Friday, April 18, 2008

Shake 'n Bake

Well, this has been a really weird week. First off, we've had TWO earthquakes in the last 10 hours. TWO! The first one woke us up at 4am and we both thought that the dog was having a seizure and shaking the bed so of course I panicked and grabbed her and was like "OH MY GOD ARE YOU STILL ALIVE? WAKE UP!" She looked at me like I had 9 heads and then I realized that we WERE ALL SHAKING and holy shit, we were having an earthquake. I, of course, sprung into action immediately by yelling "WE'RE HAVING AN EARTHQUAKE" to Jeff, who was like, "um yeah, I can see that, but thanks Captain Obvious." Whatever. It freaked me the hell out. We could hear stuff moving around on the shelves and stuff. It was very surreal but it's nothing compared the the second one, which happened during my print production class this morning. We were standing around talking about the earthquake and then in mid-conversation, WE HAD ANOTHER ONE. The timing was ridiculously appropriate. Once again I was the voice of reason and announced to everyone that we were having another one while we were having it. Thank god I was there.

Okay, so that stuff was weird for sure, but then after all the earthquake hoopla died down, my teacher came to me and asked me if I was available to come to his office for an interview next Friday! That isn't weird really, just surprising. I think it's an internship but the place is pretty cool and it's in a cool building downtown so it should be an interesting experience. The strangest thing about it is that this is the teacher I have had "issues" with since last semester. Somehow, at some point, we must have had something happen that made our relationship much less hostile but I'm not sure what or when it was, I just know it happened. I'm really excited but I'm also scared out of my wits because I haven't gone on a job interview in forevah so I hope I don't ass it up. The nice part is that I know both Tom, the prez and Allan, the creative director/designer and they are both very familiar with my work and what I can do. I'm just looking forward to working in an actual real-life design firm so I can see how things really get produced. In school I just walk over to the printer and poop (typo, I'm keepin it), you have your piece. Now I get to learn how to send stuff out to be printed and dealing with printers. I'm sure this is all fascinating to you.

Anyways, that was my weird day.

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