today but the skin is so thin and I knew it would be a little more painful but oh well. Man, at one point he got over a vein and WHEW, it REALLY started to hurt but I made it through. VICTORY.

Still no word on the baby. There's been a bit of a lull in things that is making me verrry anxious. This is probably the worst part of it all. The waiting for the call. The waiting before was bad but this is BAD. I'll keep you posted. Maybe today..............


Mel said...

Please show us pics once they are healed.

LM said...


Gwen said...

I have to admit that I thought the title was directed at me and I was a little miffed. And then I saw LM did it, too. Hee!