Tuesday, April 29, 2008

HSTK, baby!!!!!!

Okay, so today is HSTK Day here at Kimchi Headquarters. HSTK stand for "home study sent to Korea" in message board lingo. Today we received our letter stating that our paperwork has officially made it's way to the Korean government. This is a MAJOR deal and we were given a date of 4/25/08 to start counting from. At this point, we are now on the magical baby list and as soon as they match us with a child, we'll get a picture and all that jazz. Now, don't go throwing a parade or anything because we still have a looooong wait, probably at least 6 months before we'll hear anything but since we don't get any of the gushy pregnant lady crap to gloat about, this is a pretty big step forward.



Gwen said...

YAY!!!! Congrats!

Are you guys coming over on Sat?

LM said...

Crap, I'll cancel the parade. But don't expect me to whip one up real-quick-like in 6 months.

jan the mom said...

I can't wait to be Gramma Jan.