Monday, April 28, 2008

Lost Recap

This was the first episode since season one that when it was over, I had no effing idea as to what was going on. I mused in an earlier post that one of the brilliant things about this show is how they managed to make us both love and hate Ben and this week's episode pretty much nailed that one down. In fact, my sister has decreed that Ben is her new favorite character. WHAT?! Let's chat.....

-Okay, so Ben is playing some kind of game with Charles Widmore. My opinion is that we have two men, both VERY powerful, who want the same thing (the island) and are playing cat and mouse to get it. In their game, however, people die. We saw this as Alex was SHOT TO DEATH as Ben watched, allowing it to happen. His remark that "he changed the rules" means one of two things to me. One is the Widmore is the one who changed the rules and I can only assume that the rule was "don't kill my family" but it's possible that Jacob is the one in control and maybe HE changed the rules. Maybe these two men are playing Jacob's game. Hmm... I'm still torn on this one. I'm inclined to believe that Ben is trying to protect the island from Widmore and in turn, is protecting Jacob from Widmore, but I'm still unclear on who the hell Jacob is and how does he figure.

-Ben wakes up in the desert with a Dharma jacket on and some weird thingy in his pocket. He's been there before and when he checks into a hotel, the clerk looks SCARED. What is this all about? It seems that Ben can control where he goes when he "jumps" and I can only assume that Charles can as well but that might be wrong. Did Charles get the "can't die" disease that Michael and everyone else got from going on the island?? WHAT IS GOING ON?

-So Sayid seems to have come to Ben to work as his killing machine. This totally changes EVERYTHING I thought happened when they left the island. Knowing that they are not under duress makes is all more puzzling. It also makes me wonder what Jack and Kate were lying about and how this is all going to work itself out.

This makes my brain hurt. Let me know what you guys think.


Gwen said...

It makes my brain hurt, too. I have no idea. Again.

LM said...

I have no clue what is going on. And the longer they drag it out with new questions and more unanswered old questions, the less I care. It reaches a point where it is way too complicated and outrageous, combined with the fact that it seems they owe the viewers some solid answers by now. Not all answers, but a few concrete ones. Are they going to wait and dump it all on us when they air the very last episode? That would be crap.

amy & jeff said...